Long Lost (Leader nedded!)
* Character Name: Overo Mayawyn
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Blood was smeared through the fur on his chest and chin, however it wasn't his. In the last four months since Overo and his father, Sulstace, had parted, he had run into several small packs and lone wolves. He made an amused expression to himself as he recalled the encounter no more than an hour ago. A simple dispute over a dead rabbit that had quickly been dealt with. As a result, Overo had bloody fur and a full stomach. It pleased him to know that all that training still hadn't worn off.

Despite being successful for himself in the last several months, it was becoming noticeably colder in recent weeks. Overo knew that soon small prey would become difficult to find, and wolves weren't designed to hunt large prey alone. Overo was an outstanding warrior, and he knew it, but trying to tackle a deer(flailing hooves and possible antlers and all) on his own wasn't worth the risk.

Overo sat down with a huff, looking up at the trees around him before settling his gaze downward at his dirty white paws. In all honesty, he had no idea why he was still travelling or what he was looking for. With another heavy sigh, he laid down on his side and stretched out his legs. Two or three of the packs he had encountered on his travels(that hadn't driven him away) had been willing to take him in, but he had declined. They were peaceful, but it had become clear that all Overo knew how to do was fight.

With a quick heave Overo stood up and shook the dirt and debris from his fur. He was aware that he was close to the boundaries of another packland, making it risky to rest for too long. His black ears immediately swivelled forward as he heard a rustling in the woods. A few quick sniffs of the air told Overo that a canine had made the noise. Instinctively, Overo took a defensive stance, head low to protect his throat, muscles collected, but kept his tail straight down to avoid immediate conflict with the other wolf.



The girl was not feeling her best these days. Minutes seemed to drag on into hours of doing nothing. There was nothing exciting that prickled her pelt like normal days. This morning was the same as the one before that. No flavor from the color of the sky or the breeze that ruffled her coat that was slowly becoming dense with winter fur. She started doing rounds around the border, her lupus form feeling more like home than Vigilante’s. Dark shapes of wolves dotted the horizon, probably wandering aimlessly as she did and too distance to catch the scent.

Darkness seemed to dance in between the trees as the silver female slipped into the familiar forest. The dark canopy of leaves drooped high above her sleek head and filtered cold sunlight into pools among the forest floor. Normally, Ever would have let her big black paws carry her on an invisible trail through the woods and along the river ending eventually back into Lunenberg, but something stopped her. At first it was like a tickle in the back of her mind but gradually the fragrance grew stronger and screamed trespasser.

It felt nice to have a purpose other than to waste time. Auburn ears pulled back, the silver girl walked a little quicker and cleaner. Now the scent was so strong her mind screamed for her to turn back. But before she even had a second to think, her silver frame slid gracefully from the thicket and a figure stood before her. Something snapped deep inside her chest as her colorless irises rested on the male, but she couldn’t think outside the thick wall she had spent time creating.

He looked vaguely lost and ready to fight. Each curve in his body spoke years of muscle layers that almost made Ever shiver. She lifted her head a little bit, honoring her rank in her pack. Things would go smoothly for her. This was not the first time she had met an interesting looking traveler.

Hello, do you know where you stand?

The girl swallowed the fear she had produced. If the encounter turned into a fight, she wouldn’t have the chance. This was not the place for him to protect but there was a very small chance he didn’t know where he stood.


Overo was slightly surprised when the female appeared before him so quickly. More often than not, the packs he had met during his travels were much less willing to speak with strangers. On one occasion he had even found himself surrounded. Frankly, this was a welcomed change. Overo relaxed his body posture after deciding that this female seemed unlikely to attack, still keeping his head and tail low. He still didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble, therefore keeping his image non-threatening. She held her head slightly raised, telling Overo that she must have some status in the pack here. The way she spoke only confirmed his guess. She was polite and formal, speaking with authority, but she didn't seem like an Alpha to him.

