But this is not justice
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This is the main thread of the raid, where the attackers are arriving. No proper action or fighting will be played out in this thread (obviously you can clash a little, but don't execute your plots here) - you have the sub-threads for that. We'll be somewhere between 30-40 characters posting in this thread, so it'll result in death by forum if you try to properly fight here. For this reason, too, please post twice here, maximum. Those who have more than one character are welcome to combine it all into one post, should they want to. It's fine if you don't post, too, but of course we recommend you post! Let's make a proper monster war-thread here.

AniWayans are prepared for the coming forces, having seen them (they are so many!) coming via scouts and patrols.

Free post order. Have fun! Big Grin

Hover the AniWayan language for translation.

Periods of rain ending in the afternoon then clearing (10 to 15 mm). Fog patches dissipating in the afternoon. Wind ranges from 20 km/h (12 MpH) - 50 km/h (31MpH). Temperature high: 15 C (59 F). Monday night: Clear. Temperature low: 8 C (46 F). Thanks Micki for this idea!

The chill of winter was not yet here, but it was arriving. Slowly, it crept into the area, sometimes visible in hints of frozen dew in the coldest hour of the night. It snaked towards them, much like the fog that lay on the ground just then, as Maska stood by the Great Fire and studied the skies and fields beyond the vegetation. When would they come? How many would there be? He'd previously addressed the warriors of the tribe, gathered them here where he now stood before them on foot, and he was satisfied with their forces. So many skilled warriors - some atop mighty war-horses, some on foot. Some were wielding longbows that should scare the best of warriors, and some held their heavy metal weapons with such strength that the crude tools of war appeared to have no weight at all. Maska almost shuddered as he waited, drawing the cloak closer around him. He turned to gaze at his forces instead, finding comfort in seeing their numbers, their muscle. They were an impressive crowd - no doubt unlike anything this place had ever seen. This was the splendor of AniWayan determination, and now these coyotes, dogs and hybrids came to ruin it with their envy and lack of morals. It was a mystery, to him, which feelings they had that he had wounded so deeply, that they would come in such numbers as the scouts reported. He hoped the scouts were wrong, that the tales were exaggerated, but he wouldn't know until he saw them.

He'd dispatched Guardians to protect the prisoners' cabin, but otherwise they were all gathered here, in the Village center. For all Maska knew, they could decide to put out the Great Fire itself - they certainly did lack any idea of justice, and he wouldn't put it past them. He'd come here to right things gone wrong, and yet they would not accept justice when it was handed to them with silken gloves. His thoughts circled past events, wondering what he would do once this battle, too, had been won. Sikyatavo sat at his feet, bristling with excitement - or was it fear? It was hard to tell in a hare - they were always shaking. In Maska, there was a certain element of sadness: blood would be shed, more blood, and for what? He had not come here to kill, and yet so many had died already. For a justice the inhabitants of this place did not understand, nor would they ever. He stood with his warriors and tribesmembers (equipped as best they could manage) and spoke to them one more time, his voice, albeit frail, flying with ease over the foggy, hushed morning landscape. Or was it still morning? "They are coming. Vtla nasgi duyugodv!". He struck the ground with his left hind paw with force - it was all he could do to emphasize his message, lacking a weapon. Continuing to chant his slogan, some of the Guardians picked up on it, and these words were the sounds that were there with them. Turning now, he could hear them coming, smell the multitude of their mixed scents creeping in with the fog. He couldn't know how long it would take, but it was soon. This was it.


Ayasha had secretly been preparing for this day; the day that Maska would finally fall. She had no idea when this day would come but hadn’t all her training with J’adore led up to this eventuality? She liked to think so. Yet she disliked war but knew that it was necessary at times. Her part was rather big, for both sides. Maska counted on her skill as a scout to make sure the borders were patrolled and that the numbers of fighters were given. And the other side, she had promised to help them. They might not have known that she was joining their side but she had an inkling that the leadership of Cour des Miracles knew that she was willing to go against Maska. The cut on her face showed that.

