Walk in Darkness

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His skills at making things was slowly but surely improving. It had only been a few days, but his carving was more steady. There were less bumps in the wood as he filled his days working on this craft that had managed to catch his eye. There wasn't really anything artistic in what he was making, mainly simple things that could be used, such as furniture and dishes. Right now he was in the middle of looking for wood in order to make a decent table.

He didn't have an ax with him, not wanting to draw the wrong attention and end up being mistaken as someone looking to fight. This left him to search for a large tree that had collapsed under the weight of winter's anger. He had some rope on him so that he could drag it back to Aniwaya where he had tools for dividing up the wood and starting to carve it. Hadley was pretty sure the knife that he'd been using so far wouldn't work on this larger project.

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