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Joining Information

  1. Species: Accepting of all species — Most members are of dog/hybrid blood.
  2. Borders: OPEN

Basic Information

  1. Founded: May 27 2009, by Jacquez Trouillefou & Svara Thames

  2. Current Leadership: Vigilante Haskel & Silvano Sadira
  3. Colours: Goldenrod (#DAA520) & Midnight (#191970)
  4. Theme: Cour des Miracles - “Hunchback of Notre Dame”

  5. Territory: One of the southernmost packs of 'Souls, Cour des Miracles lies on the east coast of Nova Scotia, all the way from the Witch's Cauldron down to the Shiloh hills.
  6. Ranks: Cour des Miracles runs on a two-tiered system: The Courtiers and the Cavalry, or the Knights. Co-Ranks depend on what rank tier the individual is in.
  7. History: Coming soon!
  8. Social Structure: On a whole, the kingdom is very spread out, though members will come together in times of need under the banner of the Kingdom. The ranks are divided between the courtiers and the knights, each being led by the corresponding leader. The Dauphin is head of the courtiers, and the Constable runs the Knights. And the King or Queen rules over all.

Other Information

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Rank Listings
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Pack Statistics

Females : Males Adults : Pups CdM Total
06 : 13 16 : 03 19+14 NPC
Haven Aatte & Princess Chance

Silvano Sadira & Giselle Fantasia

Niro Takekuro & Amaranth Catori
Cour des Miracles Hierarchy
  • For complete rank information, please see our website. Mouse-over the rank name for an informative tool-tip.
  • NPC Characters are listed as such, and do not reflect in rank totals for the pack.

  • Open Characters are listed as such; if you are interested in joining Cour des Miracles, picking up an Open Character may be the easiest way to do so!
The Royal House
Vigilante Haskel
Dauphin Constable

Silvano Sadira
The Royal Court
Chancellor Chamberlain Seneshal Majordomo
The Noblesse The Conclave
Baron & Baroness Captain
Terra, Caspa Al-Fateh
Alder, Skoll Haskel, Haven Aatte
Lord & Lady Lieutenant

Niro Takekuro
The Pairie The Legion
Duke & Duchess Major
Princess Chance

Marquis & Marquess Sergeant

Comte & Comtessa Squire
Trent, Rio Marino
Hati Catori, Robin Aatte
The Commoners
Jimson Morris, Orin Takekuro
Liam Catori, Giselle Fantasia, Kable Catori, Amaranth Catori, Charlotte Haskel, Felicity Chance, Linden Aatte, Krystalle Horzana, Paz Russo, Amon Russo
Strelein von Rosnete, Mars Bartholomew Russo
The Scions
Heiro Catori, Pascal Sadira, Eugene Sadira, Loki, Ananse
Tasha Takekuro, Svetlana Takekuro, Caroline
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Co-Rank Listings
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  • For complete co-rank information, including duties and maximum co-rank holders, please see our website. Mouse-over the rank name for an informative tool-tip.
  • Those listed in italics are merely angling for the selected Co-Rank; they are not yet officially ranked as such.

Courtier Co-Ranks



Strelein von Rosnete

Cavalry Co-Ranks

Vigilante Haskel
Master of Arms



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Member Directory
News & Info · Ranks · Game · Members · Livestock

If any information is missing or outdated, please let us know as soon as possible in our Maintenance Thread! Remember that adopting an Open Character for Cour des Miracles gives you an automatic 75 points towards the pack game!

Open Characters

Linden Aatte, male, 1 year (born January 28, 2011).

