Too Many Puppies

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Ananse and Loki were growing rapidly. They still couldn't go far without tripping over themselves, but Terra was willing to take them out on trips outside of the pack now. She had been teaching them the paths in the pack so they could travel without being seen, but not all of them had been revealed. She didn't want to have anyone tripping over them and blabbing about her paths. They would start watching them then. There was a reason why she made sure to not use them all the time.

The pups enjoyed the trip. Even with the two of them growling and fighting each other Terra felt that they were making alright speed. Deciding that they had gone far enough Terra stopped. The pups took it as the signal to start exploring the area. Yips exploded from them both as they began to explore the grassy area. Terra kept a sharp eye on them, calling them back whenever they began to wander too far for her.

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