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It wasn't much, hardly even visible really even on her now skinny form but it was there. The small round bump that was the visual indicator she carried life within her. She was happy, incredibly so, this overshadowed Matteo's disappearance by a long shot to her and while some people would have named her callous and unfeeling, her mate had been exiled after all, at the current moment he was not at the forefront of her mind and he most likely wouldn't be for a while. Taking care of children was hard work, she knew that from raising Jaden. At the thought of her little boy the woman's smile disappeared and her eyes shimmered as a deep overwhelming sense of loss filled her. Her little warrior, he hadn't stood a chance, not against his own body. The child of herself and Giuseppe. She might be carrying his brother right now, another child of Giuseppe, the thought made her shiver with fear but also a stirring of desire, as much as he scared her, she couldn't deny the attraction she held for him.

As always now whenever she left AniWaya, Tamai Waki was with her, fully visible to provide her with the most support and strength. The large white Buffalo moved very gracefully and quietly for such a large animal and she admired him quietly. As usual they didn't speak as they walked, simply enjoying each others company, the only times they really and truly spoke was late at night whilst Gemma sat next to the Great Fire. He would tell her stories from his time alive and she would maybe share the few good experiences she had in her life. Also she would share the bad. He helped her a lot, talking through events in her life with her, helping her to see reason where she could find none herself, it was all good for her. As well as her growing relationship with Frodo now, he had quickly proven himself to be a kind and gentle man, if a bit strange in his speech, he provided her with food when she didn't ask for it and also gave her impromptu lessons whenever it was possible.

She regretted staying away from Talesin but chalked it up to a fear of leaving her territory. Within AniWaya she and her children were safe, out here, things could happen. But the need to see her brother had finally overwhelmed the fear and so here she stood on the borders of his pack. After crying out with her distinctive coyote/wolf cross howl she waited as patiently as she could be.
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He and Myrddin were reading on the porch. Deuce had fostered a life long love of reading in him, he strove to do the same for his offspring. He never had decided if he had succeeded or failed with his first born son who had been disowned. He had begun to succeed with Tameri, before she had been killed. He knew he was doing well with Myrddin, they had surpassed the classic children stories, and moved onto more substantial literary works. Their work of choice was a dog eared copy of Anna Sewell's black beauty.

He heard the call, and his ears perked. His tail wagged gently as he gave a quick return howl. "Come, Myrddin, and meet your aunt Gemma. She's my father's daughter, my half sister." Myrddin had already jumped to is feet, the book forgotten, as the call came ringing across the packlands. The nearly inseparable duo made their way quickly to the border where the pale coy-wolf waited. They arrived in record time, the slender boy and his father.

Tal saw the buffalo but paid it no mind. He was somewhat used to seeing the spirit creatures of the Aniwayans. Sky had spoken at length about them after her unexpected stay there during the war. Myrddin sat on his haunches, staring at the huge creature. He was used to the shadow of his older sister following him. Tami seemed fond of him and fond of their dad. She was talkative, too, though poppa never seemed to hear her. Sometimes when she rubbed on him, poppa looked around as though he was looking for something.

The Rhiannon male grinned at his sister, his tail wagging. "Good to see you, Gemma." He made a quick bow in the direction of the buffalo as well. "And greetings to you, good spirit."

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She didn't have to wait for very long and soon her brother, as bleached white as herself came into view with his young son. The boy was larger and more mobile than the last time he had met her. She wondered if he remembered who she was. Tamai snorted loudly sending two plumes of warm misty air swirling around his head. The wind tugged at both of them, blowing around their dual white coats. "The family is the most important thing in this life." She nodded at Tamai's wise words, the AniWayan culture valued the structure of the family and creating a stable home. Matteo wasn't here to help her raise them but she was sure Taliesin would help her and Frodo too. Her half nephew was almost totally white like the two siblings with only the slightest of color upon his frame, his ears, legs and tail.

