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Pain was something Io was fairly used to, and therefore had a high pain threshold to. But it didn't take away the displeasure it caused nor the wishing it would stop. Collie ears lay flat against her head as he lay on the fur pile silently, Jaroslaw sat beside her running his fingers softly down the back of her neck. The fur was slightly damp with sweat, but neither cared. Jacinto sat close by in the corner, watching closely. Io could help assume he was as bored as Jaroslaw was, as they'd been awake for hours doing nothing but waiting. Gemma had been over in the morning, and when things go exciting she'd sent her own pups away and stayed to help. And she was much more excited that Io. The white female dashed around collecting things, silver eyes watched her do so. Trying to keep her mind off of the pain.

The hybrid shifted her position again, surely it wouldn't be long. Her white tipped tail flickered out of frustration and silver eyes moved to watch the approaching tiger quoll. Bialik pounced on her shoulder and began to chew at her fur. Io didn't want this sort of attention from him, it was more irritating that anything else at the moment. But fatigue forbid her from speaking.

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What do I do...What do I do... Spun the words to and fro in the mind of the redhead, twiddling his thumbs, he watched with his heart pounding, flinching thinking about what she must've been going through. But she was tough, he had known that from the start. It made Jacinto just a bit disappointed with his ways though, likely unwelcome through Jaro to go over and grasp her hand. This had been Omni once, giving birth to children lacking a heartbeat, quicker yes, but still lots of pain to go through. Both physical and emotional. For weeks his former lover had best herself up over it, over being inadequate to bring children with life into the world. And now here he sat, awkwardly as the woman belonging to another brought his children into life.  Sinatrai had become frightened with it all, remembering his mother. Hidden away in another room of the hut, the pup was not present.

He sighed, placing his head in his hands. What was wrong? Did this take so long usually? Would Io be alright? Another woman had come in the room to help, Gemma, he thought he had heard her being called. She proved more useful than himself, dashing around to grab the necessities. He offered her a thankful smile, before moving closer to Io. Upon approach, the Lykoi lifted his brows, asking softly Is everything...Going alright? He looked at her pregnant stomach, ignoring Jaroslaw for the time being. Io looked tired, perhaps exhausted. How could he be of help? Some spotted creature-thing attached itself to the coydog woman, which was probably...Not supposed to right now. He flattened his ears, glancing over at Io. Swallowing and hoping not to be scratched, he placed his hands under the creature and lifted. Up you go! He placed it in his lap, patting its head idly. Kneeling beside Io, the Lykoi watched reverently, hoping nothing would go wrong.  

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The irony of the entire situation was not lost upon her. As Gemma ran around for Io gathering up various bits and pieces to help her she was aware that she herself was more excited for the children than Io was. It was strange but Gemma wouldn't begrudge the coyote woman her emotions, she knew that Io had a history of giving birth to stillborn children and she could imagine how it felt. She got a bit teary eyed at the thought and had to leave the room for a few moment to compose herself. When she came back in Jacinto, the pup's father and Jaro, Io's mate were surrounding Io who didn't look amused at all about the situation, to top it off Jacinto had Io's small tiger Quoll perched in his lap, the whole scene suddenly appeared funny to her and she held back a giggle although couldn't surpess her smile.

Wanting to get Bialik away from Io and the soon to be newborns Gemma walked over and took him from Jacinto with an almost steely look and the small rodent climbed up onto her shoulders where he stood watching the rest of them, his long nose twitching. This wasn't a place for the men to be really, Io should be on her own, she turned her frowning face upon the men and make a shooing motion with her hands, being Io's midwife she had a certain authority, the facially scarred woman's voice was stern,

"Come now, time for you both to go out. This is a woman's time to be alone." She would accept no excuses from them.

The hybrid's tailed flicked as muscles down her spine tensed painfully. Silver eyes closed for a moment as a soft rumble appeared from her throat, directed to no one but the pain. Ruddy ears lifted as Jacinto crept closer and she gave him a soft smile, nosing the quoll before he was taken. 'Czuję się dobrze...' she said softly to Jacinto, looking quickly up to Jaroslaw in order for him to translate. 'She say's she's fine' he answered with a dull smile, olive green eyes turning back to his mate as he petted her secui form. Io shifted herself onto her side with a hiss of pain. When Gemma came over she looked up to Jaroslaw again, who in turn look at her, 'Po prostu idź. Ale ... Nie Jacinto...' she whined softly. Her mate nodded and turned to Gemma. 'She says she wants him to stay...' he murmured, leaving the room to join Sinatrai.

