[M] And if I bleed...
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She groaned weakly as she came back to her senses from the blackness. Blood gathered in her mouth from where she had bitten her tongue, she struggled in vain against the agony that blossomed everywhere on her pale body. She whimpered, a sound that bubbled through the bloody saliva, barely heard. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to move. She coughed as crimson liquid slid down her throat and entered a whole new world of torment. Blazing fire erupted in her chest and her sapphires bulged wide. What fresh level of hell was this that she had dropped into.

She tried to move her arm only to have more white hot pain burst from her wrist, the crunching of bone as the joint refused to move. Her eyes darted about frantically as she tried to locate her children. Oh please, no, let them be okay, please. She tried to call the, despite the pain in her chest that flared with every breath she took. She managed a pitiful yapping noise, it was the best she could do, she was ashamed of herself for getting herself into this mess, she should have screamed for help when she could, somebody might have heard. Her breathing labored and she fell into another coughing spasm, one which caused her to cry out from the fresh pain.

Then she heard it, the sound that came from above, the miracle of miracles. A puppy's whine. She yapped again and the whine came again closer. She pushed back her pain, the tormented feeling of her abused body and made herself rise to her one good remaining hand. Her strength didn't last long, only seconds before she crumpled back to the floor but now she was on her front, it hurt a lot more but she didn't care, all that mattered were the black and white bodies in the distance that looked at her with worried and curious eyes. Come! Come to mommy!" By the gods how speaking pained her but they came to her voice, the sound of her and she felt relief when she saw they were unharmed. Her appearance alarmed them, though they knew little of pain or the hurts of the world, the scent of the coppery blood that had turned the majority of her white fur red had them scared, it was instinctive fear. Her remaining ear laid back against her head and she resisted the urge to start crying, she was a stronger person now dammit!. "Mama fall?" It wasn't Nate-River that spoke, it was Payne, for the first time that Gemma had heard her, Gemma stared at her daughter, was it possible that the two pups hadn't understood what happened or that somehow they had pushed the traumatizing memories down. She didn't know and she doubted they could tell her.

"Mama fell. Call Uncle Tal?" Nate-River wagged his tail at the prospect of getting to howl again, she was glad of his earlier attempt. "Call Sen!" He lifted his head and let out his reedy high pitched howl, it wasn't very loud but Gemma hoped that somebody was nearby. She could feel herself getting weaker every second and the puddle of blood underneath her grew ever larger. Was this her end? Would she die today?

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It was merciful that the female was close to her borders that day - close enough to be patrolling, to be just in the right spot at that moment to hear something she would not have heard otherwise - faint, distant, just on the edge of her senses, but there; a puppy's call. The high-pitched whine came from Ethereal Eclipse, far enough from the borders of Cercatori d'Arte so that she could not see or smell anything that had occurred, but her sharp ears could have picked up the desperate call that just barely floated through the trees.

Hearing the urgency, she quickly lolloped to the place where she heard the call, nothing on her person but her leather belt with the trusty dagger she always held near attached. As she grew closer to where she heard the call, she began to scent - she smelled AniWaya, and the scents of many wolves. Interspersed between the AniWayan scents, however, was one scent in particular that she was sensitive to, one scent that caused her lip to curl upward and bare her teeth and let out a feral snarl. The scent of a demon.

With more strength than intended, Skye forced a branch to the side as she entered the scene - the stench of the hell-spawn drove itself into her nose, flooding her senses with the sound of roaring blood and the sight of everything tinged scarlet. Beyond her ire, she could see the victim of the demon's wrath - a white woman, lying on the ground, broken, shattered, violated; around her, her pups.

Her pupils constricted to mere pin-points, rage unbridled showed for an instant, through her eyes, through her unsheathed claws, through the dagger-sharp teeth revealed through her snarl. With great effort, however, she slowly controlled her wrath so that she did not appear so frightening, and realized that the woman before her on the ground was dying, lying in a pool of her own blood.

She knelt down beside her, eyes still full of anger but also showing concern. "It'll be alright," she said to the woman; she herself, however, lacked the medical knowledge to help her. Without hesitating, she lifted her muzzle and let out a howl as loud as she could for Taliesin, the healer - he would know what to do. Meanwhile, she attempted to press down on the woman's ear, trying to staunch the massive bleeding. "You'll be alright - just wait until Taliesin comes," she said, half to the woman and half to herself.