Son of Haven Aatte and Princess Chance; check out his Open Characters Listing!
Krystalle Horzana

Residence: Lunenburg
Skills: Reading, Writing, pottery making
Other: Krystalle is very charismatic, and normally fun to be around. She has weathered most recently though because of Mars' constant moving of packs. She dislikes the weather in NS because it's almost always cold to her, and she can be bitter about it. She is normally found in Lunenburg, or out looking for clay so she can make pottery. Check out her Open Characters Listing!
Amon Russo

Residence: Lunenburg

Skills: Playing guitar, having fun, pulling sleds

Other: Amon is pretty aloof when first approached, especially when he is on his own. He also is mostly found in Lunenburg around his home, but he can also be found wandering the borders, or right outside the borders, mostly hunting and trying to find somewhere to bathe or swim. Check out his Open Characters Listing!
Paz Russo

Residence: Lunenburg
Skills: picking flowers, modelling clothing
Other: Paz is rather outgoing and very intelligent and funny. She loves meeting new people and having fun conversations, but sometimes she can be really oddly silent, and awkward as well. She mostly can be found at her father's side, going where he's going, unless he is not himself. Other than that she can be found pretty much anywhere in the packlands. Check out her Open Characters Listing!
Vigilante Haskel

Residence: Large Victorian-style house near the hotel—shared with Ayita and their children.
Skills: Fighting, diplomacy, blacksmithing.
Other: He can usually be found anywhere within the pack lands, frequently patrols the borders, and is rarely seen in his lupus or optime form.
Strelein von Rosnete

Residence: Chien Hotel
Skills: Tailoring, diplomacy, problem solver, supplier of alcoholic beverages.

Residence: 2-room house on the coast close to the stables with Princess and Haven.
Skills: Speaks fluent Low-Speech, good with horses and likes to listen to others.
Caspa Al-Fateh

Residence: Chien Hotel.
Skills: Butchery and leatherwork, juggling and meditation.
Robin Aatte

Residence: Chien Hotel
Skills: Reading, archery, bow-making, general building maintenance.
Skoll Haskel

Residence: Victorian-style house near the hotel with his family.

Residence: Chien Hotel, second floor.
Skills: Thieving, storytelling, spying.
Other: Usually in lupus.

Residence: Chien Hotel
Skills: Awkward silences, social inaptness.
Other: Can be found anywhere in CdM. He has a tendency to stick inside the territory and tends to be submissive and twitchy.
Ayita Catori

Residence: Large Victorian-style house near the hotel—shared with Vigilante and their children.
Skills: Reading/Writing (French and English), cooking.
Kable Catori

Residence: Inn in Lunenburg.
Skills: Music, drawing, writing (French and English), bilingual (French and English).
Mars Bartholomew Russo

Residence: Lunenburg.
Skills: Acting, musician(guitar/piano/violin), tailoring/leatherworking, sledding/labor-work, planting, harvesting, and maintenance of herbs.
Other: He lives with his family in Lunenburg, he can be found mostly around his house, but he also can be found scouting the borders fairly often, mostly in the late days.

Hati Catori

Residence: Victorian-style house near the hotel, shared with his parents and siblings.

Skills: Reading, bilingual (French and English), going unnoticed.

Other Information: Tends to stay close to home or the stables; rarely leaves CdM.

Giselle Fantasia

Residence: Chien Hotel

Skills: Cooking, gathering, telling stories, sewing, singing/dancing, caring for animals

Svetlana Takekuro

Residence: With Mars Bartholomew Russo and Orin Takekuro

Skills: none yet, puppy!
NPC Members
Haven Aatte

Residence: 2-room house on the coast close to the stables with Princess and Alder.
Skills: Fighting, swordplay, riding, reading, guitar playing.
Princess Chance

Residence: 2-room house on the coast close to the stables with Haven and Alder.
Skills: Being pretty, story-telling, scavenging for clothing.
Other: Also skilled at doing hair, very vain. She can usually be found in or around their home.
Felicity Chance

Residence: Chien Hotel.
Skills: Undetermined at the moment.
Charlotte Haskel

Daughter of Ayita and Vigilante.
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Livestock Inventory
News & Info · Ranks · Game · Members · Livestock

This is a list of the animals currently owned by the kingdom! Animals are listed as owned or communal. If an animal is communal, this means that your character can use it for their own purposes, though they may receive consequences for trading the animal off without the leader's permission, injuring the animal while using it for labor and other tasks, or failing to take proper care of the animal. If an animal is owned, please ask its owner before you attempt to use the animal.

