Souls charries based on....?
The purpose of this is to share on what your charries are based on or around, as in appearence, personality, and abilities. Could be a person, environment, religion (any form), etc.

I'll go first to demonstrate what I mean.

Pendzez Zazkex: He is somewhat based on Zhuge Liang in certain abilities. Zhuge Liang had knowledge in all things, including medicines, farming, literature and strageties. Pendzez has knowledge in herbal remedies, writing poetry, and some stragetic movements. Pendzez is also like Mitsuhide Akechi in swordplay and Zhao Yun in spearplay, and the two in loyalty, kindness and nobility. His Shaman beliefs in the spirits is from Paganism, obviously. In a way, I can thank Dynasty and Samurai Warriors, and Red Cliff for that

Flayra Zazkex: With her interest in flowers, she is loosely like Aerith from FF7, Aerith having help her mother grow flowers and have a garden in an abandoned church. The staff idea was loosely like Mana from Drakengard 2, but the magic deal removed.
Imacai = Jack Sparrow
Parker is really inspired by herself. I haven't yet found anything to base any of her personality off, since I write from the seat of my pants with her. But certain genres or types of music really flow well with the way she is (artists like Sara Bareilles, Holly Brook, and Missy Higgins to name a few) and help get me into the mood.

Lockeheed was based off Locke Lamora from the book 'The Lies of Locke Lamora', but he's inactive right now. :p
I base Sage's voice and major personality traits off of Luna Lovegood...but she's definitely more of a hippie and less into all that supernatural stuff. I just imagine Sage being all drifty, sneaky, soft and oddly curious/occasionally blunt like she is. Tongue

I don't know who Kesho is based off of... he's pretty much an original idea. Still in the works, too, even at his old age. xP
Well, some may know but Kemo is totally based off of me in just about every way, apart from his evil side. I have bipolar disorder so that's where that idea stemmed from, but other than that, Kemo is almost an exact copy of me.

Revan was created as a mate for Sepirah, but I like to think of him as also an extension of me. That's really where I get all my inspiration from, just create a character and play with him for a while and add ideas on as I go until I come up with the right ideas that fit. Like in Revan's case, I had originally planned on him being emotionally retarded, but he's not so much, he's just kinda confused about love because of his family secrets. He kinda represents my shy side.
Shaeniire was based on myself at the time XD like, everything she did and how she acted was totally me.... except for the the whole lesbian thing XD

Ezra was an original idea that i thought of when i had been really into religion and history type things. his whole family has named from the jewish bible and I always pictured him as an 'old/simple' soul or whatever from ancient times. |:

and Maggie is because i always totally thought the character Chastity from FOREVERRRR AAAGGGOOOOO always seemed bad ass to me, but i was also like... 13 at the time. idk. souls needs a good hoe every once in a while? Tongue
sam is a fake satanist. (;
My interpretation of Talitha is based first and foremost in what others before me have played her as. I sat down and researched some of the conditions she has in order to get them to a comfortable state. Parts of Talitha are drawn from me, though it's mostly her mindframe. Partially based off of, uh, Fiona Coine from Degrassi; her freaky dependency on her brother, Declan, suited Talitha's obsessive nature with Ezekiel. Other parts of her stem from her religion and upbringing. She's openly prejudicial, frequently hypocritical and unwilling to admit flaws in her immediate family because of being raised by a pair of freaky Inferni people. Go Inferni.

Kambujiya had no real set base. He was just supposed to be a rather typical, grumpy child who lost his mother.

Krystalle is kinda based on Britney from Daria. Very peppy, very happy. Not as stupid, thankfully. She's like a hyperactive, intelligent Latin cheerleader. That's...her. Yeah.
Faryn was based from my own imagination. I was looking to make a new character and she popped into my head. ^_^
Tatiana is one of many Carrows that I have created. She's nothing special, really. Her name comes from other Carrows - Tarquin being the first one I ever made. They're all Canis Rufus, or hybrids of that. Tarquin's name came from an Anne Rice book... The one about the Blackwood character, or whatever. I loved the name and so I set him up, and any subsequent characters are thanks to him. Big Grin

The other character I am currently working on is a German Shepherd hybrid, and he's based on the ideal police dog. However I've added a Roman twist to it, as he is going to come from a pack of rituals, battles, and some sort of Sparta-esque society in Russia. Which doesn't make much sense? But whatever! Rofl.
Strel is my uber gay rainbow self, like omfg totally. No, no it's not. I'm rainbow enough without him. I dunno, I think flamboyant guys are fun to play, enough said.

Anatoliy.. is Russian. :|

Silvano is a serious boy and I like playing srs face people c:
Cassius is based off a character from my comic, as most of my RP characters are. He is based off of the character of the same name who was the Alkalaran Militia's original Chief Mechanic before he mysteriously disappeared and Max Attero (the only human who basically sympathies with the Alkalarans) took over. The two characters of Max and Cass are actually quite similar, like in the comic, but Max isn't played here cause he's human obviously. Tongue Most Alkalarans have strong accents very similar to that of the American Deep South, hence his origins from Louisiana. Since the comic takes place on a completely different planet, I had to come up with a lot of extra background stuff Tongue

Tsrmono was originally this cool idea I had floating around my head one day. He originally is a character from the Myth board, his appearance mostly like that of a barn owl but still retaining the bloody tear markings. When I brought him here, I wanted to switch around his personality a bit, make it a bit more interesting. His demeanor is based off of the character Legion from Mass Effect 2, hence "talking like a robot". I wanted him to seem even creeper and what better way to do that then make it a creepy emotionless child? Tongue
I never really based any of my characters on anyone except shaw

Shaw ... is based on himself.... as a lion... but is a wolf Big Grin imagine that Wink

in any case each one has a little part of me in them soooo <3
Mew's name was largely based on the danish pop/rock-band Mew, whose music is quite depressing, but beautiful. Her personality emerged on its own, but I liked to use Mew lyrics, as well as lyrics from Thomas Dybahl, with her, and this has undoubtedly affected my playing.