Her morning was filled with patrolling the border and keeping an eye out for the pack’s saviors. Oh, Maska might not see it that way, but she had long stopped caring what Maska thought. Now she was standing like a good little girl next to the others that were involved in this fight. She hoped that her mother would stay out of it but knew that she wouldn’t. She nearly snickered as Maska shivering but scowled at their stupid chant. She knew that she should slip away and hopefully show the “invaders” the best route to the village.

She snuck off from the crowd, nearly running into a guardian who accepted her story that she was going into a position to warn them when they got here. Once they left and she was far enough away from the group, she snickered at their gullibility. She stopped near the border so that they could see her. She didn’t want them to think that she was an enemy. That would end badly for her.

Sky's only post in this one. :3 She's being all dramatic.

Word Count → 000

>The heavy scent of rain, fear and anticipation blanketed over the entire village, probably the entire territory. The guardians had been divided and they were on high alert. She knew it was time.

>Sky sat on the bed beside Ephy, her eyes gleaming dangerously in the dimly lit cabin. She pointedly stared at one of the guardians there, a man that had often been the one in charge of keeping them inside at night. She grinned the entire time, Cheshire-like and dangerous.

>"What are you looking at, you dirty mutt?" The guardian sneered, obviously uncomfortable under her solid, almost unblinking stare. "Got something to say?"

>They're gonna kill you. She stated simply. The guardian winced, visably bothered by how easily she'd said it. They're gonna kill you, kill your brothers... but not before they slaughter your big daddy Maska. She tilted her head, short hair falling over her face slightly.

>"Shut the fuck up, bitch." He growled, shifting as if to strike her. She didn't even flinch.

>Maska should never have caused this war. Now he and his little followers are going to die in a battle to end it. You're outnumbered. Outmatched. What they all lack in training, they make up for in courage and passion.

>He snarled back at her, obviously getting tired of her speech. "It won't help them, little bitch. Numbers don't matter. We'll squash them like bugs." She grinned wickedly then, making him falter in his words. "W-what makes you think they'll win?"

>They've got nothing to lose.

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lololol intimidation XD 3+

It had begun. They marched forwards as one, a giant army that was moving on its hopes and its dreams, to save friends and relatives, a home that was once a beautiful place but was now choked by despair and sorrow. Ralla's vision had come true, a black raven leaped forwards to poison the land and destroy its people but the vision had not shown the force that would rise up to bar the way, they would not let this land fall to bigotry and prejudice, they would fight and they would succeed, of this there was no doubt in his mind, there could be no doubt.

Fog covered the group and made the way treacherous, Faith, ever careful and intelligent did not startle or bolt when her balance was thrown off by dips or small bumps in the land instead she simply shifted her weight to counter. At his side his daughter stood, their argument forgotten for the moment, it was unimportant for now with much greater problems to worry of, this place had held both of them safe for several months and for Analise a significant portion of her life, this debt would now be repaid in full with blood.

The fog shifted in a light breeze and in the distance the opposing force could be seen, pitifully dwarfed by the impressive display of strength at his back, armed with weapons of destruction and war, they did not faze him in the least. The silence was eerie and made the fur on his neck rise underneath the leather armor, underneath him the great mare moved suddenly. Rising up onto her rear legs, the 21 hands tall Clydesdale pawed at the air viciously, a scream of spine chilling proportions ushered forwards from her throat.

A threat. A challenge. A death sentence.
[/html] The noises were deafening to Claudius even before the chanting began. The silence stretched on, enveloping everyone like the heavy mist. He felt the mist seep into his skin and he shivered a bit, wishing it wasn't quite so damp. The rain fell, off and on, and so he was mildly wet. His heart beat wildly in his chest as Maska spoke: part in English and part in Cherokee. This brought forth anger, for Maska knew many in AniWaya did not speak the tongue, but he still insisted in using it. Ceremonious words for a false ceremony. Claudius hoped Maska and all the guardians died.

A vicious smile flickered across his features before he frowned and looked away. As he heard the chants continue, he felt himself smiling again. Yes, he would be quite pleased if every single one of this stupid guardians died; while he thought he should feel some sort of kinship being from the same tribe, he felt like they had lost their rights to be called his tribemates.