Communal Horses

Jolie ("Prettyface"), mare, 10 years.

A light brown mare, with a docile personality. Good for bigger riders, or a pack horse. She likes wild onions, and it is the fastest way to her heart. Jolie's name was given to her by Skoll Haskel.

Unnamed, mare, 7 years.

Painted female horse. A long time resident of the stables it is thought that she came from a mustang herd and has not been broken. She will kick and bite with those that are too forward or fast moving around her.

Unnamed, stallion, 16 years.

White and gray stallion with a hard headed attitude. He allows riders, but demands apples or hay as payment for his services. Could be a good companion, and needs training.

Unnamed, mare, 4 years.

A rare Appaloosa. Needs to be broken into riding and is still wild.

Rue, mare, 3 years.

Painted female pony born into the stables years ago; she was never broken into riding because she is too small to support an adult's weight. She is pushy, mouthy, and spoiled, wanting treats and doing nothing to earn them. Named and originally raised by Jacquez Trouillefou.
Owned Horses
Nádherné, stallion, 10 years. Owned by Vigilante.

A blood bay stallion that followed Vigilante home one day. He has a wild spirit that hasn't been broken but just tamed enough to ride, though he is not ridden. He does not usually reside in the stables.
Hawthorn ('Thorn), stallion, 8 years. Owned by Alder.

Traded from the AniWaya Tribe Hawthorn, a Shire horse, is a easy going and sometimes humorous horse. He is Alder's closest friend and wishes to befriend anyone that is kind to his wolf companion. He was named after the Hawthorn tree that he was standing beneath when Alder first met him.
Drogon, stallion, 4 years. Owned by Haven.

Drogon is a mustang that Haven captured in the Shiloh Hills. He is a hard-headed, stubborn horse that doesn't like listening to many wolves outside of Haven and his family. The bond he has with the Court's Knight is incredibly close and he will get jealous if Haven shows attention to other equines.
Asagi, mare, 7 years. Owned by Ayita Catori.

Archer, stallion, 5 years. Owned by Kable Catori.

Archer is a large bay stallion covered in large scars from a riding accident.
Pony, mare, 20 years. Owned by Trent.

"Pony" is a young, untrained purebred icelandic horse with a talent for gaits and a spectacular tölt.
Scarlett, mare, 6 years. Owned by Robin.

Scarlett is a horse that Robin befriended in the stables, she claimed her for her own when she was around six months old. She is a kind mare with a very large maternal streak.
Hwin, mare, ? years. Owned by Skoll.

Hwin is a bay sabino mare that used to be a communal horse in Cercatori d'Arte. She is somewhat shy in her new home, but overall a smart and humble horse. She's trained for both riding and wagon pulling.
Vox Populi, stallion, 7 years. Owned by Mars.

Vox is Mars' horse from when he lived in California. He was stolen from Mars' mother and has been loyal to Mars ever since he was taken from his real master. However, since it has been so long since he has been with Mars, he has no recollection of what it was even like to be under the command of another luperci. He only lets certain riders on him, and he's overall very friendly, but will nip and bite when threatened or nervous.
Other Animals
Messenger Pigeons (x10)

Trained by Niro Takekuro, these birds can carry messages to other packs. They reside in cages in the back of the stables.
Chicken, rooster, owned by Caspa.

Traded from the Cercatori d'Arte caravan by Caspa Al-Fateh.
Chicken, hen, owned by Caspa.

Traded from the Cercatori d'Arte caravan by Caspa Al-Fateh.
Chicken, hen, owned by Caspa.

Traded from the Cercatori d'Arte caravan by Caspa Al-Fateh.
Axel, ram, owned by Mars.

Addison D'Angelo intended Axel as a gift for Cour des Miracles and entrusted him to Mars. Mars decided he wanted to keep the ram for wool and sheep meat. Since then, Mars has brought the black sheep most places he goes. Axel is also known for following Mars around. Sometimes he gets offended and rams his horns into things.
Soraya the Cow, cow, owned by Orin.
Hamlet, pig, owned by Orin.

Hamlet is a black and white piglet.

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