1. Character Name: Nirupama Apollyon
2. Character Birthdate (including year): 9/15/04
3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Luperci
4. Species: Canis Lupus lupus ortus
5. Gender: Female
6. A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M). AIM: exquisitecur
7. How you found 'Souls: I R HERE ALREADY
8. 3 Roleplaying Examples OR fill out your profile:

PS -- Polly and her litter were raised in Storm, not CT. :3

Ahaha, thanks XD. Yeah, I had pretty much none of her history, so I've been making it up as I went along. I am more than happy to accept any information anyone can give me >>.
Well, she also did return briefly to BS in summer/fall 2005 (and was still retardedly cheerful at the time, as per her player at the time), though I guess that would be awkward to work around so it's just easier to rewrite it? XD
If I could have like, every thread her player had done with her, then I'd be able to work it in :/. As it is, I've been able to read all of one thread (and she was wowlikeunplayablecrazy) she had done, so I'm basically working with huge huge huge gaps in her personal growth and history. Because of that, yeah, I decided to pretty much wipe her slate clean and make up my own history for her -- made easier by the fact that it's been so long since she's been around that there are no longer any characters around she came into contact with. At least, none with players who remember, I'm assuming, since no one's come forward with anything :-p.
Eeeeee one of Rain's adopted children is back! XD Rain failed so horribly at children. ;-; Hale got kidnapped by Sal, her own two children both died (Ember when she was like one, Aiden only last year in a Stormbringer war), and I dun remember what happened to Tsunami after Rain died and I poofed for awhile. D8 Which is a shame because my favorite character has no descendants, unless Aiden had a secret liason or something. -.-

YAY POLLY!!!!! Shmee I demand a thread!!! =X
Laruku had a thread with Apollyon that I linked in that other thread you had asking, but yeah, he's dead so it doesn't matter (probably wouldn't remember her anyway). I know Tsunami also had a thread with her, but Reb is on and off and mostly off these days, so I guess that's not a big issue either.

@Jassy: Tsunami had a lot of lulzy drama with Laruku is basically what happened. Then he left looking for Ophelia with some of her kids. Then he came back and had some more drama and some kids with Phasma. Then he was swept away by the ocean with one of his sons, Bane. His other two kids were both killed (Willow was buried alive by Stygian, I think, and Laruku ate Ire. 8D). Tralalalalala~.
RURIK ALSO HAD A THREAD WITH HER. But I am useless and I remember nothing from more than thirty seconds ago, so... >__>

Also I feel like Ire/Willow should be mentioned on the Wiki dagnabbit. I forgot about those deaths and how awesome they were. xD
Oooooh I remember the Tsunami x Laruku chaos but nothing past that! XD And yay for Ember's namesake!!!! Never leave! XD <3333333
lol, I just fixed Ire's entry on the Wiki, but left Willow's because I don't remember if it was Stygian or Hollow that killed her and really should not be messing with the Wiki right now anywaysdhajdhajdsa.
KIRI. If you have time to edit the wiki you have time to make posts with Cassandra! 8D

*snickers* >=)
Jassy, I would love a thread :3. Did Rain familiarize Apollyon with the Stormbringer name? Because if she did, Polly would recognize it and Bris could maybe fill her in on what happened to her adopted mom (if she knows)?
I don't know if we ever threaded it out, but Rain was pretty proud of her heritage and it was before Ravyn went all crazy, so I'm sure she would have told the kids something about them. Rain's surname was Oriel though, since she took that one from Freak. But I'm fairly sure she would have passed some knowledge about both the Stombringers and the Oriels down to the Nirupamas. XD And yep, Bris definitely knows what happened to Rain and Fly, and to Aiden because he lived with the Stormbringer pack until he died a few months ago. I'll be honest, I'm definitely considering making him have had some children before that so Rain has some damn descendants, lol!!

Unknown bastard children ftw?!?! Big Grin
I believe Willow met her end to Hollow, because I think that Stygian was still just a kid then...but I'm not 100% on that.

And, Jassy, Aiden babies ftw!!
QUOTE (Fatin Kali @ Apr 18 2010, 12:05 AM)
And, Jassy, Aiden babies ftw!! [/quote]
There were plots of Tayui/ Aiden babies at one point. :O Claudius was going to be black with orange-y red dyed hair. :OOOO
I knoooooow I'm still so mad I had to poof on that. ;-; They would have been awesome babies. D8
apollyon is vaguely related to tokyo! i think she is like, tokyo's half-aunt or something. XD
see, she is on my MASSIVE FAMILY TREE OF DOOM.

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