Claudius trotted away from the group, hoping to slip out unnoticed.[html]

This will be my only post here. [: Fyi: Adele is wearing flower necklace b/c it represents all the CD, CdM, AW, and others invovled in the raid, and her wish for unity and good will.

Word Count → 000

Cinnamon had sensed her nervousness that day. Adele was readying herself, physically and mentally, being unusually quiet, not even giving her greetings to the new day and the waking sun like she always did, for the memories ahead were daunting ones. She was not even remotely happy, which was a strange, foreign feeling for the whimsical girl. But, she did not focus on her inner turmoil that she knew was vain of her to even worry about, and instead continued preparing, her mind and heart remote. The hybrid decided to cut her already cropped mane entirely off, which she had done once before, leaving her “hairstyle” that of the feral form, for the sake of perhaps it may get in the way while she was fighting.

Fighting. Could he father believe her that his flower girl was marching into battle with canines she scarcely knew? She hoped that the peaceful man that taught her so well would understand why she was going against their docile ways. It was not chance that lead her to Crimson Dreams during this time, and it was not chance that made her decide it was her duty to stay. No, she quietly knew that it was Fate, for nothing happens without reason, and it was not good to act against Fate when it can be so kind to you. And if she met Death on this day, for Fate decide it so, she would greet him as a friend.

Bearing no weapon but her own hands and a chain necklace of flowers of prayers for the Distraught, she went into AwiWaya as one with Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles and then on to battle.

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This will be his only post. oh oh and lead up to subplot XD.

Maza shifted from side to side his heart pumping with an eager rush, he gripped the large wooden mace in his palm loosening and tightening it as he chanted with the others. If there was one thing he was good at it was fighting in war and today he would get to add more victory to his name. He smiled menacingly as he took glance at his brothers in arms he did not worry in the slightest. Everything he had learned had him truly believe that skill would outweigh the numbers. One of the young wolves that had apparently been a part of the pack before he came along nearly bumped into his side. He growled with a slight annoyance. Be still little one. The time is coming. He smiled as he looked off into the distant fog. She had told him she was going to warn them of their arrival. The male nodded, the logic of it seemed simple enough. As she started to leave though his brow furrowed in slow thought. Eventually something about it had not seemed right and his gaze turned to her as she disappeared into the mist.

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His mother may have now been safe, but that only had assuaged the Knight's personal fears and anger for the mistreatment of his family. There was still war. There were still prisoners within AniWaya that needed freeing. One of them his sister's mate. Honestly Haven had been concerned when he saw Mati among those that were going to try and put an end to the new tribe regime once and for all, but he had not expected any less from her. She may not have been a fighter, but Cambria was a captive and he could hardly ask Mati to stay behind with that fact. Hopefully as soon as she had rescued the Marino fey, the both of them would go right for home and not linger in the battle.

The Knight could not worry too much about his sister though. He had to focus on the fight to come, and as he rode on Drogon's back, surrounded by the combined force of Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles, a strange tranquility descended upon him. It was the clam before the storm, he knew. The armor felt heavy on his body, but he knew he would be thankful for it once the raid began in earnest. This time it was not about stealth, it was about pure power. Finally as shapes appeared through the mist and the scents of the enemy came to his nose a snarl morphed the Aatte man's features. Heels prodded into the mustang's sides and hooves soon pounded across the ground at a fast pace. The Knight drew his sword and yelled out, daring any of the AniWayans to take him on.

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The time had come to put an end to this, one way or another. This had gone on too long. The war. The fear. The tyranny. The Dreamers and the Courtiers would stop Maska's reign of terror today. Whether he died or was simply forced to surrender and give up his power mattered little to the Marino woman at this point. She simply wanted this all to be over. She wanted her children back. The large raiding party had gathered together upon her lands and now they all trotted out to start the final battle for their freedom and safety. The Consul's hulking secui form prowled restlessly towards the border of those lands. Vigilante had informed her of where the prisoners were being held and it was her intention to free Gotham and Cambria before doing anything else. It was critical to get to Maska, but to her it was more important to make sure her offspring were safe.

