Sister of my Son
Her legs dangled off the edge of the work unit she had sat herself upon whilst her just as pure white brother set about making them something to drink in his beautifully huge kitchen. Light had graciously brought her to see Taliesin again with her children that were growing up so fast but they had proven to be a little too excitable to calm down so Light had taken them for a run around Skye's pack lands. Here she didn't feel any different to before she was hurt so badly.

She listened silently as Taliesin shared with her all of the bad things that seemed to be happening within Cercatori recently, most related to pregnancy and birth. She was upset to learn that her friend Jace was doing so badly, she cringed as Tal told her how he had had to fix up two of her children that she had attacked herself. But she knew that her friend wouldn't have done so without a good reason, a very good reason.

She watched Taliesin closely, he had been directly involved with all of these horrible things and stuff like that took a toll that wasn't immediately visible but cracks appeared in time. She looked for such cracks in his behavior, signs that he was struggling to cope under the weight of so much pressure.
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He poured the hot water over the tea leaves and other herbs, stirring them absently with a metal spoon. Myrddin had gone with Light and the children, the boy being fascinated by his younger cousins. After filling Gemma in on everything that had happened, he had lapsed into a silence. He strained the leaves out, the familiar scent of chamomile and peppermint soothing to the male. His mother tried to convince him to use lavender more, but he was convinced that lavender was her thing. It smelled nice, yes, but too much gave him a headache. He handed a mug to Gemma as he sat at the table.

"Kids grow up fast." An offhanded comment as he studied her. His eyes were gentle as he looked over the ear he'd had to cauterize, scanning her breathing for signs of trouble related to the now healed ribs. All in all, it seemed his work on her had done more good than harm. He hadn't wanted her to leave when she had, but he understood the need to be back in one's own home.

And then his eyes met hers, as if seeking an answer to something he had seen the day he'd worked so hard to save her. Had he imagined the emotions that had run between them? Had he imagined the desperate way she'd clung to him as he'd seared the flesh of her ear to save her? The thoughts, the memories, they nagged at him, teasing him. He wasn't uncomfortable with his feelings, he'd come to terms with them since that day, since realizing how he felt for this woman, this half sister. And he knew if there was a chance for him and Sky to reunite, it would be ruined by what she would see as a crime.

He couldn't see it as a crime, to feel so deeply for this beautiful woman. It was an accident of fate that they shared their rapist sire. It was fate's design that they had met and forged a connection one night, a connection that went deeper than the lust they'd fallen into that evening so long ago.
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For the first time since Matteo had abandoned her the woman had dressed herself in clothes. The beautiful blue sarong hugged her curves and flowed down her body in a suggestive manner properly befitting somebody of her nature. As scarred as she was she was still an attractive and beautifully proportioned woman. Peppermint suffused the air and she breathed it in, her nose twitching delicately. Her insides were quivering with barely suppressed excitement and there was a heaviness to the room that betrayed their casual interactions and looks, she could feel it deep inside her own body.

The pale fae jumped down from her perch when Taliesin presented her with a cup and joined him at the table. Her fluffy tail curled around, twitching cat like and unconsciously her hand crept up to her throat, playing nervously with the beaded necklace there.

"Yes they do.. it seems like only yesterday." His dual eyes settled upon her and her heart began to race, the pounding loud in her ears, the pulsing beat quickening the longer he stared. Her cheeks flushed, the pink tinge visible beneath the shorter white fur on her face. To distract herself she took a small swallow of the tea he had offered to her and found it did nothing to ease her suddenly dry throat. Her blumine eyes widened fractionally and then drooped to half lidded, the pupils contracting until they were almost lost in a sea of sapphire. She could see it seemed everything that he was thinking, as though she had a direct tap into his mind as the thoughts came.

She knew he was remembering the day they had found her, a broken dying shell. The pain that had nearly killed her and his life that had brought her back. The only family to ever love her. She tried to force herself to look away but found she could not, falling into the depths of his eyes like so many men had become enamored at her own. The heaviness in the air changed and become something all together more, beyond the carnal desire and the imposed mental stigmas, Lucifer would have no bearing here, no handhold on which to choke his two children. Peace she knew only with him, the kind of contentment she found was extraordinary, and she had discovered it in her brother's heart. But he was no longer just her brother as he had once been only just a lover, like the atmosphere that crackled between them, he had become.. something more.
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The mug was a warm comfort in his hand as he gazed into her eyes. He could feel himself being pulled into the deep blue pools of light. He reached out and slipped the mug from her fingers, setting it aside so he could take her hands in his, marveling at how smooth her palm was. Her hand seemed warmer than the mugs they'd been holding, and he marveled at that too. He blinked, but it wasn't to clear his vision, but to wonder why this beautiful woman would hold such deep feelings for him. He knew why, of course. After all the rough treatment, after all the hatred she'd been shown in life, he had held her, had made love to her. He'd been the first to be gentle, to think of her enjoyment over his own.

He stroked her palm lightly, then lifted it and kissed it lightly. "Don't think I've told you yet how lovely you look, Gemma." His eyes didn't waver from hers, couldn't waver. Whatever they shared between them needed to be talked about, needed to be discussed calmly and rationally, needed to be figure out. And yet he found himself pulling her to him and kissing her all the while looking into her eyes. His heart ached for something indefinable, something he seemed to be missing in his life, and yet with Gemma in his arms.... he was sated.

His voice was soft, barely above a whisper, and he was certain she heard it. "I love you, Gemma. I don't care what anyone else would say, I love you."

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