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Time passed, she didn't know how long, it would have been seconds or it could have been hours. She grew cold, not in body but on the inside, within her soul. She was going to die. The horrible certainty settled over her like a smothering blanket, today she was going to die here, with her two children besides her. She didn't fear her death, no, what she feared was her children wandering around lost in the wilderness slowly starving to death or taken by some savage monster. Several times she told them to go, to go find Uncle Tal but they refused to leave her, already their loyalty to her strong.

Then from the trees came yet another vision, an apparition of a pale woman with coppery tresses of hair. The loud snarl however, was something that broke her slowly fading visage, and agian her eyes widened. Payne and Nate-River screamed in terror at this unknown assailant, this scary looking woman who was so fierce and with such anger in her eyes. Weakly Gemma tried to move, tried to shield the children with her body, her voice an echo, D..d..don't hut them. She vaguely acknowledged the mention of her brother and tried to speak again, her voice bubbling up through the blood a second time, Tell... Tal..ie..sin. Take the kids... back to.. Aniwaya. With that the woman's last ounce of strength gave out and she slumped lifelessly, falling into the black abyss. Nate-River was already growling at Skye in his tiny voice, his tail tucked under his stomach but despite his terror, his words were angry, No hurt Mama! 'tay 'way!

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He had sent Myrddin away again, to stay with Rosie. He had needed time to deal with the long conversation he'd had with his sister. He was sitting on his porch, staring absently at sky's old house, when the panicked call came to his ears. Mindlessly, he grabbed his pack and ran swiftly to where the leaders call had come from. His eyes took in her shape, making certain she was okay before the cloying scent of the monster who had once been his son came to him. Even as he registered the scent, his eyes dropped to the blooded mass on the ground. He recognized the little ones before he recognized his own sister.

The same savavagry that Liam had treated Tameri to had been inflicted on Gemma. Tal's face closed like an iron door being slammed shut as he knelt. He heard her whimpered words about the pups. " They will be taken care of. No more speaking, Gemma. " He took charge without a secind thought, his fingers sliding over her ribs to determine the damage. Usually he could tell without touching, but she was covered in blood. Tameri had been dead when he arrived. Gemma he could save. Even as his hands followed the curve of her ribs, his eyes turned to his niece and nephew. " This is Skye, she's not bad. She will help me with your mom. " His words were short and clipped, but the pups seemed to understand their uncle.

He muttered a curse as his nimble fingers found the break. He'd be able to do little for it except wrap her ribs. But before he could do that he needed to staunch the bleeding. He needed to get her home, where he could work on her with all of his herbs at the ready. "I need to get her home. I need two sturdy branches that we can carry without them breaking. " he unfolded a length of canvas, salvaged from making the pack boats sails and laid it next to Gemma. "I can't promise it won't hurt, sister, but I can promise you in the name of Rhiannon, I won't let you die. Even if I have to call my mother here, you will see your puppies grow up. "

He muttered a thanks to the leader as she came back with what hed told her to find. He slipped them into the sewn loops to make a stretcher. " Alright you two, follow us and stay close. " he gestured to the captiana to take the branches in either hand. " We'll need to be quick. "
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There was relief on a fundamental level as Taliesin finally arrived, her children wouldn't be allowed to perish in the wilderness. Her breathing labored even more as her brother began to feel for her injuries, within her own mind the pale woman could hear own heartbeat, the rush of blood loud and clear as it began to slow, the beats coming farther apart. The woman let out a pathetic whimper. The pupils in her eyes wide, almost obscuring the blue of Lucifer's gift to her.

She bit her tongue more, teeth slixing into the muscle as she tried to hold in her tortured cries of pain, she didn't want to scare Nate-River and Payne anymore than they already were. But when her brother and the woman lifted onto the blanket thing she couldn't hold it back and the scream tore from her mouth, echoing from the trees. The woman convulsed upon the stretcher, gasping raggedly as her uninjured hand clawed at her remaining ear, a pattern of behavior long ago sunken into her psyche.

The monster hadn't been content just to maul and rape her in the ways she was used to her, like the way Lucifer and Gabriel had done so many times in the past, he had sought to destroy her as much as he possibly could and the remains of his release mixed with more of her blood oozed slowly from both her nether regions, a burning sharpness that was like glass inside of her.

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((Was told I had permission to skip Skye, so here we go!))

Gemma convulsed and thrashed. The male and the leader tried to move quickly while keeping her safely on the stretcher. It took so long to get her to his home, with her scream echoing in his ears. As they arrived he could see Myrddin was waiting. The male couldn't spare the time to be proud his son had shifted sometime recently. Instead he spoke, his words short and terse. "Gauze, alcohol, hot water, my ointments, a needle or two, and thread."