They had breached the border of the tribe's lands and while the majority of the raiding party headed towards the village to start the main fight, Savina veered off with a smaller group towards the cabin that help the prisoners. A fire flickered behind her emerald eyes as they moved closer and her coal nose worked furiously to pick up the scents of her wayward progeny. If they had been harmed or killed, nothing would contain her savage rage that threatened to burst forth.

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WC: 321 Might post again.

Atop a golden like horse rested the huntress and her friend Analise. They were marching into battle along side packs that were determined to destroy the tyrant leader. And along side her friend Leon and his massive companion Faith. Her hair was braided neatly along her neck, adorned with feathers, she had painted her faded dye giving her marking a vibrant look of fresh blood under her left eye. Her chest bandaged but the pain lost as her mind was set on war. Her quiver was full, the ends of her bow sharpened and ready as the beads and small shells clicked with each step of her steed, the pair of sacred feathers flipped wildly in the wind. She looked both enchanting and deadly as she marched with her head held high.

Her thoughts were lost though for she would set upon AniWayan soil as an enemy and ally for the first time in nearly two months. Her life since being forced from her homeland had been nothing but troublesome for the huntress. But that day she would get her vengeance upon the invaders. She would help get her home back to the people who deserved it.

When scents of AniWaya filled her like a mother embracing their daughter's return she felt saddened for the scent was tainted with foreign inhabitants. It was then she drew her focus and pulled the bow from her shoulder. She would strike down as many of those beasts as she could with all her fury. For it was a day she had been training for, putting her body through hell to ensure she could face any foe. She looked to her friends around her and gave them a nod. It was a silent good luck and goodbye if that is what the Great Spirit chose for her that day. She was ready to die for a cause worth fighting for, for her home, for her family.

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(Nootau: Visible)

It was here: The final day.

The dawn would be stained red after the battle: This much Ralla could tell, looking at the shadows in the distance that would be Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles. With a glancing thought she wondered if her brother would be counted amongst those numbers; if her children were left alone with another in the pack--perhaps Strelein, if he had not come to liberate the hostages--and if she would meet her brother on the battlefield in the mud and mire. The white mother, as Maska was speaking, was looking out from atop her home-tree, a fire burning at the end of her fire-staff, which had proven strong and useful for battle. She did not plan on directly fighting the battle, but would instead protect those of her family who were not to be harmed--those in the other packs included. She knew her daughter had similar thoughts, and with a worried stare she looked to where the Warriors and tribesmen were gathered, spotting the pure white among all the other, darker coats that signaled Ayasha's presence. For her, Ralla worried most of all: She was young, inexperienced (as far as Ralla knew) and had insisted and fought against Ralla's wishes that she not participate in this battle. But her daughter had been called, and could not be spared (or so the Guardian had insisted). Should Ayasha die, Ralla wouldn't know what to do with herself--other than reap Hell and high water upon those responsible, friend or foe.

Still, Ralla's inner fire was finally at its peak: She would release an inferno upon these Guardians and turn the odds in the other packs' favor, for, although they were great in number, the Guardians and Warriors were very strong, and Ralla bet that some of them could fight twice their number given this chance.

All too soon, Ralla heard Maska's war-cry, and the tribe was off to the battle. With her fire-staff as a lantern, Ralla trapezed through the tree's branches, skillfully keeping the fire from lighting as she finally hit the ground, a soft, hollow thump the only indicator that there had been someone to drop from such a height. Where her strength failed, Ralla's speed and agility were her assets, and she would use these to her full advantage. In her red paint, the white wolfess was already decorated for war; she would bring her fire to full-force out there, where the poisoned raven would fall and where she could prove her worth. Behind her, Nootau flew above, her own guardian and assurance of protection. They were silent, but would soon be heard.

Moon walks. "Moon talks." Moon thinks.

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[Image: Ralla_by_Nina2.png]

Only post for Ephraim. :3

Word Count → 339

Something was going on.

