from aly with love
Holy cow, these are adorable!!! xD
A baby puppy Ren cause I sucks at the piercings and shiz. |: Yay for testing out soft shading!

[Image: 8Yug7.png]
D'AWW, Rennn ;u;
Mama Wandy's so proud of her little boyo. :I Well, both of them. xD BUT REN IS SO CYUUUT. Tsu's just a butt. xDD

all are cute

Lol, I'm kicking myself in the butt with this one. [/happy sobbing]

Anyway, I put on my try-hard face, and I produced this! Lazy background, I know, but I was mainly focused on the characters. x3 Even though I spent way more time on Eclipse, I feel better about how Robert came out... Even if most of him is hiding.

Anyway anyway, floating wolves in space cause yeaaaah!

Hiiii so Aly art is ridiculously adorbz and I lahv and I am ashamed I haven't drooled here yet. :< :< :<

/drools here

I also really really likey new style. <3333 It works with floating spacewoofs quite well. >:3
star crossed lovers aWWWWWW XDDD

So freakin adorable! I just want to drool all over their soft fur!
That is just SO adorable!!
lol hay new style hay.

anyway, for Ivy Havoc! I hope I got her appearance right... xD
[Image: HZemn.png]
Aaallllllllyyyy. Your face makes wolf faces so well. Mattes face approves of these faces.... Face.

XD -le mind blown by cuteness
/has an obsession with canines + stars

i was inspired by the background of this piece of art, and since i've been hankering to draw me some alyjazz, came up with this! (click for full view, its a kinda of a long file. xD)

So cute! I love it! <3

Ffffholyshit. This is ADORABLE and I love how happy it is and I want to squeeze it until it pops. Aly why do you make things that make Sie want to hug ferociouslyyyy <3

/creepy smile mode activated BOOP

[Image: OvsjZ.gif]
Dude, i cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING that avatar is.

/srs Jealous person here

Can i steal you skills now please?
I can't even formulate a comment about how amazing that is. So pretend that this is a comment praising your work, with many awe-induced expletives and freaky hand gestures.

To sum up: That's fuckin' sweet.
I love Helotes creepy grin face. It's a look that says "I'm single, and yes, I am going to hump you" XDDD
dude thats awesome
That is friggn sick :O

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