There was another sharp whine suddenly and it all began. A small, pair of still puppies arrive quickly. Both dull, un intriguing brown colours. The hybrid shoved them out of the way with a soft growl before the final came. A whine of relief came joined with that of new life. Io's mind was filled with triumph, one out of three was good enough for her. The child was clean off quickly and put to rest at her side. 'Jakub...' she mused, looking up to Jacinto and Gemma, 'Mój mały Kuba...'

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Oh how manly of you Jacinto xD

Jac did not mind the company of the small rodent, having stroked its head it soothed his nerves some as he knelt beside the mother of his children. He was nervous, he was scared shitless. As Gemma pulled the creature from his arms, he almost cried out like a child getting removed of a toy. But he didn't, almost. Regaining his sanity, Jacinto wished that everything was right, how many would come out of this litter? How many would be born to him this time? He was jittery, but all he could do was wait.

He could hear Io speaking her foreign tongue, and Jaro translating for them. He was relieved to hear that Io was alright, but giving birth must not be that great. But it must've hurt Jaro, to have to leave his mate behind. Before leaving, Jac stood and gave him a manly hug, giving an apologetic glance as the grey man exited. His knees were shaky, watching the first born pups emerge into the world, but they were dead. He could tell, and he flashbacked to when Omni birthed a whole litter of dead pups. It was saddening, yes, letting out a bit of a choked exhale as Io pushed them aside. He feared that was it, and looked away, head in his hands. This was the worst feeling, his own new flesh and blood was still, lifeless.

But then Io began to speak.

His eyes went to her side, large circles of fire widening as he knelt back down, voice thick. H-He's beautiful...Io--He's so beautiful. One of three, his son--His beautiful, newborn son. Tears leapt to his eyes, falling down his face as quickly as they had appeared. He bent down, nose prodding ever so gently on the young one. His tongue lapped out, kissing the babe on the head. This was just so wonderful...Kuba...Kuba Lykoi-Berlin. He's so perfect Io, he's so perfect... He couldn't contain himself, nuzzling into her neck in congratulations.

After Jaro left everything progressed so quickly that Gemma felt she hardly had time to blink and gather her breath. Unlike her own previous births that had been so long and torturous, Io's was swift and over almost before it had begun. Bailik snuffled about on her shoulder before climbing down her body and crawling to a nearby chair where he watched the proceedings interestedly. Now Gemma moved closer to her brusque and gruff friend, here if she needed her.

Tears sprang to her eyes though as the first two puppies were born, their small lives already over. Io pushed aside her children with an emotionless that surprised and horrified Gemma. Io had told Gemma of the countless lives that had not survived the journey from her womb to the outside world and how she had learned to cope but it still stung Gemma fiercely to see. She knew that Io might still love her dead children and that she had to focus upon any that might survive but Gemma couldn't stand the sight of them there, pushed off to the side and picked up the two brown bundles, pulling them close to her chest. Her tears fell as she hugged the deceased pups close, trying to show their lifeless bodies that someone did indeed care. Her sobs were soft and quiet trying to avoid disturbing Io when really she wanted to scream and wail in despair.

A third was born now, alive and kicking. Through watery eyes Gemma watched Io name her and Jacinto's new son. Jakub was a lovely name, Kuba for short. Now Jacinto's emotional display made her feel uncomfortable with jealousy. She had never had anybody to nuzzle close and congratulate her on baring healthy children. The white woman had a new reason to despair now as well as the two dead in her arms. Her first two times she had been beaten and attacked ruthlessly by Gabriel, and then Matteo had been two concerned over his own dead children to care naught for her, lastly she had given birth to Payne and Nate-River alone. She sniffed softly, self pity welling up. Would she ever have anybody to love.
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Jaroslaw was understandable surprised by the hug from the smaller male. The grey wolf patted his back hesitantly and then left. He appeared suddenly soon enough though, hesitantly standing crouched by the door as he surveyed the scene. A soft smile appeared on his lips, as Jakub was as much his child as Jacinto's. He advanced forward, and sat himself next to Io. While Jacinto was more concerned with Kuba, he kept his attention to his mate. Jaroslaw's tail flickered beside his with pace all the while.

Io returned the Infernian's awkward hug, beaming to herself as she rested. Silver eyes hovered over the dark puppy, making sure he was perfect, which he was. How could he not be? Son of a prince and a leader. Her mind echoed Kaena's words. Perfect.

After sharing a concerned gaze with Io, Jaroslaw stood and half embraced Gemma, attempting to coax the puppies from her grip. 'Come on... I.. Uh. Handle these...' he tripped over his words, but still got the essence of his speech out. He considered jsut having Io translate,but that would be cruel and she was already tired.

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