The atmosphere in the cabin and in the surrounding area seemed to tense, but more tangibly the guards had been coming to and fro. They were preparing for something, and Ephraim had an idea of what. Finally the other packs had gotten tired of letting a tyrant kidnap their members, and they were going to do something where the Tribe itself had not.

The air was tense, dangerous. The Guardians seemed on edge as well. And Sky was sitting next to him grinning like a crazy bitch.

The old eunuch felt much love for the girl in that moment, and he was trying not to break into laughter before the Guardian she was staring at finally got fed up. He snarled at her, but she answered him without hesitation, stating that they were finished. The tables turned in their verbal battle immediately, with the Guardian growing uncertain as Sky continued to build everyone up for the battle that was to come.

This was their way out.

A grey hand rested briefly on the woman’s shoulder. “Be careful, precious one,” Ephraim stated. He had no idea how far she was planning, if she wanted to try to escape and destroy Maska herself as she had expressed in their little talk. He simply hoped that the AniWaya’s worries about the strength of the tyrant’s followers wouldn’t be valid; he wanted this to work, wanted to be free.

Even if he hadn’t been quite stirred up about it and would have happily worked as long as he was fed, Sky had ignited that spark of freedom in him. Perhaps it was his dog blood that had made him submit to the labor without caring, an unconditional will to follow whoever led him, but his dominant blood—that of the wolf—wanted to get out.

He realized that Sky might have thought he was admonishing her for her little display, and so quickly he grinned and gave her one last pat on the shoulder.

“Come on. Our time. Boom.”

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pushitinThere had been a bitter argument before the wolves ahd set out for this, what they hoped would be the ending of the tyrant's hold on Aniwaya. Rain had not wanted her mother to join the fight and Soran had not wanted her daughter to go as well. The sable Aedile had been injured earlier in the month, her arm was bandaged and tied in a tight sling across her chest today, the younger female had not wanted her mother to go to the raid, she was injured and there was a chance that she might be hurt, Soran did not want her dark daughter joining the fight, it was true that she might be a fighter, that she was skilled at hand to hand combat, but that did not stop her being Soran's daughter, her baby and she did not want her to be hurt. A stalemate had been drawn by the pair, the truth was that when it came to this issue they were just as stubborn as one another, each refusing to stay away if the other was going, wanting to protect one another and neither wanting the other to go. In the end it had been decided that they would both go, the truth of the matter was that even if they did not have one another to protect then they both wanted to be there anyway. Soran had seen too much hurt caused by the Aniwayan guardians, she had old scors to settle on the battlefield, as did Rain, she had watched her mother have to deal with an injury sustained by a guardian, the Aedile felt too much guilt at allowing Anu to be captured to not be here today. So the pair had prepared themselves for battle, Rain braiding her mother's hair and securing it in a tight bun at the base of her skull, doing the same to her own hair, there were no bright feathered adornments in it today, this was a day of action and not to be wasted making one's hair pretty. They walked in silence, following their sable leader to the battle ground, they were both in their Optime form, Soran's arm not allowing her to shift into her Lupus form, the form she was most practiced in fighting in, her injured arm was across her chest, acting a little as a shield in it's sling. In her right hand she clutched the sword that Jazper had taught her to fight with. The sharp hunting knife was in it's holster against her thigh, just in case the sword was somehow taken away from the sable female.
pushitinRain was not carrying any weapons, instead choosing to rely upon the martial arts that her mother's former mate had taught her and the brute strength that her curvacious, muscular form afforded her. The pair walked together quietly, soon coming to the borders of the land behind their leader, Soran noticed her ochre grandson there, she attempted to catch his eye and gave a slow nod of greeting and approval, she was glad that he was here, he knew as well as she did the pain that had been caused by these wolves, she was glad that the male was here to defend his family and friends. Mati had been wounded and heartsick by the wolves' actions and Soran was here to bring them justice, she could not bear to see her bronze granddaughter in pain and so she was here to make the wolves that had caused her all of the pain some pain in return. The younger sable girl was simply here to protect her mother and her pack, her feelings were not as deep set as her mother's, but she would defend her friends and her home with her life. As they finally reached the borders they noticed all of the other wolves there, Soran smiled, it seemed that everyone was uniting against a common foe, it was funny that it was a time of war that brought such kinship, but the ebony female was glad none the less to see all of the wolves here together. The Aniwayan's battle cry rang through the lands and mother and daughter looked at one another, raising their heads and letting out a pair of fierce howls in unision, showing that they would not be intimidated by these wolves.

