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wee I am sleepy as I type this. xux it's eleven at night where I live!

"The worst quality about a storm: it has no prejudice." She didn't need to elaborate or prove her words true, for they simply were. Innocent, young, old, even nature were not in the favor of weather when it rears its ugly nose. No moral, no reason, but to destroy until it has no energy left, spent on forcing its wraith, and to disappear. Terrible they were.

She mused over the description Felony had gave, and made a funnel gesture with her hands. "I heard that tornadoes are black wind that touches the ground and sucks up everything nearby, and spits it out miles away. Is that true? Can something like that be that strong?" Hurricanes were fierce and fast and slow to move, but wide spread, their damage mainly to the coast and anything near water. But, something that could basically eat a Luperci and send them off into a whole other territory? That seemed far fetched to the woman, and wanted to lay the rumors that were now fresh in her mind to rest.

Alyssum cracked another sunny grin at the small conversation that had went between horse and canine. "Sharper than a hawk's, I swear to you. You will see birds like Macbeth all over the place, though ravens are particular to the area just north of here, Inferni is what it is called, and crows stick to the mountains near Anathema. Though they seem just like another bird, if you go near a pack territory and catch sight of one, it could well be a scout." It amazed her how the packs used their natural flocks, and wished Casa had one of their own. "Sadly, all we have are horses, and they're not exactly the most... sneaky of critters. And there is a pretty high chance of them to be stolen if they came across the wrong sort, so it's smart for them to stick in the territory and away from the borders."

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