[J] Am I welcome here?
Well hai C:

Royal was bothering Felony about food when suddenly his ears strained forward, nostrils flared, eyes alert for the arrival of someone on the other side of the border. Fell tensed as well, nervous about another Luperci, as she rarely had much company other than Royal. She lifted her nose, but the wind did not favor her.

The figure approaching called out in a friendly tone as she moved closer, until Fell could see her clearly; a pregnant female Luperci with a bird on her shoulder who was eyeing up Fell and her companion.

"Hi," she called out shyly, in that awkward half-yelling, half-talking way. Unsure how to act with respect around an alphess, she lowered her tail and nodded her head once and said, "I'm Felony, or Fell. This is Imagine Royalty. I suppose I'm looking to join, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so..."

Royal reached out his head, once the other pair was close enough, to sniff at the air next to Alyssum's belly. Felony, with an instinctual feeling that this was probably not okay, knocked the young horse's nose away. "Royal, that's probably rude..." she told him. He ducked his head to avoid her hand but didn't advance again. Sorry.

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