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Casa di Cavalieri Maintenance and Updates

What can I do here?

In this thread members are welcome to post anything that they need changed/added that is CdC related. For example: Errors in our information, Members info on our website, Game Point updates, Mate or Apprenticeship Ceremony date requests ect.


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Got some Animal NPC's.

Name: Grynn
Species: Peregrine Falcon
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years, 8 months.
Description: A classic peregrine falcon with clearly defined markings. Her wings, back and "hood" are slate grey and her front a dirty white. She is average sized for a female Peregrine.
Personality: Standoffish and Arrogant, often very aggressive. Very protective of Neela and her chicks, very close to Neela. Very vane, reacts well to compliments.

And Grynn's three chicks.

Name: Oonu
Species: Peregrine Falcon
Gender: Male
Age: Nearly 3 months
Description: Oonu shares his mothers clear cut markings but has a lighter colouration. His hood, back and wings are a light, blueish grey and his front is pure white. He is in the larger size range of male Peregrine's, putting him just below his sisters and mother in size.
Personality: Oonu is brave and defiant, fiercely protective over his, admittedly larger, sisters. He makes a point of harassing anything he believes to be a threat and is probably the most dangerous of the chicks through sheer aggression. Heis very excitable and happy when he isn't feeling threatened and often teases his sisters.

Name: Marahute
Species: Peregrine Falcon
Gender: Female
Age: Nearly 3 months
Description: Marahute is nearly a carbon copy of Grynn, sharing her mothers markings, colouration and average size. There are subtle differences, the most noticeable of which being that Marahute is slightly smaller, but these aren't noticeable to somebody not familiar with the two.
Personality: Once again Marahute is extremely alike to Grynn in her personality. However it is noticeable that this behavior is slightly forced occasionally; Marahute being purposely emulating her mother. Despite this Marahute does have a similar temperament to Grynn, though she is markedly more timid than her fearless mother.

Name: Skylar
Species: Peregrine Falcon
Gender: Female
Age: Nearly 3 months
Description: Skylar is about as large as a Peregrine Falcon can get, her gender and natural size putting her in the upper limits of her species. Unlike her siblings Skylar does not share Grynn's clear cut markings; hers are more blended together. Skylar has very dark markings; her back, wings and hood are almost black and her front a slate grey just lighter than Grynn's wings. Also unusual for Grynn's children Skylar has very clear patches of yellow colouring around her eyes and beak.
Personality: Skylar is much more reserved than her siblings, preferring to relax more than fly around constantly. Skylar has a fascination with water and when she does fly she can often be found skimming the surface of any nearby bodies of water. While usually passive Skylar is extremely aggressive if she feels something is a threat to Neela or her family, though she takes more time in deciding what is a threat and what isn't. Out of the three chicks Skylar is the closest to Neela and is usually perched close to or on the collie.
Game points
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Just some horse updates for you guys :3

[Image: bucki.png]
Buck (Stallion - 6 years old), Owner: Ahiga Nishant
Buck, as his name so indicates is a buckskin thoroughbred, trained to be used in hunting and general riding. Overall the stallion has a mellow nature, tolerant of his owners artistic antics Buck is often covered in various designs with cardinal feathers threaded through his overgrown mane.

[Image: AhiHor2.png]
Damini (Mare - 3 years old), Owner: Ahiga Nishant
Heritage unknown, Damini is feisty in personality and has yet to truly allow for anyone to work with her without great difficulty, although from various tests it has become know she is easily brought off with food for some form of good behaviour.
Horse updates!

[Image: dapple_gray.gif]
Becca (Mare - 7 years old), Owner: Coeus
Becca has always been the dream of calm. Her steady personality and friendly character makes her perfect for wolves of any demeanor. She has always been with Coeus, as she was his mother's before him. Her past is primarily unknown, as Coeus' mother was very secretive. She has the build for manual labor, but she is mostly used for riding and companionship.

ICly recruit a member:
Points: 30

Join a pack thread:
Points: 25

Total: 55 points
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Game Points:9
Puppies needing to be added to the ranks.
Luca, Grynn, Isla and Callum Garcia-Knight

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