Something about this female was vaguely familiar to Overo, but he couldn't place it. Her posture, the markings in her fur. Not being able to place her, Overo put the thought aside for the time being.

"No, to be honest with you, not really." He replied cautiously. "I have been traveling for months, so I'm not familiar with this area." Overo shifted his weight, adjusting his paws in the cool dirt and glancing around at the trees. He supposed he could have stated the obvious and mentioned the pack territory, but any canine with a nose could determine that. In the end it had seemed redundant, so Overo had just decided to be honest.

He couldn't help but wonder if other wolves from this female's pack were watching. Experience told him not to let his guard down, but he refrained from looking around to avoid being rude. He didn't feel uncomfortable around this female, but couldn't help but being wary.

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Something seemed strange about the boy. He shifted his weight as if it was a motion he knew he should be doing, as well as slightly hunching his shoulders. The signs of aggression were absent even though muscles ripped as he sighed out a cautious answer. Even though a wary expression slightly scrunched the male’s emerald eyes, the girl couldn’t help taking to him. An earthy fragrance confirmed her inquiry about him being a traveler, which only brought back unwanted memories. Clearly, this male had seen better days than she did during her travels. But something in his scent made her heart clench.

Where we stand is a territory named Cour des Miracles in the land of 'Souls. Would you like to join us?

The silver girl’s voice was softer now. Her claws clicked on the sparse stones among the ground, a subtle warning to the travel that if things turned over she had claws and wasn’t such a female not to use them. Even if things did get bad, she could always easily call Vigilante and delay the fight until he arrived. She would have to summon him at one point during this exchange. But her chest seemed cave in against her lungs, making breathing a little harder.

Ever had only ever had a Vigilante and an Ayita. They had taken her in when she needed someone but there was only space. But even though she was spending time with them and they were caring for her, that didn’t mean she should take advantage of it. The female was over one years, plenty old enough to defend herself. Despite the troublesome thoughts, the girl remained a stiff poker face, as always. She was gifted at hiding things. The dull glaze in her eyes expressed her boredom as she looked on at the patched male. Ever had done multiple joining exchanges and by now she was just running through the list of requirements.

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It was only for a moment, but Overo saw something in the female's eyes as she scrutinized his every movement that made him recall how familiar she seemed. The shape of her muzzle, color of her eyes.. It was more difficult to force those thoughts away a second time. He wondered what it was she was thinking, her face recomposed before he could decide what it was, giving absolutely nothing away. Except of course that a thought was lying under the surface.

A grin tugged at the corners of Overo's lips as the female pointed out her claws. He liked her, lots of spunk. Almost all of the wariness disappeared from his face as his expression softened and he lowered his haunches to the ground. Though now sitting, he still kept his chin low, not completely lowering his guard.

Over always had difficulty admitting to himself that he hated being alone. If it weren't for that then he was perfectly capable of surviving on his own for a long time. Her offer was tempting, but in the back of his mind he couldn't help but wonder if it were too good to be true. Even so, he found himself wanting to say yes more than anything, but not knowing how. So, he tried a different approach.

"My name is Overo."

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The moment seemed to soften as the male lowered his tail to the ground, brushing the light cedar colored dirt. A smile lingered at the edges of his mouth and again, something like guilt, stirred in the female’s stomach. She wasn’t sure what the feeling was. Was she so desperate that she was finding the male more than acceptable? But the thought was discarded so furiously the girl had to hold back a grunt full of foolishness. Ever had fallen under another’s spell.

So what could it be? She shook the question off easily and listened to the intruder’s response. Her claws stopped clicking on the pebbles. A safe answer was just what she needed. Sitting down in an low exasperated huff, the girl stared the boy in the eye. His emerald irises seemed to hold questions neither could answer.

Now introduced as Overo, the girl couldn’t help smile back, revealing white sharp teeth. But the smile dropped into a more polite, reformed ‘response’.

