ARCHIVE HIGHLIGHT: A few Souls "canon" questions
Hey all! I just have a few quick questions to help me fill out my knowledge in the Souls roleplaying universe:

1. How prevalent (if at all) is literacy among Souls, if it exists does it vary from pack-to-pack, and is it particularly more (once again, if at all) common among Luperci due to their having thumbs in Optime form?

2. Is there any relgion/religious attitude that is particularly common among Souls, particularly pertaining to the area our packs are in (for obvious reasons)?

3. Are wolves/coyotes presumed color-blind? If so, are Luperci exceptions?

1. Literacy is uncommon, for the most part (on a scale of common, uncommon and rare). While there are some luperci that can read and write, it's not very prevalent. You either have to have someone teach you or teach yourself, which is difficult. A lot of the older books are in bad condition, and the remaining ones aren't necessarily easy to read. That is, there's no way to know which books will survive, so if you try to teach yourself, you might accidentally pick up a book on microbiology... and be horribly confused. Also, they'd have to find a book in the language they speak. We sort of assume that luperci pick up the languages from where they lived. It would have probably been passed down to wolves and coyotes by dogs, who had the most interaction from humans, now that I think about it.

So the easiest way is to find someone who knows how to read. Writings more uncommon. The only few I can think of are Phoenix, Faolin and Tayui that can write. Phoenix left Iskata (DaVinci's mother) a letter, and Faolin left Gabriel a letter. Tayui has been practising her reading and writing for the last five years, but it's slow going. I'm not sure how many other characters can read and write, but it's not very common.

2. Answered this question on the Formspring, but to sum it up: no. Very few luperci are religious, since we don't really have any reason to believe canines are religious. So I think we just assumed they were either agnostic or worshipped some basic nature gods, if at all?

3. Huh, totally forgot about this. I think we all play luperci as being able to see colour, so I think non-luperci would probably still be colourblind, while luperci would.
Quote: Answered this question on the Formspring, but to sum it up: no.
I couldn't find the Formspring again Sad I don't remember where I initially found the link, and it didn't pop up when I seached for Souls in Formspring's engine. But thank you for your rapid response Big Grin
Tammi gives good answers! Big Grin

Rurik can read pretty slowly/poorly English and much better in Russian, but he can only write in Russian thanks to the differences in the alphabets or whatever, so his writings are essentially useless aside from for himself and other people who can read in Russian in 'Souls. XD

I play Harlowe like he can read like a pro (I would say Nani taught him, but I haven't yet cleared that with James XD), and I do want him to learn how to write eventually maybe. :O But he is also something of a savant when it comes to memory or reading-based tasks, so that would explain him being all "AGKJSKG BOOKS" at such a young age. I think.

I would say there are a lot more individuals with different religions rather than any one singular religion. For example a lot of the older D'Angelos have their Khalif beliefs, Gabriel has his personal beliefs, Samael has his... and whenever I get around to bringing in an Eris, I am going to have her sort of into the Eterne religion, Atotoztli. :O Cerridwyn has priestess/nature-based beliefs, as far as I know.

I also think maybe this colorblindness thing should be mentioned on the RP guide if it is not already. Big Grin I think it's come up before!

Also, here is the Formspring. Big Grin
QUOTE (Tayui Aston @ Apr 14 2010, 01:49 PM)
So I think we just assumed they were either agnostic or worshipped some basic nature gods, if at all? [/quote]
Ha ha ha ha haaaaa, Razekieeeel.
Bah, I should have linked the Formspring! Sad Thanks for linking it, Sie!

And I've tried to put links to our other stuff in places. You can find the list of off-site communities 'Souls is at on the Wiki (Click on the big "Souls" link on the wiki navigation, above "General Info" and from there, click "Community" on the list.

As an extra note, our Google Profile has links to all of the offsite tidbits. Our Mixx, Delicious, Diigo and SocialURL accounts are just link dumps. But I thought I'd make a list of everywhere we're registered for those who're curious. :3

@Lin: durrhurrr 8D
I played a semi-colorblind character (Ahren de le Poer), but his colorblindness was due to trauma and not genetic. And, according to WikiAnswers

Quote:Dogs are not color blind - they see color, but their chromatic acuity is significantly less than humans'. This is for two reasons: (1) dogs have far fewer cone cells in their retina (cone cells are responsible for seeing color); and (2) dogs are dichromatic (they see only two primary colors - blue and yellow) whereas humans are trichromatic, meaning we see three primary colors - red, blue, and yellow.

Humans have 7 times higher proportion of cone cells than dogs, meaning that when dogs do see colors, they are pale or faded. However dogs have a much higher concentration of rod cells, responsible for seeing black-and-white, and also much more sensitive in lower light conditions. For that reason, dogs have much better night vision than people.
I didn't know that! We'll definitely have to add some information about colour perception to the RP Guide. :]

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