Myrddin nodded and moved quickly into the kitchen, rummaging through the shelves. He threw several stones into the fire to heat up, so he could drop them into the water to heat it up after giving his father the items he'd requested.

He returned to where his father was already beginning to clean the wounds. Tal looked up for a moment, his eyes shadowed. "Your cousins have seen enough of this. Take them to my room and get them settled in. You know where I keep the jerky and bowls for water. Come back once that's done. There's plenty here for all of us to work on."

He glanced to the leader as Myrddin left to do as he said, his brow furrowed. "I heard him put stones into the fire. Take them and put them into the large cauldron of rain water. It needs to be hot, but not boiling. There are bowls in the cabinets, I'll need some of the hot water. Also..." He swallowed, shuddering slightly. "There are multiple small daggers on the shelves around the corner. Top shelf, closest to the room. Get them and set their tips in the fire. I need them heated up incase I have to cauterize anything. Next to them are sturdy leather gloves I'll need in the room." His words were hopeful that they wouldn't need to, but he knew the ear would keep bleeding, and probably several other deeper ones, until they were sealed shut.

As Myrddin returned, Tal had him keeping track of how Gemma's breathing and heartbeat were as he held a cloth to her ear. He needed to know if her breathing changed or her heartbeat slowed. For a moment he felt nauseated at his sister's condition, at the stench of blood already filling the room.
She was so far gone to the pain now that she hardly even noticed them arriving at Taliesin's house nor that her newly shifted nephew had met them there. Payne and Nate-River whimpered but didn't make much of a fuss as Myrddin took them away from their mother who's noises and actions they couldn't understand and made them feel sad. Gemma's eyes rolled wildly in their sockets and she breathed in shallow quick pants.

For a few short moments her eyes focused on Taliesin who was leant over her and her voice, so quiet and scared yet somehow accepting and almost unchallengeable, certain in what she said,

"Tal. Taliesin. I'm going to die." Once upon a time this would have been a horror to her, she had been beautiful, a princess, royalty amongst peasants but now she was nothing. Not even her beauty left to show, she was destroyed.
Her words brought a wave of fury to him, his hands balling into fists, his claws digging into his palms. His voice was fierce as he knelt to be on eye level to her, his beautiful sister. His voice was rough with the emotional pain he felt, his words firm, bordering on being harsh. "No. You won't. I'll give my own life before I let you leave us. Payne and Nate-River need you, Gemma. I need you. Lucifer didn't destroy you, don't let Liam destroy you." He pressed a kiss to her lips, unmindful of the eyes that may or may not have been watching. They might be half siblings through their mutual rapist, but they had been one time, star crossed lovers first, before they ever knew their connection.

He straightened, his hands aching. He stretched his fingers, and then got to work. His movements were sure, his hands steady. He spoke continuously under his breath, either describing what he was doing to himself, or debating with himself which herbal poultices to pack into which wounds. He realized the ear hadn't stopped bleeding as he finished spreading an astringent poultice over another wound. He felt sick as he paused. How long had it been? He wasn't sure.

"I'll need a heated dagger. Wear one of the heavy gloves so you don't burn yourself." He knelt by his sister, a spasm of fear and guilt running through him. "This will hurt, Gemma. I have no way of stopping the pain, not from this. It will stop the bleeding, though. I'm sorry, there is just no other way." His throat was tight as he slid another glove on, his uncovered hand pulling the bleeding ear taut as possible. As the heated blade met her ear he closed his eyes, though there was no way to block out the sickeningly sweet smell of burning flesh. He felt dizzy, knowing how much pain he was causing her, but the bleeding had to be stopped, and stitches wouldn't have worked. He pulled the dagger away after what seemed like hours but had only been seconds. He didn't hear it hit the floor as his eyes returned to rake over her body, studying the progress that had been made. All that was left was to wrap her ribs and do whatever he could for the wounds on her face.
He would fight for her life yes but his efforts would be in vain if she did not fight for herself, she could not now. She felt her life leaking away into the bed they laid her on, sinking uselessly into the dry ground. Her vision hazy as she could feel herself pulling away, almost drifting into the surrounding air. It really wasn't fair but her life had never been fair to her, others had always stepped over her. Maybe in death she would have more peace. Yes. In death she would be safe, painless, whole. FRom the sruface that was so far away she heard the echos of the final things she would ever heard, words of her brother, 'Gemma. I need you. Lucifer didn't destroy you, don't let Liam destroy you.' Then he kissed her. She could feel it, faintly, the warmth that he brought to her. Would it be such a crime to love her own brother like she had done to Matteo, betrayer of her heart... No it would not.

