Out father, who art in Hell
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OOC: 20th June, 300+
Gemma Rhiannon-Sawtooth
I don't wanna live in fear and loathing; I wanna feel like I am floating
instead of constantly exploding

"Come on now! Come on now puppies! It's not much further now, you'll see. Just wait till you see uncle Tal and your cousin." She urged the children on as they trotted beside her, taking several tiny steps for every one of hers. Payne was silent next to her brother but Nate-River was making himself very clear that he wanted up and he wanted it now. "Up! Ma! Up! She laughed, a cheery, happy sound that had both of their stubby tails wagging. They were only small though and tired easily so despite the fact that it was them that wanted to walk and not be carried, she picked them both up and placed them inside the blanket tied to her chest. They were babies of a coyote though so they weren't as large as normal wolf pups would be and so still fitted inside their makeshift carrier although only just.

From there they watched quite happily as Gemma covered the remaining ten minutes of travel to get from AniWaya to Cercatori. She was a fairy amongst the grass as she listened to her children bickering in their puppy's language. She felt as light as the air blowing about her, they were alive, they were strong and healthy, they were hers. And if anybody tried to take them from her, she'd fight them tooth and nail. Finally the fae reached her destination, the border's of the pack her brother lived in. Now she did remove Payne and Nate-River from their pouch. They peered up at her together, confused by her actions,

"Come now, we need to call for Uncle Tal. Can you be big and do that with me?" Their versions of howls were squeaky mockery of a true call, it was so adorable. Gemma raised her head and let out her distinctive coyote yipping howl with the deep undertones of a wolf. The two pups watched their mother in amazement, her howl vastly overpowered their own. Nate-River was the first to join in, his warbly, high-pitched voice intertwining with her own. Payne also joined in after a fwe moments hesitation from her brother, she was a lot quieter, as though she didn't want to bring attention to herself.

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He had been waiting to hear his sister's voice again. It seemed like so long ago they'd spoken. He'd been at her pup's naming ceremony, of course, but she had been busy. Now here she was at the borders of D'Arte again. A grin crossed his lips as he gestured to Myrddin. "Come on, Myr. Let's go see your Aunt Gemma and your cousins."

His tail wagged rapidly as he raced his boy to the borders. He pulled to a halt, composing his face into a mock serious scowl. "What are you doing here?" He couldn't hold the grin back as he continued to speak. "I've told you before you can come into the pack lands, not hover on the border. You are my sister afterall."

If he admitted the truth to himself, there was more than just a familial bond there. Afterall, the first time they met had been a one night stand. It wasn't until well afterward that they had learned of their shared father / rapist.

Still, they were family, and being such, he embraced her fully and wholeheartedly.

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He almost fooled her with the mock scowl but she was getting better at distinguishing the difference between playful and serious. She sen t him back her own version of a mock scowl, something that didn't play right with her face, she had a face made for smiling and laughter not harsh looks and stern expressions so it was comical, Well I prefer to ask. Her small satisfied smile was back and the unfitting scowl gone.

She reached down and pulled the two curious youngsters from her blanket and set them on the floor, they immediately huddled together for comfort, unremembering of these two figures who had seen them at their naming ceremony. Don't be shy now you two. Go and say hello to Myrddin. They looked back up at her together, unsure of the larger boy and the even larger white male. Nate-River was first to paw forwards cautiously followed closely by Payne, 'lello. Payne didn't speak at all in her customary fashion and just looked up at her older cousin.

She embraced him back and felt the flush rise up her chest, she caught his eye as she pulled back and couldn't entirely hide her feelings from her expressive sapphire eyes.

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She couldn't hide her feelings, but neither could he, really. They both had expressive eyes, and a message seemed to pass between the two that had nothing to do with familial ties. Did his hands linger a moment too long? Maybe. But it was just them. Myrddin brushed his leg as he passed his father to look better at his cousins. "Wow, you two are getting big! Did I grow this quickly, poppa?"

Tal laughed as he looked down at his son. At nearly six months old, the boy had in fact grown into his adult size, though he was still a bit gangly. Myr smiled at his younger cousins, his tail wagging excitedly. "Yeah, Myr, you did grow that quick. It's how life works. Soon you'll be out on your own, with a litter of your own to take care of." He winked playfully at Gemma, his tail wagging faster as Myr made a face at him.

Tal returned his gaze to his sister. "So...what did you come here for, other than the scintillating company?"

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Gemma Lives Gemma Talks Gemma thinks

Maybe if they had never engaged each other on that day then they could have been more like siblings but Gemma and Taliesin had been to close, experienced too much together to see the other as a brother and sister without those added feelings. Gemma couldn't even look at him without remembering him, remembering how safe he had made her feel and how he had made her body sing with joy and introduced to her the concept of being at peace. If he would let her she would agree to do it again in a heartbeat but she knew Taliesin would never consent, it was just the way he was despite the attraction between them.