She took the initiative this time and was the one to embrace him first instead of the other way around, their snowy tails twin blurring flags. She had increased in confidence since their last meeting, marginally but it was enough. But still Lucifer's evil shadow cast a darkness over their meeting as Gemma swallowed back her shame silently. She could not help but notice the pureness of her brother's coat nor control the lust and longing that stirred within her gut like the life she carried. For a moment the hatred of her father burned brightly before it was overshadowed by her love for the remaining family she had, for her young nephew who barely knew her. Tamai acknowledged Taliesin's greeting with a snort of breath and a silent nod,

"It is good to see you too Taliesin. I have news, such wonderful news!" She was excited by the prospect of telling him and thus some of the wrong feelings she held she managed to squash away.
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She hugged him, which surprised him, but he accepted the embrace willingly, even eagerly. He grinned at his sister, an eyebrow arching inquisitively. "Gemma, do you remember Myrddin dir Rhiannon, my son?" Myrddin came forward shyly, staying close to his father, his eyes drinking in every detail of the distantly familiar stranger.

After a moment, his ear swiveled, listening to Tameri. He muttered something under his breath, then looked up at the woman, his mismatched orbs wary but friendly. "Pleasure to meet you, Aunt Gemma." The boys tail wagged as he dipped his head respectfully, then backed up to stand just behind his father. Myrddin was a shy boy, a sweet boy.

Tal grinned crookedly at his son, then turned his gaze back to the white Sawtooth female. "So what kind of news do you have, little sister?" He winked playfully, unaware of the residual lustful feelings she was having. In his mind it had all been resolved. They hadn't known, hadn't really exchanged names, and it had only been the one night. It would have been a sin if they had continued to be intimate even after they knew.

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Her brother was so beautiful to her and so happy to see her, it was almost too good to believe that she did have family, real family that cared for her instead of a vile hateful mother and an abusive father.

"Yes I do. He's gotten so big since the last time I saw him." He was scared, fearful of her strangeness and hid behind Taliesin. This she could understand completely and relate to too.

"Nice to meet you too Myriddin." Tamai Waki chose that moment to fade out of their plane of existence and return to Aniwaya, he had guided Gemma this far and now it was time for her to stand alone. With the disappearance of her spirit guide Gemma looked slightly worriedly at the spot he had occupied before facing her half brother again, almost absently she named him,

"That's Tamai Waki. He chose me to guide." Some pride crept into her voice and smile.

"I came to tell you.." She stopped herself again, almost too excited to actually voice the words, "I'm pregnant."
A grin spread across his face at his sister's news. "That's wonderful! Congratulations, Gemma. Can't wait to meet my future nieces and nephews." He hugged her again, then stood, letting his hand lay over the lives growing inside of her. Myrddin looked up at her curiously. "You mean there's puppies inside of you, like I was inside my mom?" He paused, then spoke again. "You won't leave them like my mom left me and poppa will you?"

Tal flinched at the question, letting his hand fall away from her belly. The scholar had managed to let himself forget for a time what Sky had done to their family. Myrddin's question was a blow to the male, a harsh reminder that he would probably never father another litter beyond Myrddin. He looked down at his son, his twin in every way except the brown markings from the boy's mother. "No, Myrddin. Your Aunt Gemma will never leave her puppies." He glanced at his sister, shrugging a little.
She laughed again, the loud light and carefree. And she had been set free with the news, she had something to live for, something to cherish. She could only pray and hope and wish that it wouldn't end in disaster again. But AniWaya was good to her, it was healing and lovely. She had food when she needed it and a nice home to stay in and friends, real friends to care about her and watch over her if she was sick or in trouble. She had never imagined something like this could be possible for her.

"You have to come to their naming ceremony. Three days after they are born. I'll let you know when. And when they're older I'll bring them to play and -" Myrddin's sudden question had her halting in her speech and taking in breath in a small gasp. Shock, confusion and then unabashed horror played out on her face.

"Oh Myrddin, I could never! It's unthinkable, just utterly unthinkable." She shook her head as she denied vehemently to what his own mother had done. She saw how her brother flinched and the pain that crossed his face. Whoever this woman was had hurt him deeply, cut him to the core. She added at a whisper, her sapphire eyes wide and unsure of herself,

"I've lost too many to do that."

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