fleas, ticks, and other assorted icky pests
Maybe it's just me...but doesn't Canada have all the normal canine infesting parasites?

I've just noticed that no one ever seems to have a problem with fleas, ticks, worms......
Are Luperci immune to these pests, or do we as the role players fail at thinking that they could have these normal canine problems?
I think most RPers just forget about those sorts of things. Sylvey was once going to infest Inferni with fleas, but we never actually managed to get that going.

I think it's perfectly logical for a Luperci to have any normal, canine problem.
I want to give Claudius fleas. But how do I get rid of them! Q_Q Everything on the internet says medication.

Quote:1. Set up a Flea Trap.

Lots of people claim that a pot, a light, and some soapy water adds up to a surprisingly effective natural remedy for dog fleas. Why? Because when set up correctly, these items make up a potent flea trap, which in turn, makes killing dog fleas an easy task.

How to set up: Go to the kitchen and pick up a small pot and some dishwashing detergent. Fill approximately half the pot with water (more water won’t make this more effective, so make sure the pot doesn’t overflow) and mix in some detergent. Find a lamp and set it up beside the pot, making the light shine over the water. You now have yourself a flea trap.

How it works: Fleas are attracted to heat. The heat emitted by the lamp should cause fleas in the room to jump toward the light, only to fall short and land in the pot of soapy water. Once there, it shouldn’t take long for the detergent to work its magic and finish the pests off.

Note that you have to replace the water on a regular basis, even before it’s full of fleas. Otherwise, others may be able to avoid sinking in the water when they jump in and may even manage to jump back out.
Or just wait til winter when they all die off. LOL
according to my experience a bath with an ordinary soap (natural, non-aromatic) can end with that pest. I use that for my dogs, and it works. So maybe a herbal remedy and a bath could help...I will investigate about that, though.
Many animals roll in loose dirt as pest control. Or at least that was the explaination I was given as child as to why our various farm animals (cats and dogs included, though it was usually the horses and cats I've noticed doing it the most.) would roll in the finer dirt/dust of the drive ways. I think it works by means of suffocation? At work so can't really research it properly....so treat the info as a wives tale if you wish c:

Edit: Cattle are unable to roll on their backs, but paw up dirt and kick it up on their sides and backs to ward off flies.

Edit Edit: Also after a bit of thought, I think fleas themselves are more of domestic problem and would rarely be seen on an epidemic level in the wild. I have lived in a rural environment for the majority of my life with a great assortment of pets and we never experienced a flea problem. We would occasionally fleas on our cats and dogs yes, but not infestations like you find in a more urban setting simply because I think urban settings allow fleas to reproduce much more effectively.

In general I think that basic hygiene and grooming would keep most external pests at a controllable level. Internal parasites would be a lot harder to prevent and treat though and would based more off of diet, I would think. For example those that prefer a cooked meal would be less likely to have round worms or tape worms than those that prefer their food still raw. I don't know how much of an effect (if any) gutting prey as opposed to eating every last bit would have on tho.
Tammi, it is lemon juice. That is the natural solution. As said I had planned on such a thing so Sie and I did some research.
bar soap also takes care of fleas *has used it plenty of times on my puppies so knows that it works*
where do you get lemons in canada?
You probably wouldn't be able to but that is why there is a port in Freetown to do your trading in for things you wont normally find in Canada.
I've hinted at Zalen having a fleas just by the fact he scratches behind his ears on occasions. But just like humans I believe luperci care a little bit more about hygiene, it's part of having self awareness. Obviously we as humans don't live outdoors and we don't have fur, so fleas aren't that much of a problem for us. But a luperci who regularly bathes and grooms would not be a suitable host for fleas either, so they would avoid them.
I know it's incorrect, but I've always looked a fleas as the lice of 'animals' (quoted because humans are technically animals) -- like Nat said, MOST Luperci are more hygienic than quadruped beasts, and therefore it'd be less likely that they would crop up in a character who bathes regularly. However, once they had them (if there was, say, an epidemic), it would be difficult to get rid of them. That's when soap would be necessary.

Panda Behr in AT makes soap. Innit she crafty?

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