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You're style is cute! I like the blinky things too-- very nice!

(--) OOC here

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OOOOH MY GODDDD . I LAHVV this soft-shading thing you speak offf, but I cant decide if I like the ones that blink or the softly shaded ones moreee >.<

WHEN are you commissioning for these types of things? Or are you? (I havent checked)
@Sammiie: I don't take commissions, sorry. x3;

CODY RHIANNON. love him.

[Image: qtkZN.png]
dear gawd now i want to have him!!
Ohgawd that is too cute. ;u;
Those ears...are too cute!!!! >.<
Oh. My. Goodness.

He's adorable!!!
How wouldd I be able to get one of these cute little avvies ? <3
MY CODY! 8D He's so adorable!
@Sammiie: I usually just hand them out if people ask for them, really. xD

/barfs recent gifts for record

Sky, mien mommee. <3
[Image: yF1s9.png]

Vladi the cool Russian!
[Image: eUk53.png]
/pines for the kitty
Love your style. It's just so darn cute. >.<
Oh, cool. Good to know Big Grin
@samantha: ilu <3

Franz--omg i just remembered how much i loved to draw cats. ; ; so i went wild with it.

[Image: U3LkM.png]
that is... awesome :/

have a gif?

[Image: tumblr_m9epc6iGBd1rv5sp6.gif]


FRANZ <33333


thank you so much <333333 /will throw arts at you
It's the truth!! <3!!!!

That cat is omg.



For Ink!

Cause his kitty needs a proper, solid design.

Her name's Kipp, by the way. And she's kinda loopy. Tongue

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