I am Ever Mayawyn, Lady of Cour des Miracles, adopted daughter of King Vigilante Haskel.

The words were familiar, alike the feeling Overo gave her, but still sounded nice on her tongue.

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The female sounded almost exasperated as she sighed while sitting down. It was becoming more and more clear that she was as frustrated as he was, perhaps even more so. Something was bothering her, but there was an astronomically tiny chance that it was what was bothering him. She was so familiar, enough to where he felt as though he'd met her before. There was no way she was troubled in the same way, though, he concluded.

That was until he heard her name. Ever Mayawyn. Mayawyn... MAYAWYN. Impossible, how could they share the same name? Her looks, her name. He KNEW she was familiar. Overo struggled to remember his past.

Training. Battle. Father. There was another shadowy figure who slowly came into focus. Mother. Her image was vague and blurry, only the essence of a mother. He knew he had one, everyone did. It just happened that his played a very short role in his life. Overo didn't really recall her at all. But wasn't there someone else? It had been such a long time since he'd seen his father; He didn't remember his mother. Surely he had... a sister?

He cocked his head sideways slightly and stood up. "Pardon, but.. " How was he to bring this up? "My name is also Mayawyn. Overo Mayawyn." Overo swallowed hard. "Sister?"

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He stiffened. Dramatically. It made the girl shudder. Normally she would have let the odd action pass unnoticed but what escaped his lips made even her own blood run cold. That name, those words. She had not heard them in years. Her chest seemed to cave into itself. He was dead.

Was she dreaming? There was no other explanation. It seemed truly impossible that her … brother … would find her after so long. A mix of emotions seemed to run through the youth like a river. Anger, despair, longing, depression, fear. The feelings made Ever recoil as if Overo had struck her.

That’s impossible!

The girl nearly shrieked, stretching out the last word so he could understand. His eyes made her think of her mother, something she wouldn’t like to return too. It was like a horrible movie being played over. Ever shook her head lightly and stared at the ground. They had left them. All alone.

Overo is dead, and if it weren’t for him Malaei would still be alive and I wouldn’t be half empty!

Now she was going into hysterics. No one had seen her like this for the wall she had built was thick with dread. But now everything seemed to blow up in front of her.

Ever's reaction startled him. She began to panic before he was able to be happy to have been reunited with his sister. 'Does she not believe me?' he thought to himself. 'She must think me a ghost... Or a liar.' The fact that she was panicking frightened Overo. He didn't know how to handle someone in these kinds of hysterics.

Overo wanted to be happy to have found his sister, but how could he? Ever did not remember him in the way he remembered her. Granted, there was no way he could know what her life was like, but his life had made him a soldier, his teammates were his family. After the battle and separating from his father, surviving had only strengthened those skills. Overo was not raised thinking about his mother and sister, but how to fight. After the battle, when Sulstace had said to run, he ran. But how could he explain? Even more, how could he expect her to understand?

Her words stung, and his stomach had tied itself into a knot. "I see that you blame me.." He said quietly, hanging his head low and closing his bright green eyes. It pained him to know that his mother was dead, but even more so that Ever's memory of him was so poor. Now that he knew she was alive and standing before him, he wanted to know his sister. However, he didn't feel that she wanted to know him.

He picked his head back up and gazed softly at his sister. He couldn't say he missed her necessarily. She hadn't ever been part of his life. But he felt warm being near her, like a part of him that had been missing was found and put back into place. Even so, seeing how much pain he was evidently causing her, he couldn't stay if she didn't want him to.

"I.. Do you want me to leave?"


The silver girl blurted without thinking. She hesitated for a moment before rushing to her brother’s side and pushing her auburn muzzle into a dark patch of fur on his shoulder. Her breath quivered as she panted into his coat, breathing the rich unfamiliar fragrance. Claws flexed on the tough grass as Ever began to relax. Everything seemed to happen so quickly.