But to go back would mean more pain, more suffering, a lifetime of horrific scarring, could she endure all of that.. for him? A faint flash of blue and gold filled her waking moment as he pulled back. Darkness surrounded her, blinking out his light like a candle in the wind. Cruel blue eyes, all too familiar, watched her, waiting for her to fully enter death so he could claim his prize. There would be no solace in death for Gemma Sawtooth, only an endless endurance of torture. Then a memory burst through, scaring away the hissing apperation of their father, a cold stony cliff beneath which an angry ocean swelled and raged, her Spirit Guide watching her for failure, his words loud in her ears, the fear and pure exhilaration, her joy at the roundness of her stomach, he bellowed at her 'Where is your strength Fire Tender! Where is your Heart! What is your name!' She knew her name, it was the only thing ever hers, 'What is your name!' Gemma. She was Gemma. Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth. Sister to Taliesin and Noah and Pippa, Felicity, Ann and Tom. Mother to Payne Xhexania and Nate-River, mother to Jaden Lucifer and Ivory, Ebony and all those who had perished. Friend to Jace, to Io and Light. Lover of Matteo and Giuseppe Trovato. Daughter of Lucifer Sawtooth; rapist, monster, loved, hated. Gata Hineyu to AniWaya. Charge of Tamai Waki. She was herself, she was Gemma.

She would survive this.

Past her now a kaleidoscope of color unrolled and her return to reality was a cold slap in the face. Pain raged all around her, pressing in on all sides. The knife her brother held came down towards her and she watched it descend with total silence, it would hurt a lot but it would safe her. It touched her skin, nothing had ever prepared her for this. Movement past her eyes, her own arm shot out to grab into his but not to stop him. She gripped onto his fur, a reassuring touch, she wasn't going to let death take her, she would fight for herself. Hot molten liquid poured through her veins as her skin bubbled and burnt, sealing off the pulsating arteries that were leaking out her lifeblood. And finally her voice came to her.

It wasn't a scream but a roar that came from her broken chest, a challenge to the world. She would not go down without a fight. She would win this so she could see her children grow up, so she could watch the seasons change and so she could love her brother like his mate never had, that selfish bitch. Within her eyes was everything she could never say in front of his son, his alpha. I love you, my brother
Her grip was tight on his arm, her eyes riveted on his. He didn't know if it was growl, howl or snarl on her lips, but it was good, it was strong. He couldn't look away from those eyes, couldn't hide the own heated emotions that rushed to his own eyes as he knew in his heart that she would survive this. He let out a ragged breath, suddenly exhausted. Still, he needed to wrap the ribs to prevent her movement from jostling them too much. And stitches for her face, or bandages. Something. He forced himself to draw in another breath, the cloying scent of blood and seared flesh making him feel nauseated. He gently disengaged her hands from his fur before stumbling to the small window and forcing it open. The sun heated air still felt cooler than the air in the room. He breathed deeply for a moment before turning back to the woman in the bed, his gaze skipping over his leader and his son, then back to them in surprise. He had forgotten they were there, even though they'd been helping him. He wanted to ask how long it had been that he'd been working on Gemma, but didn't.

"All thats left is the stitches on her face if I can, bandages if not. And wrapping her ribs." His gaze was drawn to hers again. He began moving again, his fingers lifting to her chin, inspecting the torn skin, as though the intense blue gaze hadn't affected him. He took a clean damp cloth and began washing her face gently. He glanced up, his eyes moving around to his son and the nightstand. "Poppy seeds. She needs the pain relief, now that we have time." Myrddin left the room, returning with the seeds. Tal shook out a few into his palm, and held them out for Gemma to eat. "This will ease the pain, and make you a little sleepy."
And blackout for Gemma x3

Their quiet moment was broken and Taliesin strode away, for a few seconds she began to panic that he wasn't coming back, that she was alone again, all on her own... there he was! She tried to speak to him but it came out as a strained gurgle. His hands were on her chin, tilting her face this way and that, she moaned gently, it hurt to move her head, there was a throbbing growing in the back of her skull, maybe she had hit the ground? Of their own accord while he inspected her face and spoke to the others assisting her eyes drifted closed and she floated in the pair, no longer trying to pull herself out but simply treading water.

She had almost slipped back into the blackness of unconsciousness when he spoke to her again, pulling her back. She managed to force her eyes open a sliver, enough to see whree his hand was. Without complaint she took what was given to her, not knowing what they were but trusting Taliesin knew what he was doing. She found not long after taking them that her pain eased and warm sleep called to her rather than the cold of unconsciousness. She didn't bother to fight it, knowing that he would be here for her when she woke up.


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