Round up the Soldiers
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A large smile was pasted on the Soles slightly parted jaws as he escorted the golden lady he could call friend into the Courthouse. It was an extremely pleasant surprise to have heard her call at their boarders and it was entirely his pleasure to welcome her into the Fort. Kingsbury Fort was a restricted portion of Casa di Cavalieri as Anann and Jazper had made it clear to all members from the beginning that the Fort was a safe haven for members only, the exception being guests with Leadership permission. The honor was not something the Leadership gave out freely but the warrior beside him had earned his trust through many meetings and the acceptance of himself and Wayne into her pack lands. Due to her kindness Jazper would not dare turn her away.

The two traveled in their seuci forms made their way across the floor of the torch lit main hall. The bright sun shined through large windows but the hall required extra help and the natural firelight lit up the walls and added a fiery reflections which dances happily throughout the day and night. He led their guest to sit just outside of the courtroom doors. Motioning for her to take a seat beside him the halfling leader released a call for the members to join them in the Great Hall.

It took time for members to make their way in and while they waited Jazper quietly continued to speak to X’yrin about the Casa and ask how Ichika was fairing. Finally it seemed as though most members had arrived and the large beast took a step forward clearing his throat as to silence those who were mid conversation. His expression was nothing short of excited and full of happiness as he spoke, Cavalierites, we gather here today to welcome the Ichika no Ho-en leader, X’yrin, who has decided to join us as a special guest. Turning his head he motioned for her to take a step forward. X’yrin is a friend of mine and allowed Wayne to train with her and stay in Ichika to strengthen our relationship with her members. She also welcomed me into her lands where I was able to meet some of her members. He allowed the information to settle in and his members to take in the presence of the other seuci beside him. You are all expected to make her feel as welcome as she was to Wayne and I.

His brain wandered to the next item on his list of things to share with the pack. The news he was about to deliver was something that Anann and him had been talking about putting in place for sometime now but had only recently decided to make official. Casa was young but it had survived it's first winter and their numbers were growing thus landing them in need of focusing on their base culture. Furthermore, it will be mandatory that all Casa di Cavalieri members receive at least basic training. You should all work towards a basic knowledge of some weapons as well as defensive techniques for your more feral forms. The Sole fell silent giving the members a moment to speak their minds or to leave as they pleased.

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Being summoned by the alpha was terrifying. His relief was just tampered by the fact that he wasn't alone in the summons. If he had been Hadley would have assumed that he'd done something and was going to be punished for it. Unless this was a public meeting to be punished in. Such a thought set him shaking lightly as the alpha entered the room, a golden female beside him. Amy. That was the only thought that entered his mind before pressing himself into a corner as tight as he could, not registering that it wasn't truly the monster he feared.

The words of welcome were barely heard as he understood he was to make sure Amy was comfortable in her stay. Hadley nodded his head, mind ticking through the things that he knew Amy liked to have, making sure that he'd be able to access it. The lack of logic in his reasoning didn't sink in, as he didn't know that Amy had been pregant, being sold before she began to truly show. Shock showed on his features at the word of training being made mandatory. He had thought that an armed slave was the last thing anyone wanted. If it was requested he would do as he was asked though.

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but our hearts will need us to be steady and strong

so we can stand and face the fire

burning higher and higher

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The last few weeks had been full of transformation, and anyone who knew the reticent cowboy would know it. Training in the mountains had brought in new strength and brought out the dormant timber wolf inside of him. The night he lay with Dixie in the starlit valley had kindled a strange kind of protection and love in his breast for the girl, feelings he’d already had that only grew far deeper when he considered what they had been through together. His normal duties in the pack had even taken on a new spin, even if it was all in his mind. Life just seemed more important now than ever, and he was determined to live every moment of it to its fullest, putting in all the time and effort he could to make sure things were right.

A howl came from the direction of the courthouse, and Wayne set down the currycomb he’d been grooming Gypsy with. He brushed his hands against each other to dislodge some of the dust from the work and tipped his hat to the mare in an apologetic way; she’d just have to stay dirty for now. Throwing the tool back in the bucket with the others, he made his way toward the courthouse to see what Jazper was calling about.

As he stepped into the torchlit hall and caught sight of the golden lady sitting at the dark alpha’s side, recognition and pleasant surprise lit up his rugged features. He offered his trainer a broad smile in greeting, though he would not interrupt the idle chat between her and the Sole. His brown eyes scanned the others as they arrived, and he went to lean against the nearest wall as he waited for Dixie to arrive.

