from aly with love
@Tammi: I tried to draw a Wraith! Sorry if the colors are messed up--I just copied the ones from her current avatar. xD;

@Alexis: I am open for commissions right now, if you're interested. 83

@Essence: <3

Amatha! I dunno if I got her colors right... xD; And yay for testing art stuff!

[Image: Nerge.png]
Alyssum de Fonte @ Sep 16 2012, 05:56 PM Wrote:@Bria: Since these are really simple, sure. x3

Speaking of kids, look at all these Neela and Tony chillins!


From left the right, top to bottom: Luca, Isla, Grynn, and Callum!

(Psst--most of them are up for adoption, except for Grynn! Go get one now!)[/quote]
Collie babies are the cutest babies omg omg!! 8D

(Now I really wanna see Coli/Toby's german shepherd babies in your style, but I'd feel bad asking for three pics all at once, haha.) x> Will continue to stare at your adorbs artwork!
Man just found this thread full of Aly's awesomness and it is just that, AWESOME *-*
Your art is so cute!
OMG so cute! Amatha looks perfect <3

I was wondering if I could maybe get Thana's pups in your style? They are pretty simple. A tiny all white pup, left eye is blue, right yellow. Another pup is white with black ears and a black tipped tail with left eye orange, right blue. The last is a big girl, all black with left eye yellow, right orange. Pretty please? I can repay you in art.
Reference for the pups:
Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, at this point forward I'm no longer offering requests. Sad It's gotten kind of overwhelming and I'm having some trouble keeping up with the freebies while also making personal art and completing commissions. If you're still interested in my art, you can always order a commission. I've chosen not to complete current requests, as it wasn't really a request thread to begin with, but a gift thread. Sad Similarly, I will no longer be accepting future requests. Thanks very much for your understanding and apologies about any inconvenience!

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