more bombs are coming
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His maw caught the other, the satisfying impact resounding in the air, then deep within him where the still, gelid waters of his soul were held. A ripple once, then stillness again. Where no other emotion would move those waters, such contact, such fear, moved them. And the thing fell, unable to counter him with an attack or even rise to move away. He sneered. It was young still. And it was too bad that such a young seedling had to be cut down by the cold darkness of the sudden frost. But, as did the frost, the pied brute did not discriminate, did not hold mercy within him. And as the young thing struggled to scramble away, he heard only the frantic clawing of those paws, and they only pleaded for him to come and take life. The darkness laughed. And he laughed too, that mirthless grating sounding upon the air like a snarl.

The large crow wolf leapt, crushing the pathetic thing beneath a single paw as those cruel jaws snapped down near the boy’s face, intent upon cutting him, perhaps even to crush the bones that shaped his features. And it was given like warning, as if he despised how this creature fled in the face of darkness. The claws dug into the other’s back as that suave, empty tenor murmured, "Why not embrace this Darkness?" with alluring tones. Then the jaws were still as they lingered on the back of his neck, lingering dangerously as that quiet grating sounded. Then they opened and closed about it with a crushing force—but not too roughly. He wanted that life to linger a while longer and understand what this sensation was. As the great paw lifted, the maw rose and shook him viciously as if he wanted the thing to break, to rip apart.


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