Soon, Jazper began to speak. He introduced X’yrin to the rest of the pack, and the Labrador mongrel lifted his head a little higher as his name was mentioned—not so much out of arrogance as much as genuine, humbled pride for the pack and acknowledgment as to the Ichikan’s worth.

Mention of a loner who’d washed up on the shore was news to him, and his ears pricked with somber interest. He’d been too busy working with the horses, especially as they were free-range again following the end of the traders’ festival, to keep up with the other goings-on in the pack grounds; it was something he realized he’d have to change, balancing his social life with that of work.

The last point was that of training—and the cowboy dipped his head in agreement. Anyone could see what even a few days’ worth of training could improve if they looked at him. As the dark leader fell silent, Wayne uncharacteristically spoke up, spurred on by a deepened sense of responsibility.

“Some of y’all might worry about learnin’ to fight—but everyone has t’ remember that Casa’s a pack of warriors, a brotherhood to defend the helpless and prevent wars. Anyone can learn enough to make a diff’rence, anyway—look ’t me.” He smirked faintly, shrugging his shoulders with his arms crossed over his muscular chest. “If a simple cowpoke can defend a piece of land, y’all can.”

Wayne McCoy

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Life in Casa di Cavalieri had been rather interesting lately. There were new friends coming and going, a lot of chores to get done on a constant daily basis, and of course…her newfound love with Wayne. That man made feelings build up in her heart that she never knew were possible to feel. Just thinking about him made her squirm and giggle, the longing in her chest making her want to go find him right away. She couldn’t though; archery practice was a must if she wanted to be able to show any improvement to the alphas. At the moment, her new bow was still in need of some tweaking, but it was basically functional. It was also a lot smaller than the one she’d learned on at the festival with Saul, making the job of shooting much easier on her small body.

There was a rudimentary arrow holding strapped over her shoulder that held eight rough made arrows. The tips were carved from sharp pieces of limestone she’d found and collected near the hot springs on her little trip with Sebastian. Random bird feathers were fixed to the ends to help with balance and flying power. Over the course of the last few hours, she had practiced shooting on foot and was now on horseback. Duke was getting used to following more leg commands, as she needed to use both hands on the bow instead of the reins. The small target, shaped like a rabbit, was in a bare tree fifteen yards away from where she had her stallion trotting back and forth, wearing a path into the earth. There were twelve holes in it, and about fifteen marks from where the arrows had nicked it.

Dixie was just about to knock another arrow, after retrieving all eight, when she heard the soft sound of a howl coming from the fort. It sounded masculine, so she figured it was Jaz calling everyone to come discuss something important. Sighing softly, disappointed that practice couldn’t go on longer; she dropped the bow over her neck and looped one arm in as well. Deciding to practice more with the leg commands, she let her hands drop to her legs and nudged Duke with her heels three times. The small stallion snorted and jumped right into a smooth lope, understanding perfectly. Whenever she nudged with the right heel, he’d go right; left heel and he’d veer off to the left. Within ten minutes they were thundering up to the front steps of the fort.

After hopping down from Duke’s back, she took off his saddle and bridle, hefting them in both arms and kissing his velvet soft nose before striding in to the main room. The small woman’s white fur was dusty from the ride and she smelled of hard work and horse, nothing uncommon to the other Cavalierites. Looking around, she saw Wayne and skipped over to him, setting the tack down on the floor and then giving him a small hug. The end of Jazper’s speech was filtering through the air, but she got what he was talking about. Her love had also mentioned a few things about the Ichikan alphess, and the woman standing near Jaz fit the description. Yipping softly, Dixie jumped away from Wayne and scampered over to her Sole and the visitor.

Feeling a little bit shy, she smiled and bowed her head, ears pressed flat against her head and tail slightly tucked between her back legs. Thank you…fer takin’ good care of mah man over there. I really, really appreciate it. If you ever need anythin’, you know where ta find us. Ducking her head once more, she flicked her eyes over to Jazper and grinned before bouncing over to him happily. The bow was whipped from her shoulder and she held it out for him to inspect, squirming around in excitement. Jaz, Jaz! I made this all by mahself! An’ I’m getting’ pretty darn good with it, too. Wanna come shootin’ with me sometime? You will love it! Pulling her little piece of equipment back, she rubbed her hands over it gently and pouted a bit, It still needs some work…but I’m hittin’ a rabbit target well enough from a ways…and on Duke, too! We need ta train all the horses heel commands so we can fight with both hands from their backs, don’t ya think?

