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Alyssum clapped and Felony beamed with pride, and gave a small mock bow before sliding fluidly down from her mount to land with a small crunch in the fallen leaves. He just likes games, she said at the mention of agility. Imagine Royalty could walk long distances, but with a rider, Fell wasn't sure; they had took on most of the journey side by side with a significant smattering of pleasurable rides.

We're nearly at Fort Kingsbury, it is about a couple of minutes away. If you want, we can find a stall for Royal to stay in when we get there, unless you would like him to run free with the rest of the herd when his services are not needed. After that, we can find you a room in the courthouse.

Felony looked at Royal and said, A stable sounds good, at least for now. I don't want him picking fights or getting stepped on by a herd he doesn't know, at least not yet. She didn't want to assume he would be safe with a herd neither of them knew; first, she didn't know whether Royal would be the bigger guy or the little guy, and she also didn't know how he reacted to other horses. They had been loners almost the entire journey.

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