[J] Am I welcome here?
Thank you Big Grin

Felony smiled at the map part. "Oh, great! I love maps." Her grin widened at the word 'welcome.' "Thank you," she said, making Royal twitch a bit when she took her hand off of his mane and stepped toward the border. Stepping over it, she turned around to face the horse. "You're not my horse, so if you follow me in here, it's not my fault if the other horses are mean." She paused. "But I'll still bite them," she assured the big horse. Okay, he said, getting the jist of the message. Not leaving.

Fell shrugged. "Okay." Royal followed her as she stepped over the border and stood beside Alyssum. "I can imagine it's probably shook up," she said. "I was in some cellar the entire storm, but I could hear it. Not a soothing noise. Tornados are bad, too." Royal lifted his gold eyes up as Macbeth took to the air, whinnying in confusion when he disappeared. Bird?

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