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As he spent most of his time in the courthouse when he wasn't exploring the lands outside of Casa di Cavalieri, Sebastian was one of the first to answer the call. Well, him and Hadley, who seemed far too attached to his room for the Italian's liking. Still, he supposed it was for the best that Hadley was attached to his room. It was important for him to have his own space, after all. Still, he arrived with a respectful bow offered to Jazzy and his guest before he leaned against a pillar, where he could take a nice view of the action without being too conspicuous.

The artisan leaned into shadow as he waited, his alert orange eyes wandering over his leader and his leader's blonde guest. A female. Pretty enough, he supposed. Healthy. Not much else to tell about her when she was in such a bestial form. His eyes roved over the members as they showed up, noting who he didn't know and who was looking especially sexy today. Wayne had a new look about him since his return... It was difficult to say exactly what. Still, it was attractive.

Molten orange eyes were fixed on the Scottish Sole as he spoke. A new guest, one whom he wouldn't seduce for the fun of it. Any other diplomat or leader, he'd have to try at least. For the sake of Casa di Cavalieri, of course. So long as such diplomats or leaders were not the proud owners of decidedly female organs.

His mind wandered, only dimly picking up on what Jazper was saying. Training and whatnot. Should be fun. No-one ever expected someone more than a foot shorter than them to be capable of putting them flat on their backs. Who knew, maybe he'd even ask Wayne, Enzo or Jazper to teach him how to wrestle.

Dixie showed up late, waving a bow around the place. Another archer for Casa di Cavalieri, he supposed lazily. Though he was pretty sure he was better, if only due to his insufferable pride. Well, he couldn't afford to be upstaged.

"I would be willing to offer archery lessons," he called out to the crowd from his shadowy resting place before he stepped into the light. He cut a nice figure, his lustrous fur illuminated by the firelight, the gold loop in his ear glinting and the silver chain around his neck nicely shiny. "I could also teach some combat techniques for those who favour knives, prefer to sneak or have a distinct disadvantage in height. I can help in camouflage, too." Sebastian offered a grin to the assembled wolves. He made it all sound quite a bit flashier than it really was, of course. He wanted some interest. Besides, he really wanted someone to teach camouflage to. It was always fun to paint on people.
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Ichika was left behind her, seemingly abrupt after the debacle that was meant to be an enlightening meeting. What transpired was still fresh on her mind and heavily weighed down her steps when she wished only to sprint into the comforting arms of familiar body. She felt terrible for her actions, but not regretful. Cold and certain, a part of her had surfaced that was left dormant expect when locked within a spar or battle; relentless and sure, lead by the very instincts she relied upon to rule her. She only expressed disappointment that too few walked around the same line. However she had faith her kindred spirit would understand. A fellow warrior and lead would look upon her actions as fitting and just and now shun her as her cared for comrades had. If anyone would understand…it would be him.

And she was glad for his audience, his comfort, his welcome into the keep he secured alongside his warrior brethren. Endlessly grateful, but humble she remained as she entered his stronghold and for a time, made herself a part of the Cavalieri fold. Until introduced as such, no part of her demeanor gave way to her standing within the Northern pack. She kept both head and tail at a height of humility wanting only to be observed as a common guest and engage with the members as so. But when the accented baritone rang out within the interior of the human structure (still the woman quivered uncomfortably the longer she stood within it) with her rank on her tongue, her body adjusted accordingly. Both head and tailed ascended with her father’s rank proudly as she stood before the whole of Cavalieri not just as Ichika’s lead but as a proxy to her own family, to stand in the place her father still help with considerable pride and purpose.

“It is a pleasure to meet you all,” she replied kindly, offering each member a smile in turn before her eyes settled on the familiar yellow hide of her prior student. His good nature was quite contagious and birthed a large smile on the woman’s golden lips. And when he spoke, she giggled at his accent finding it as always humorous for her ears to behold. But when joined by a young female, her smile lessened just a little but only in respect for her show of gratitude. “It was my pleasure,” she dipped her head. “Any mentor would wish for a student like him, so willing to learn with a strong motivation. And I will keep your offer in mind, thank you.”