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She wanted to stay close to Soran, her mate, but the pale female had been reassured by the dark angel that her daughter was protection enough. Still, as the Dreamers drifted through the woods, she tried to keep Soran in her view. Eventually, though, the two were separated. Deuce tightened her grip on her dagger, memories of Erik teaching her to use it in her mind. It was as useful as a claw, he'd said once, as long as you don't let it get separated from you. Just ahead, she saw her son's brother in law. She caught up with him, exchanging a nod with him. While he might have wanted to go with his sister, she needed to have someone to protect, and to protect her. Safety in numbers. She could see other dreamers near by, and whispered a soft prayer to Rhiannon to keep the pack safe.

How little she knew her daughter in law was a prisoner. If she'd known, she would have made it clear she wanted to help rescue Maska's captives. But she didn't know, so she moved forward, unnerved by the battle cry rising from the Aniwayans. Unfamiliar words were being chanted, and she found herself countering with a soft prayer spoken in Irish. "A bheith le linn bandia" War was here.

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Scrap, scrap, scrap... It was a slow, patient sound. The sharpening stone slide over the blade edge of J'adore's knife, it's master controlling it's work. Today was the day. His chilren and his mate, were safely tucked inside the cabin. Nobody would disturb them as their house was a small ways away from the village centre. Besides they were as much victim's of Maska's power surge as the courtisans and the dreamers. The Spaniard was ready, his weapons were sharp and his body was painted. His stallion, proud and strong, and his mare, silent and graceful were both prepared. Neither of them spooked as shouts went up around the territory. Both had a fearful look in their eyes.

'Es el momento de la guerra, me perdone este derramamiento de sangre...' he said calmly as he set down his stone. Sliding the knives into his waist belt and the poles into his shoulder belt. His tomahawk remained in his hand, his quick access weapon. He had chosen 'Quera as his mount for the battle. Simply because Luz was his back up plan. Her dark coat allowed her to blend into the scenery. Ptitsa was ready also, she rested atop the cabin, waiting for her master's signal. And come it did. He stood and paced forward, mounting his horse and spurring him on, Luz following. Ptitsa took to the sky. All had one thing on their mind.


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Her long legs worked hard to keep up with those on horseback, hoping she would not have to shift to buy more speed but determined to stick close to her leader and familiar faces from the Court. She had no experience with war, and was hoping to be able to simply follow instructions as far as possible. A leather belt filled with various sharp, small objects - knives, darts, shards - was the only burden, each one sheathed to protect it from accidental cutting - or glinting to reveal her position, although of course her almost pure white fur would do that well enough without help. As they linked position with the strangers from the Dream pack, Caspa saw various numbers coming into view in the surrounding mist and trees and her pulse reached a steady, prepared rhythm, as if all the fear had been used up days before. Their numbers were so great - how could one band of intruders into an already established pack stand against all of this? Even the unearthly-sounding noise that came to her ears from a distance did not dismay her, but she made no reply, letting the more emotive howls from her comrades sound untarnished. She was no more than a footsoldier here, a pawn of her King with no grievance to defend, merely a reputation to uphold - or indeed, to build. Her strength was nowhere near full, but she had offered her body and even if that was truly all she had to give, then she would still give it.

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Stand up and show me some pride

The day prior had been used to rest and prepare for Anann knew that sleep would not come to her that night. In the twilight hours she began the laborious task of gearing up Rem in his leather and steel armor. The thick layers of leather guarded his sides and flanks and wrapped his lower legs to both protect and strengthen the valuable tendons. The thin plate metal armor guarded his chest and neck and added even further protection to his legs.