She smiled down at the fast growing Myrrdin and then laughed at the pure innocence of him, struggling to shove away her own tortured memories of her own life at that age. Her father had abandoned her, her mother chased her off and she was hurt, damaged beyond repair. Suddenly she looked something close to distraught even as Nate-River pounced forwards onto his shoulders with his stubby tail in the wait and growled at his much larger cousin. She was about to cast a large shadow on their reunion,

'Watching them grow has got me thinking....'She hesitated here, her ears falling back nervously, '..a..and I wanted to talk to you. About Lucifer.' The last part was almost a whisper and she closed her eyes briefly as she said it, it was painful to think of him, too painful and she flinched as she said his name.

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He watched the pups, smiling as he remembered his innocent days with Jazper and Noah, with Sirius and Apollo. They had all been like brothers until those days with mom and Lucifer fighting, and mom being forced out of the house. They had been cooped up and then torn apart. It wasn't even then that things had been bad. After Willow, though...

She spoke, her voice sounding smaller, meeker. His hand reached for hers automatically, his eyes seeking hers. He flinched when she did, thinking of his near rape at Lucifer;'s hands, thinking of the maiming of his brother, of hearing what Lucifer had done to those women. And yet, he understood her need to talk about it.

If she let him take her hand, he'd squeeze it gently there. "If you want, we can take all the little ones to Auntie Rosie. She's a sweet woman, there's no one I'd trust more with the pups except my own mother. Then we can go back to my place and talk with no interruptions, and no little ears to over hear it."
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They both appeared smaller and more fragile at her mention of their shared sire, this was Lucifer's legacy, a destroyed and broken family that feared and hated him but then Lucifer would probably get off on that. He took her hand and squeezed and she was glad for his comfort smiling weakly. She nodded uncertainly at his suggestion, she never wanted her children to hear the story she was about to tell her brother, a tale of death, abuse and imprisonment that would make the most hardened of warriors weep with horror for her.

She was silent as they moved further into his pack, thinking about how their conversation to be would go. They met up with Aunt Rosie as Taliesin called her, Gemma fell in love with the kindly old lady immediately and had only the slightest of anxiety about leaving them, mainly at leaving them at all. As they walked to his house they made idle conversation about nothing in particular, still holding hands, neither seemed to want to let go of the other. Gemma was scared if she did he might float away and leave her alone again, as silly as the thought was.

They arrived at his house and he invited her in politely, she smiled suddenly shy of being alone with him and ducked in past him to stand awkwardly in his kitchen. How did they even start such a conversation?
Her hand was warm in his, and yet he felt chilled. He would sit with her, and he would listen to her. And in return, he would tell her about his experience with their shared rapist father. He had told Sky about Lucifer. He hadn't told Sky all of it, the enslavement of his mother which he didn't find out about until later, the abuse of Noah, the near rape once before at Lucifer's hands. But he would tell Gemma it, all of it.

They dropped off all the offspring at Auntie Rosie's place. He was glad Gemma felt safe enough to leave them all there. All too soon they arrived back at his house. She stood in the kitchen and he followed, feeling her awkwardness rolling off of her in nearly tangible waves. At his mother's advice, he kept a bottle of whiskey in a cupboard. He had the feeling the two of them would need it before the night was out, and he wasn't even a drinker.

He pulled out the bottle, debated on two glasses and decided they could drink from the bottle. It wouldn't kill them. Bottle in one hand, he took her hand,a strange reversal of the night they'd met. He sat her down on a rug in front of the fireplace. He could have taken her into the living room where the couch was, but he wanted to start a small fire to ward off the night chill. They would want the warmth as they relived their nightmare chills.

After he got the fire going, he sat back. He twisted the cork out of the bottle, then took a swallow. The whiskey burned going down, but he handed the bottle to Gemma. He sat cross legged in front of her, his right side to the fire, his back to the front door. "Start at the beginning." He reached for her hands again, wanting that contact between the two, hoping it would ease the telling. He had heard the abbreviated version once, now he would hear the full story.
She watched him, fearful as a rabbit hiding from her hunter as he pottered about his house. Gemma didn't know what to expect from this conversation, maybe the validation she had been longing for her whole life, somebody of her own blood to look at her past and judge that no, the things that had been done to her were not okay, were not correct and were evil. She let him lead her like cattle with large doleful eyes fixed upon the shining rings attached to his ear. He led her to a cosy looking rug next to an empty fireplace.

Her interest as a fire tender peeked out at the methods he used to start the fire for them, biting her lip as she watched him. It didn't take him long and the heat it threw off was very welcomed to Gemma who had begun to feel cold inside at the prospect of having to retell her harrowing tale a second time. But this time it was different, Taliesin was her brother and he wouldn't shut her just because of what she'd been through unlike Matteo, unlike the man who had impaled her heart. She fidgeted, pulling his fingers through her own, staring intently at his wrists so she wouldn't have to look into his eyes,

"Are you sure you want to hear this? It's not pleasant." Give him a chance to say no.

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