You cannot leave me now I know you are alive.

Her voice was shallow and muffled by the thick husky fur.

I thought you were dead … all of you.

It tore her inside out to replay memories harmless to him, but not to her. She wasn’t gifted at combat like her kin, and when her mother died she was left alone for the cougars. The scar along her abdomen felt like it was burning with the cold and pain of a jagged claw again. Ever pushed her nose further into her litter mate. Suddenly, it dawned on her that he was all she had left. Her anchor.

Please stay. With me.

The girl begged now, like she was pup again.

Overo was slightly surprised by the suddenness of Ever's action. He returned her affection by nuzzling the top of her head, taking in her warm scent and the feel of her soft fur. It wasn't unlike his own, but he shouldn't be surprised. They were siblings, after all.

"I'll always stay with you, okay?" he said reassuringly, comforted by his sister's touch. He inhaled deeply, nose buried in Ever's silver fur. As comforted as he was by being with his sister, he had to wonder just what she had been through to make her this way. The wolf burying her face in his shoulder was so different than the steely female he had encountered only a few minutes prior. "Everything will be okay, promise."

He made a quick mental note to kill anyone who had hurt her. It was somewhat curious to Overo that he had only been reunited with her for a few minutes and knew nothing of her life or who she was, but still felt that somehow they had bonded over this experience.

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Falling back on her haunches, away from her kin, the silver girl immediately lifted her muzzle towards the deep blue sky and howled. The howl was low and dark sounding alike the forest it traveled through. She let her yearning take over and allowed a rich hollowness to enter the final note of her sad trill. Vigilante would surely hear wherever he was.

Ever cringed silently as she lowered her head. It was uncomfortable not knowing where the King sat now, he was her adopted father after all. The youth cast a flitting expressionless glance at her brother. What would he think when she had tell him about Vigilante? A stray thought seemed to finally string everything together. If Overo was alive then that must mean Sulstace was too. She wondered where he was, also.

But then she condemned the idea of what Vigilante might think about her long lost brother showing up at the borders. It was the purest of luck she had come across her littermate herself. When she told her Father, would he be jealous? Angry? No. Vigilante was a proud King, but he wasn’t unintelligent. He would be able to knit all the pieces together. He would know that their father was still alive, still out there. The idea excited the girl, but she kept on a solid mask. She was happy to be here.

The King will be here soon.


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The night before with Ayita had been wonderful and unexpected, leaving the caramel-colored dog King in a pleasant mood the next day. Vigilante had always been able to mask all emotions, however, so there was only the faintest indication that he was in such a good mood, and certainly the reason was not to be known. The secui dog was a creature of stoicism, and as such, he was a man of few visible emotions, just as he had been raised and trained to be. Despite this, the King could not deny he was in an openly pleasant mood, so rare considering his normal ways of being calm and masked.

Dark ears cocked at the sound of Ever's song, one of the ones he recognized most out of the pack. He cared immensely for the girl he had taken in some months ago, so it was only natural that he would be able to pick her sound out easily. However, there was a strange quality to it, an underlying tone he could not understand from her call alone. This did not bode well for the vigilante king and set he set off at a brisk trot at once, not wanting to keep his adopted daughter waiting any more than necessary. He did not know what it was that she needed and if there was trouble, he did not want to risk waiting too long to arrive.

Before he could see the pair, Vigilante smelled the blood. This sent a thrill of alarm, though he kept his nature composed as he approached the pair, noting the rust-scented fluid streaked across the strange male's chest. His body was held dominantly, though not overtly so, only enough to show that he was the pack's leader. "Hello, Ever," he said, relieved to see that she seemed to be fine, physically. He turned to Overo, jade eyes apprasing him as he spoke, tone even and smooth. "I am Vigilante Haskel, the King of Cour des Miracles. To what do I owe this call?" The question had been directed at both, though he expected that it would be Ever to answer, more than likely, having already spoken to the stranger.