Once she had double checked every piece to make sure that it was fitting properly and allowing the horse free movement without seeming to pinch or bind that Anann readied herself. Wrapping her chest in a soft, wide strip of leather and the dual cavalry sabres strapped to her back. Together the duo made their way towards neutral territories to where the forces would gather before crushing the Guardians that had brought these lands to turmoil.

Nervous energy had filled the brisk morning air as friends and strangers alike prepared for the coming chaos. Once forces began to move to encroach upon the AniWayan borders Anann mounted the war horse at her side and drew the longer of her two swords. It held no razors edge, its form left blunt and dull but that would matter little as horse and rider charged through enemy forces. The force of its strike could still split skin and shatter bone.

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The time had finally come to put an end to this. No more would the Dreamers sit back and let these crimes go on unpunished. The Marino was determined to set his family free, as were all who called Crimson Dreams home. They would have their freedom and their safety, and they would make sure these injustices went on no longer. When the fighters from Cour des Miracles had met them on Dreamer lands to begin their assault, Ehno knew that this would be the end. Every one of those gathered fought for a righteous cause. They fought for family. They fought for peace.

They were an impressive number, marching to overtake the tyrannous reign of the warmonger and his followers. It was a long and tense march, but the AniWayan border was within their sights now. They would be waiting for them, but they were prepared for that. The Marino clutched his spear in his hands and pressed forward with the gathered mob. Deuce fell into step beside him and they exchanged a nod—a silent promise to watch each other’s backs. Anger was what fueled him now. Anger pushed him to march with pack mates to the AniWayan village. Anger would only bring bloodshed.



The dreaded date was due. Standing in the outskirts of the village, the masked woman tied her hair behind her head and picked up the weapon that J'adore had given to her. The cold stone felt like ice against her hand, and she would've thrown it if she hadn't known that she would need it soon. Her commarades and the other victims of Maska were out there, waiting. As well as her. A few times she questioned her presence there. She was a healer, not a warrior! let the others do the rough work. But her protective side always bloomed to remind her that her friends were there, that they may need their help. Shiloh's picture appeared in her mind, and her hands clutched the stone weapon with even more strength.

The shadows of the trees covered her body, making her invisible. She could not see very far because of the remaining mist, but she could spot the place where a great congregation of wolves stood, prepared for the upcoming carnage. More lupercis approached the war fields, presumably the neighbouring packs. The girl's hands clutched into fists. The tension in the air reached her hiding spot as if it was part of the fog. Kali was beside her, but she did not pay attention to the battlefield itself, but to the living creatures moving into it. She knew it. Soon, many of them would join her in the after-life, and their bodies would become part of the land, as an evidence of the blood spill that had taken place there.

Luna lives "Luna says" Luna thinks "Ghost says"

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Dawali is a stupidhead Big Grin

News of the coming forces had spread through the tribe, Guardians had found him and told him even as he had sat by Adagi Creek, watching the slow movement of water. Thoughts of the tribe's future and his own past clung to his fur like the morning mist, and his brow had furrowed deeply as the Guardian told him the news. His friends -he had betrayed everyone. He was still uncertain on how to handle it, what not to do. Clearly, they did not understand, would not understand. Maska was rigt in his pursuit of justice, but there were parts of his story that Dawali found himself doubting. His shame grew further at such thoughts - had he not done enough damage? It had been right to give up his rank, it was now time for someone else to right the wrongs in his tribe. AniWaya had strayed from the right paths, and it had been out of balance. Now, as it was further challenged by his former friends, he rose to heed his leader's call as he considered that their blood might be shed today. This was not what he wanted, but he would defend his tribe's lands against invasion regardless. Perhaps Savina or Vigilante - even Anu, if she came - would listen to reason if he found them in th emidst of fighting. Perhaps he could convince them to simply agree to Maska's terms.

He would find the fight, and he would protect his leader - this was the only right thing to do. The healer trotted along the paths to the Village with a heavy heart. He would bring his medic kit for this encounter, but even for something like this he dared not shift into his two-legged form. The punishment for a rebellious Itawamba could easily be exile - or even death.



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