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Out of Character

This is Zera’im’s death thread, for the past several months she has been suffering from consumption (tuberculosis) and had tried to heal herself to no avail. She will be passing away in her room in Panda’s den, and Panda will then dispose of the body. All of Zera'im's possessions will pass to Panda, Venom and Lillith. Korosk, Zera's stallion, will eventually be Lillith's horse./ +636

In Character

She was not sure how long she had been lying on her cot, staring at the dirt ceiling, watching the shadows grow and flicker in the light of the ever dwindling candle, but she knew it had been a long time. Finally, sleep no longer came to her, and the flow of blood from her maw was nearly constant, every breath rasping and gurgling as if she was filled to the brim of the red liquid. Her emaciated frame shuddering, chest rising and falling, each breath like a dagger being pushed deeper and deeper into the raw cavity of her lungs. She had not eaten in nearly a month’s time now, and had been bed ridden for the past week. Perhaps that’s how long she had been staring at the ceiling, watching the worms and grubs crawl there, realizing that soon her flesh would be their feast.

First, fear had gripped her tight, hovered over her like a dark demon, mocking her lingering life with his presence. She had been so frightened, like a pup lost in the darkness. Then, she had become angry, viciously fighting against the darkness with whatever power she had left. It had scared it off, but she knew her fate, there was no reason to struggle against the inevitable. Then, a wonderful calm had come about her, as she had accepted that the afterlife was drawing nigh, and soon she would be released of her prison of a dying body.

Panda, her sister, had been by her side in the end, the aura of the woman so blinding that Zera could no longer look upon her. Her evil eye had died several hours prior, and everything had dimmed, but Panda and Venom and especially Lillith had shown out like suns to Zera. Now, she felt herself fading, like her life energy was evaporating from her body, leaving to join the Great Spirit in the ethereal realm. She did not speak, but a smile came to her face, as the world began to brighten, as if the moon had come down from its heavenly throne to carry her back with it. She closed her eyes, and she was gone.

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