Too Many Puppies
Her ears lifted at the deep yaps that came to her. It wasn't often she met another coyote. Most of them were members of Inferni, a pack that she had clearly been warned off of. Which was a shame, as she rather liked Helotes. Not that she was a hundred percent sure that he knew her real name. He had been her first, and she still felt a slight burning inside her at the memory. Truth be told she had been in heat for the first time and everything had been heady, but she'd still enjoyed the experience. He'd also soothed her when she'd been worrying about her hybrid nature, feeling so divided in her nature.

Calling Ananse and Loki to her side Terra cheerfully trotted out to meet the coyote. She was surprised to find that it was truly Helotes when she'd just been thinking of him. Tail wagging she let out a greeting yap. The female didn't bound forward, though her pups were working pretty hard on tripping her up. Coming forwards she smiled at the sight. It was another family, though the pups were older than her own. Looks like you've been busy. Loki and Ananse happily tumbled forwards, sniffing at the two pups. Loki decided that the first order of business was to squash the smaller dark pup, even if he was still smaller due to age.

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