Dawali is just cool. I have no basis for him at all XD

Vesle was created entirely out of an romantic poem cycle named Haugtussa. I never got to complete her story, which was going to be a roleplayed, modernized, more realistic version of that poem only with wolves. The poem features a fair bit of old Norwegian folk beliefs. She would have been so cool! Sad

Emwe was just retarded and happy and based on nothing. If he was subconsciously based on something, it had to be my previous character Raymond, who had some very noticeable mental challenges ;D He wasn't based on anything, but me and Libri created him on the tube in London while on vacation. It was a very good brainstorming session, that XD
Well, Alaine is my very first RP character from a half a billion years ago, when she was a Lupe on Neopets. But I guess her current demeanor and her Gaelic/pagan-ness stems from a bizarre relationship I had/have with Irish-based fictional romance novels. Gee, that does sound really sad outside of my head, too.

Caillen is based, pretty predominantly, on Ewan MacGregor's character in Moulin Rouge.

China was a bit more difficult, because as with what Kiki was saying about Talitha, she'd had a previous player whose portrayal of her I had to interweave with my own interpretation of the character. Basically, she's become this pseudo-hippie-corruptable-IDEK. I can't relate her to any other out-of-souls influence, because she's still being defined, really :I Although for a while, when I was re-watching avatar (the last airbender), I realised that she had a lot in common with Ty Lee.
Jefferson is unintentionally based on House! XD About two or three months after I started playing him, I was watching a House episode and made the connection. His personality and reasons for gruffness go a lot further than House's, and he is definitely much more serious and angry most of the time. I personally love how he's been fleshed out as a character, in that all his stiffness and bitterness was shaped out rationally due to his past AND present and not for no specific reason. :3

Razekiel... was about the most stereotypical hippie I could think of, based off my experience with them and some people at college. I'm glad everyone playing his daughters managed to branch out to more vivid personalities than the empty hippie stereotype. XD It does get hard to play after a while.

Attila, when I got him... was not really based on anyone. I just formed him to be a very typical young boy with too much freedom. When I first got him I was playing both Jefferson and Razekiel, and wanted a pretty stark difference between them.

Gael, when I had him, really had no influences either other than just resembling a much, MUCH calmer version of his father and differing from his siblings. Eventually when I pick up Micah, his OCDness will probably be similar to Monk while a darker side most likely resembling a typical Lykoi. :p
Deuce- Well, her name came from a truck I saw with the word Deuce on it and it was blue and gold. Her personality...

It's hard to explain. Sometimes she's who i want to be. Sometimes she's who I am or have been. And sometimes she steals my muse and does her own thing -_-; When I first created her, she was supposed to reflect my inner me, a hard ass wannabe with major 'tude. But she ended up being more like I actually am...kinda shy and quiet and falling in love easy. And bi curious. And then I used her as catharsis, and put her through hell so I could deal with my own inner turbulence.

Tal: When he was first made, he was supposed to be like the robot on treasure planet. He was supposed to kill owls because they eat squirrels. (don't ask.) How he avoided that I'll never really know. So his personality is basically from trying not to be like his parents, and dealing with his own life.
Slade was originally based on myself, but to be honest I got tired of that. (Is that sad? I got tired of roleplaying myself WTF?) So I made a few changes to his personality and now he's totally original.
As for looks, I live in northern New England where I sometimes hear coyotes near the backyard, and I thought it would be interesting to play one.

Darkness is original, but his slight madness and amnesia were kinda inspired by you guys. Tongue
Bangle is based off of those really silly door-to-door merchants you see on Looney Tunes and things ;p I really just wanted a comical, wide-mouth character to have fun with.

Malachi.. well, I think she is mostly based off of me, in bear form XD. I have a bear tat on my back, and it means a lot to me, and I wanted to reflect that through Mala. The whole identity confusion thing.. well, I've been doing that to my characters for years :3

Shiloh I wanted to be like Posh Spice almost. Very vain, but boring, etc.

Viking is based off Libri. It is He-Libri. ENOUGH SAID. ILU LIBRI.
Hm. Valinta is hard to say what she's based off of. I'd say that she's like me, but she's grown where I haven't and hasn't grown where I have so she's a different person from me. First and foremost though, she has been my first and favorite roleplaying character on virtually every roleplaying site I've gone to. For some reason, my characters never last if I didn't have Valinta at first. So I guess she's my protection for that inevitable safe that's going to fall. I don't know. She's just an incarnation of a more mature personality of mine, I guess.

Krissy, a Creature I'll be getting in a little bit, is based off of my cat Krissy. Down to name, appearence, and personality. Smile she even has the little yellow scarf that I knitted my cat because of boredom XD

And Naima, a character even more back in the future, is based off of everything I've read or seen or heard of about slaves. She is the injured woman, the man with the broken back, the malicious slave-holder, the one caring woman at the plantation all in one. She's several different and contradictory personalities put together. With a whip.

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