Question about Horses
I know that it's early to even think about a second character, considering that I'm not quite what one might call a "posting machine", but advance planning never hurt, right?

All right, so for my next character I was thinking of roleplaying a horse, but I realized a few issues regarding realism when it came to some aspects like personality and history.
1. Would it be realistic for a horse to live on their own, kind of like a lone wolf?
2. I've read that horses tend to flee from any signs of danger, but would it be possible to have a very headstrong horse who won't flee from any threatening situation?
3. Could a horse be as smart as an average Luperci, or at least not stupid?
4. Would Luperci be able to understand a horse if it tried to "talk" with them?
The answers to these questions are probably plainly obvious, but I don't know much about horses; this brings me to my last quetsion: Is roleplaying a horse a bad idea?
1. & 2. I feel that it would be unrealistic for a horse to survive on its own especially if they were headstrong and refused to flee from danger. Without the protection in numbers a large herd provides, a horse would be a PRIME target for all and any predators lurking about. Since a horse would realistically spend a majority of its time grazing, it would give predators plenty of opportunity to attack again and again. A horse can certainly fight if need be, and could probably hold its own against smaller or less experienced predators, but it's unlikely to last very long if it continually confronts dangers on its own.

3. No, a horse would not be able to have the same or really, even similar, intelligence to the average canine. They can be smart, certainly, and clever, even, but a horse would not be able to use human-level logic and reasoning as canines and other large predators do.

4. A luperci versed in "low speech" may be able to communicate on a rudimentary level, but in-depth conversations filled with detailed observations and remarks probably wouldn't be possible. We're in the process of writing a guide to elaborate on the differences/nuances of high VS low speech, along with non-canine intelligence levels, but the short end of it would most likely be that communication would be simple at best.

I don't think roleplaying a horse is a bad idea, but you would need to accept that there are definitely limitations to it, and it may not be the best option for a long-term character. Libri played a cow a while ago and that was pretty fun for everyone involved so you might ask her about her experiences? A horse would possibly be more intelligent than a cow, though it could be that Libri's cow was particularly simple. ;D
Thanks for the quick reply!
With this in mind, I think I might save a horse for later, when I know more about them and am more experienced with this type of thing. Thank you!
Happy to help!

We're wanting to roll out the high/low speech thing in the near future for sure, so hopefully that will help out some more. Smile
KiriKiriKiriKiriKiri. She played a bull. Named Cow. Tongue
I knew that. ;; I meant cow as a species. I guess. Rather than an indication of gender. XD

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