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Ever couldn’t help smile as Vigilante’s familiar secui form slipped from the shadows. It had only been a few weeks since she had seen him in another out of ordinary situation like so. But the girl pushed the thoughts aside and bowed her head politely as the King introduced himself to Overo.

Greetings, Vigilante. I found this male inside the outskirts of our border.

She said, stating the fact that most likely seemed obvious to the King who marked the borders himself.

He would like to join the ranks. Overo is also my kin … my brother.

Ever cringed at her hesitation. She wanted to show her Father that she could be strong in an unsettling position. But more than anything she wanted to lean herself into her brother and listen to everything he had to tell. To keep from collapsing, the girl stared at a dark caramel patch on her brother’s flank.

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Overo waited patiently with his sister, only nodding in acknowledgement when she told him he would arrive soon. He had moved to sit by her side while they waited.

He had difficulty hiding that he had been somewhat startled when this other wolf had slid out from the shadows of the woods. Overo followed suit and lowered his head in respect for the pack leader, holding his head even lower than his sister's. He had only just recalled the blood in his fur, so there could be no mistakes. It would certainly not make a good first impression to show up to a King's doorstep with evidence of violence. He continued to keep his head low and divert his eyes from Vigilante's face.

Overo could only listen politely while Ever spoke to this King. His ears twitched at her hesitation, however. Glancing in her direction, he wondered the reason. He would have to ask later.

"Yes, sir, I would like to join the ranks of your pack." He repeated, feeling that he should speak, still keeping his head low.

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The massive dog mutt smiled softly to his adopted daughter and offered the strange male a polite nod. Vigilante had been trained to read others in the most subtle of ways and he knew that he was slightly unexpected by the strange male, though of course he was not able to know immediately why. Eyebrows were raised at the explanation that Ever offered and he could not help but feel a bit surprised that her brother had come here. Ever had not spoken much of her biological family, but she had not spoken of a brother who might arrive here. However, she did not seem upset about finding Overo here, and the King understood that to be a good sign. He trusted Ever to know whether or not her brother should be here.

There was no question in his mind that he would accept Overo as a member of his pack, as it seemed to be what Ever wanted. If Ever did not want him here, then Vigilante believed that she would not have even called for the noble King. He looked to the blood again warily before speaking. “We would be glad to take you, as you are Ever’s brother and she appears to want you here, as well. Welcome to the pack, and I am sure that you both have much to talk about. However, before I leave you two,” he said, though he looked to Ever meaningfully, hoping that she would know that he would stay with them if she did not want to be left alone with him, “I would like to ask about the blood in your fur, as it is not yours and it does not smell like the blood of an animal of prey.” It was a blunt order that he wanted it explained, and he was sure they would understand why. He would never risk his pack members and he would question anyone, relative or not, who showed up on the borders of his pack with blood on their fur.

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Overo's heart leaped hearing those words. Slowly, he closed his eyes and exhaled deeply in relief. Upon opening his vivid green eyes, he glanced over at his sister. Despite the fact that he had no real memories of her, he was incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be with her. After all, he had promised he would never leave.

Overo didn't have a chance to even think about what he wanted to ask his sister before he saw a change in Vigilante. He held his head even lower, dreading what was coming. The blood on his fur, he knew it. It had surprised him somewhat that Ever hadn't said anything, however he had also forgotten, being lost in the reunion with his litter-mate. He stiffened slightly, hoping his sister wouldn't think any less of him.

"Please don't misunderstand - ", he began. "I mean no harm to anyone. I was attacked." Overo stated. "Sorry, let me be clearer. I had killed a rabbit and was about to eat when another lone wolf had attacked me for my meal." It was the truth. He had never known pack animals to attempt theft in that way, and he wasn't as near to the pack boundary as he was at the moment. The other animal had attacked likely out of desperation. However, it was an ugly truth, but Overo needed to eat too.

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