[M] Oh baby, please don't hurt me no more
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Now that she had spoken with Tal about Lucifer and learned each others stories a bit better she felt as though she had been cleansed somehow, and made better. Her sins hadn't been removed but they had been cleaned up a bit, her wrongness was still present but they could work that out. She was sure that Taliesin wouldn't abandon her like so many had done. Lucifer had hurt him like he had hurt her too, they were both the victims of their father's cruel and vicious abusive nature, it was not their faults, it was not her fault, she knew that now.

The children had recovered from walking to Cercatori and now they wanted to try their hand at walking back to Aniwaya. She doubted to herself that they would in fact make it but she encouraged them on never the less. It was good exercise for their young muscles. Soon the pair were engaged in a race of who could waddle the fastest towards their destination and Gemma walked a bit faster to keep uo with them.

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The whines of his offspring were beginning to piss him off. On top of that the butterflies were muttering and mumbling, and the male wanted nothing more to do with them, any of them. Not Ayasha, not the pups, not Anathema. He had found himself wandering further south than he usually dared, given that he had been warned off of the southern lands.

A scent came to him, a distantly familiar scent of sun warmed fur, of a woman curled into a ball at the base of a tree, of her stretching and smiling invitingly, her blue eyes full of heat for him. Yet with that scent was entwined another less enchanting scent. His lifting mood soured again. Taliesin. He sneered, walking towards the scent anyway, his mood lifting slowly again.

The little mutts came to his attention first, and he halted. What the hell? This was not the enchanting woman he'd met once before, his first sexual conquest. This was an older version of the one he'd laid with. Still...the memories of that day had him stirring. He'd play nice, to see if she would send the little ones away, to see if she'd play with him.

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The first inkling that told her they were no longer alone was the creeping sensation that crawled up her spine and set the small hairs prickling up straight, a dark sensation of being hunted filled her and she was suddenly nervous. Her sudden stop had the pups turning back to see what was wrong. They gamboled back to her side and stared up at her, their curious whines mingling together. She felt.. it was so familiar.. something was coming.. coming for her. The sudden urge to run was overwhelming and she staggered forwards a few steps.

Her overly large ears rotated trying to catch any out of place sound, her blue eyes were already filled with fear, fear of the unknown and the dangerous. Her sapphires darted around jerkily, her breath coming in pants. Then from the darkness like death unveiling himself the man stepped. She remembered instantly, the danger and anger, the bloody claws and cavernous eyes, the whispers that nearly drove her to the brink of true madness. Her ears laid back and she stepped backwards, in front of her children, protective, worried, terrified.

What do you want.

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She turned and Liam's eyes narrowed as her first words weren't ones of welcome or greeting, but a growled question. His ears laid back slightly in a rising aggression. "That's no way to talk to me, sleeping beauty. " His words were bit off sharply, his tail bushing out with irritation. Since she was refusing to play nice, he didn't want to either. A black feeling was rising inside him and he began moving closer to her, intending to convince her that they had when they'd met last.

He reached out to grab her arm. As he felt her fur under his fingers, his grip tightened. It would take some effort to get free from his grip. He glared into her eyes, his voice a throaty growl. . "You were so good to me the first time, sleeping beauty. Why are you acting this way?" He licked his lips as he watched her reactions.

. "Come on. Send the brats away, spend quality time with me. " He could feel her fear rising, could taste the metallic glitter in the air. His lips drew back from his fangs in what was intended to be a smile, but appeared far more feral, more sinister. His voice was darker, heavier as he spoke again, a single commanding word. "Now."

His burning amber eyes bored into her, the scent of his own anger and lusty thoughts rising into the air with each subtle twitch of his muscles. His grip tightened on her arm, his claws digging in slightly.
I figured he's goo geared up jsut yet for her to hit him so she's going to play along a little bit.

She was stiff and unyielding. Something told her, spoke to her, he was not just a dark man with a dark appetite sexually, he was a monster, he was another Lucifer Sawtooth, another Gabriel Anadalocionsada, another male to hurt her. Maybe her pride, fickle and fragile as it was led her astray, she had spent her entire life running and cowering, she wanted to be strong. But now was the time when running away would have dealt her the best outcome, there was no reasoning with those who's paws were stained red. There was something close to outrage within the pale fae's sapphire eyes, why her, why this.. again.

Her voice was soft yet as stiff as her body when he grabbed her arm, glaciers could have formed on the frost within her tones as she spoke to her children,

"Disqualvdodi!" They knew little of the language that dominated their lives second only to English but this was one word they knew and without much hesitation, the order was clean in her voice telling them to run, to hide. They didn't like this man with the scary eyes, and slunk away into the surrounding underbrush. They didn't go far though, and through the green covering they watched.

She wouldn't. Not again. His hand tightened upon her arm and his claws pierced her skin, spilling the blood. A single drop trailed then dropped and hit the floor, the first of many. For the moment the woman seemed to soften, her eyes lowered almost coyly and a flirtatious smile even graced her lips, a ruse, a fake. A ploy to put him off guard.
He wanted to crow in victory as she sent the runts away, his grip loosening slightly. Her scent was enchanting, even with the sour tang of Taliesin mixed into it. He gazed down at her, his golden eyes twin embers. "They his?" He jerked his head towards the brush where the whelps had scampered away. "Play nice, sleeping Beauty, and I won't hunt them down and kill them."