As the young female turned to speak with Jazper, her eye also turned to the large male as well, silently appraising his stature as her conversed with his packmates. They carried on with such ease and she could hear in their voices the trust and adoration that had placed in him. A was a moment in time one could want for themselves, what some would strive to have. Quietly the Nomad wondered if she too would experience this engagement with her packmates as she once had. Would they be willing to look at her not only as a friend, but as a leader? Or were the two destined to be a part until the isolation inevitably drove her away…?

551 words.

Savannah fails DX :: 000

The chocolate girl's head lifted as a call drifted through the cold air, instinctually she could tell it was a leader. The call incited leadership and hierarchy over everyone. Large ears perked, deciding if the call should be answered. She had been sitting outside the Courthouse, stroking her horse's nose, quietly feeding the equine bits of dried grasses, it certainly was a shame that spring hadn't arrived yet, there was many things to do in the warming sun that would never be as nice in this cold grey world. Patting Ukaglay's snout, the Vansenza trotted out to the direction of the call, running out on her long black booted legs. There was a small gathering near the courthouse, most of the faces unfamiliar to the small coydog.

Settling herself into the small crowd, she immediately found Hadley's muscular form, and like a moth to flame; she made her way to his side. She had a strong impulse to reach for his hand, hold him close and keep her knees from shaking. Meetings such as these often had her nervous, and seeing the woman standing with Jazper made her even more so. It was Saluce's mate, the woman who had helped keep her alive, and had helped her in so many ways near Ichika. Maybe this meeting was about the event? No it couldn't be. It was about training. She easily picked Wayne's face out of the small gathering, and a familiar voice cut through the air. It was Sebastian, the classy wolf who had bought Hadley and brought him here. Maybe reaching for the hybrid's hand beside her would be a bad idea, so Sel stuck to simply standing close, but casually to the mottled wolfdog. She listened to the words of the foxy male, ears perking. Without thinking, she found her own voice cutting through the crowd, "Xy'rin, I want to thank you again for helping me..." Quieter, and much more shy she glanced to Sebastian. "It's good to see you again...I think camouflage is a great idea..." Gathering whatever courage she had somehow created, Selene added lastly "I think I can contribute--I can teach swordsmanship, I have my own sword, and I know how to use it. Or--I can um, help out with the other stations? That way I can learn more?" After the small speech, Selene shrank back quiet and shy. How could she talk to others this way? It could have been obvious she made a fool of herself, this time her hand grasped Hadley's, giving a gentle squeeze in her unassertive way.

Will you stand when it all burns down. Will you love when it all burns down
Will it end when it all burns down. Will you just let it all burn down

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A howl cut through the air, disturbing Regner from what had started as a herb gathering trip but had regressed into an impromptu nap as a morning of excessive digging drained Regner's ever decreasing store of energy. By the time the noise reached Regner it was faint but it still cut through his sleep, a lifetime of pack life ingraining the call of an alpha into his mind as something to respond to with all haste.

Unfortunately for Regner all haste was still pretty slow nowadays and he was one of the last to arrive to the meeting. Where Regner's body suffered his mind and nose were still sharp and he picked up the presence of a stranger as he entered the hall but thought little of it; any wolf in the company of this many of his packmates was either a restrained prisoner or a guest, a quick visual scan revealing the golden furred woman standing by Jazper to be the latter.

Regner settled down near the back of the hall and listened intently to the news that was being delivered, offering a slow, respectful movement that was a combination of nod and half bow to X'yrin as her name and position were revealed. The revelation of training being made mandatory was taken in stride and approved of.

As others began to step forward and offer their services Regner did the same, his voice even and confident from years of public speaking. "First I would like to say that I agree with the concept of mandatory training. Even in times of peace there are dangers about and knowing how to fight better is never a bad thing, if I hadn't been trained as such in my younger years I would be less scarred and more dead." Regner paused a moment, grinning and opening his arms wide, showing the multitude of scars littering his arms and chest, "I can teach the use of a battle axe for those who are interested and I can also do the same for usage of a shield," Regner patted the iron rimmed shield hanging from his back, "-something that I urge some of the physically stronger members to consider. And lastly, I'm old. I've been fighting for nearly twelve years, double what most if not all of you have been alive. I have plenty of tricks to pass on, weak spots and unexpected moves. They’re dirty fighting, but for anybody interested, they work." His piece said Regner once again retired to the wall, leaning back against it and watching.

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