Cabin Fever
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Octavius needed to move somewhere new. Being in these damned caves all the time was killing him…it was literally making him crazy. The boy had begun shifting the month before and ever since then he’d spent most of his time getting used to the new forms. Hunting in his middle shape was a lot easier than normal, the added weight and muscle making him so much more effective. For the first time he took down a full grown deer on his own and then promptly devoured most of it. Along with the new abilities, he had a voracious appetite, and none of it was being stored in his body as fat like it had been before.

No, the young man was now growing into something that closely resembled his magnificent mother. In his two legged form, he was already pushing six and a half feet, and weighed in around one hundred and seventy pounds. It was clear to anyone who bothered to look at him that he was going to be a giant, fit to rival a few of the other huge mammoths in the Nova Scotia territories. His new size, and continued to growth, was one of the main reasons he really wanted to get away from the dark cramped confines of the underground that the rest of his pack seemed to love so much.

The boy needed to find his mother and speak to her about this. He wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for a prince to leave the caves, what would the others think if he did? If it was going to be a problem he’d probably stay just to appease everyone, but a lot more time would be spent outside. There was no reason for him to be confined to the caves anymore, as he was big enough to defend and hunt for himself. After shifting into his smallest form, the young male began following his mother’s scent through the cave system, trying to find her to have this long awaited discussion.

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