His words were a tender croon, though the words themselves were hateful and full of darkness. She had turned and smiled coyly, and he released her to wrap his arms around her. "Give me a kiss, then, Sleeping Beauty." His tail began wagging slowly even while his member continued to harden in his jeans.

He was restraining himself from rubbing his stiff and aching rod against her, when all he wanted to do was throw her down. His eyes glazed over with lust as the scene played out in his mind. Her fragile body on the ground, his body covering hers. His hips grinding into hers, her pained whines and wails, the hot scent of blood and madness.

Oh it would be a beautiful thing to see.
She stiffened again as he spoke, his voice malevolent and disturbing. She shook her head, unable to speak at this moment, they weren't Taliesin's. The lives of her children hung in the balance, she closed her eyes for a merest second and shivered, she had to be strong for them, she had to think of a way out of this. This monster was once an innocent child like her own and something had happened to him to make him evil like he was, something had twisted him and despite herself she felt the smallest twinge of pity and empathy for this creature, no longer a wolf or a canine but instead a demon plagued by darkness.

He pulled her closer, the vice like grip leaving her arm. She could do this, if she gave in he would take what he wanted from her and then leave and she would be safe and her kids would be safe too. She pushed down the rising panic, her erratic breathing could be attributed to a hunger for this, for him. It was so hard to focus on him, on what she was doing, over her vision memories kept superimposing themselves. An icy cold cave, a blistering hot desert, chains, ropes, pain, horror. No! No she couldn't do this, not again, not after she had risen so much and become somebody, she couldn't bring herself down again. Revulsion pulled at her throat and she fought the urge to twist in his grip, again forcing down panicked hysteria. 'Get a hold of yourself!' She told herself sternly, 'If you don't do this he WILL kill them and they'll be lost.'

Her heart beat in her chest so hard it felt like the blood would burst from her ears. She was no warrior and shes was no way on this earth she could best him in a fight. Her ears pulled back against her head. Her arms raised themselves, feeling like they were made of lead and weighed down by steel, and she placed them against his chest. They sunk down into his fur, warmth coming from his heated body and she felt the anxious heart that pounded beneath skin and muscle. She wondered idly if he had been like her once with nobody to love him. She couldn't know that this monster had come from her good, kind brother.

She smiled her coy smile, a perfect pretty plaything and her hands wriggled against his chest. Once upon a time she had wanted this man, loved the danger he represented and the blackness that covered him, it had called to her own, her desire for the familiarity of being punished. He had hurt her and she him, they had destroyed each other in a fundamental way and she had heard the manic whisperings that flitted at the edge of her hearing, even now she could hear them. Except now they scared her instead of made her feel alive and part of something dark and dangerous. She leaned forwards brushing her muzzle against the length of his rather than give in to his demands of a kiss, she was playing with him. Her right hand however moved downwards and brushed against the hardness she could feel hidden by those human clothes that he wore.
He hand brushed against his need, his hips thrusting forward to meet her hand. A hand drifted idle up her back, and into to her mane of pure white. His fingers brushed the nape of her neck possessively before cinching themselves in the strands of snowy silk. He dragged her head back, exposing her neck to him. A wicked grin split his lips as he nipped harshly at the exposed skin. His tongue tasted her scent, her fear as he lifted his maw to her ear. His voice was rougher now, the harsh grit of anger and insanity playing in his usually charming tones. "Good. He ain't much of a father anyways. I'da killed them if they was his." He bit down on her ear possessively, tearing the flesh. The blood stained his lips and teeth as he pulled back, grinning in a way that could have seemed charming, if not for the demonic look in his eyes. "Yer a special one, Sleeping Beauty. I see it in yer eyes. Ya hear 'em, don't ya? Them butterflies, always whispering, always bossin' me around. Right now...they tell me to take those blue eyes of yers away, but only after ye watch me rip apart the brats. An' normally, I'd listen, 'cept none of them is black. Only them black ones is evil." It was the illness again, not physical but mental, jumbling his words and making him use the wrong ones.

He shoved her to her knees, his hands fumbling with the belt that kept the jeans on. Rage at the belt made his hands tremble, and as the belt came free from the loops, he brought it through the air and lashed it through the air, as if to punish the pure colored woman for his trembling excitement. He giggled, a childish sound at odds with his grown up body, as the belt cracked in the air. whether it had hit her or not, the sharp tang of fear was in the air. It was an addictive scent, his mouth salivating at the scent coating his nares.

"You. Belong. To. Me." Each word was met with a down swing of his arm, the swish of a belt. His pants were at his ankles, and he kicked them off, his hard member jutting forward like a unicorn's horn. He dropped the belt to fist his hands in her hair and attempt to force her face towards his turgid length. "Suck it, bitch."

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