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Set at the edges of Ethereal Eclipse and Halifax around 10am. Wraith is in her lupus form.
[/html]Her journey south of Inferni brought her through the densely-wooded forest of Ethereal Eclipse. During her walk, she spotted one golden eagle and a number of elk, but couldn't hunt either of them. Luckily, she was able to catch a mouse to eat to fill her belly. She had eaten a large meal two days ago with the clan when they had felled a particularly spectacular deer and she was still quite content from that. She ate the berries she found along the way, but would very much appreciate a rabbit or a mole as well. Although she didn't want to meet someone else with a rumbling stomach, she didn't want to tarry too much lest it take away from her duties. As the Vicarius, she was required to know of the goings-on of other packs. She hadn't heard much from the southern packs in a long time, so she thought it might be a good idea to see what they were up to.

She made sure to mask her scent, splashing through the water, rolling in the leaves, and rubbing her fur against trees as she passed them. She didn't want to alarm a scout if she saw one, and although she didn't think that being a loner was less suspicious than being a member of Inferni, she didn't want her nosiness to be tracked back to Inferni. Though, she was slowly coming to realize that as a clan of coyotes, they really did house most of the coyotes in the area. She just hoped that her appearance wouldn't give her away.

She changed her direction slightly once she realized she was nearing Halifax. Since she was hoping to contact someone from Casa di Cavalieri, she began heading southwest, where the trees were slowly thinning out and giving way to more plains and meadows. [html]
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For once, Alyssum was not outside of the territory on a hunting excursion. She was a frequent traveler for her hunts, following the trails of moving prey that would sometime step out of her lands and onto the free, unclaimed wilderness. It felt odd as she crossed the borders and not to have her bow and quiver. But, she pushed away the strange sense and continued to trek forward at a comfortable pace, her path aimless.

With so much happening just this moon, she felt the need to temporarily exit Casa and allow herself to meditated over what had happen, and for that matter, what will. Personal matters and formal business muddled her thinking, and she felt the impulse to at least sort out which was what, to get a sense of things and then to start planning what to do next. There was that dinner that Jazper mentioned to think about, which will be her first encounter with other leaders besides Skye since she became an alpha herself. She felt a brief moment of shyness and uncertainty, what will the others think of her? Alyssum did not allow herself to think long about that, and tried to focus on her surroundings to distract her a little.

A few minutes later there was a shift in the air, and the woman perked up and watched as a coyote exited the trees. She knew it was a coyote by the large ears, thin legs, and somewhat distinctive gait. Curiosity nibbled at her conscience. She was silent for a moment, her pace slowing by a degree, and stopped altogether as she called out to the figure that must have already saw her. The fields they were in was fairly sparse aside for the low shrubs and flowers. "Hey!" she stated loudly, the greeting as friendly as it could be for a stranger, neither too forced or too indifferent.

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[/html] Large ears swiveled to catch the sounds that stole across the grasses. There were fewer trees to block her hearing, so she noticed the other wolf just as soon as the wolf noticed her. She couldn't figure out why, but the other woman looked peculiar, as if she weren't really a wolf. Maybe she was a wolf-fucker, like that Machidael had been. Wraith tried not to snicker at the thought. She wouldn't be a very good scout if she had a bad poker face, after all.

She paused when the wolf shouted out with a 'hey!' She wasn't sure what to say in response since it was such a non sequitur and normally she was the one who spoke that way. How did others usually respond? They usually whined, she figured, from what she could recall. Machidael had been very whiney and Mido had been a bit at first.

"Hey," she said in response. "Are you from the Casa dee Cavaleeri pack?" she asked. [html]
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She peered back at the other coyote with inquisitive sea foam eyes. It seems that they we both judging each other--then again, that was a norm between strangers these days. You never know when a wanderer could turn out to be a threat on your life. But, Alyssum decided that the younger girl was not a threat to her, and watched her take notice of her far greeting, though she waited a moment before answering.

The woman's tail moved faintly behind her as the coyote asked her question, the name of her pack rolling off her tongue blandly, her accent making the otherwise eccentric name flat. This cased a good natured smile spread across her face. "Casa di Cavalieri? Yeah, I'm from there, you could say." Alyssum decided to approach a bit closer, assuming that the coyote would want to talk about the pack. Maybe she's interested in joining, perhaps? Maybe Inferni did not fancy her despite the similarity in species. While the more instinctual part of her found her presence at least interesting, she pushed her concerns out of mind.

She stopped her lope once more when she was about three yards away, and, somewhat humorously, titled her her head to the side with curiousity. "Is there something you need to know about it? I wouldn't mind answering some questions you have, if you have any."

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[/html]When the woman replied, the name of the pack sounded completely different. For a moment, Wraith wondered if this was the right place. But then, of course, the other woman wouldn’t have agreed with her if it weren’t. So, it seemed as though the scout and the spy would have to trust the word of an unknown coyote. It felt strange to think that she would be taking this woman’s words at face value, but she didn’t have anything else to which to compare this. Either way, even if she’d picked the wrong pack, she could still see what she could find out.

The coyote lady seemed nice enough—so nice, in fact, that it seemed as though she wanted to do Wraith’s job for her. Wraith tried to think of how she would feel if she wasn’t a member of Inferni. Certainly, she would feel sad and she would cling to every bit of information about other packs to find a new home. Although coyotes were not as social as wolves, they were much more cunning, so Wraith knew that she would (theoretically, for this thought exercise) need a home.

“Oh, that would be wonderful!” she gushed, and then paused to blush. She needed to dial down the enthusiasm. “I don’t know much about you—umm, Casa… di Caveelee-air-ee. What’s it like? Are the leaders, um… nice? Strong?” She frowned as she tried to think of more questions, but then realized she should give the lady some time to reply. After all, she didn’t want to overwhelm her! She wouldn’t be very good at her job if she interrupted her sources before they could even speak up. [html]
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The woman settled herself onto the hard packed earth, finding the distance they had satisfying enough, and could not help but smile at the girl's fervent words. "More than happy to obligate," she replied back, her southern trill making her all the more homely, and perhaps seemingly too open. But, Alyssum did not concern how the coyote saw her, and as long as she kept any comments to herself, there wouldn't be much of any problems.

Again, she noted how she was having difficultly at saying her pack's name, but decided not to try to cure it--after all, she knew what was saying, and correcting her was not the top priority on her mind. She perked up at the mention of leaders, and wonderd momentarily if she should reveal herself as the alphess. She thought about it for one second, and dismissed it. It wasn't necessary to mention, and the woman thought she could have some fun with the pretense. It felt exciting to hide her identity, in more of a comic way than in a dubious one. "Well, miss, Casa is a pretty good place. There isn't much you could ask for while livin' there. It's got all the necessities, and then some." The next statement almost played a trickster's smile upon her face, but she managed to concel it. "The leaders are nice folks, and pretty tough, if I do say so myself. Jazper, our alpha, he's a giant but don't let that fool you--he's friendly, but not a push over as well.

"Our Luna, the alphess, well, what can I say. She's fair and very kindhearted and the such. But she's a pretty good fighter, nice with a bow, too." It felt odd to talk about herself, and she wasn't sure what the girl wanted to know, anyway. "Anyway, miss--I don't believe I caught your name, but, anyway, is there anythin' in particular interest you want to know? What you're asking is pretty broad, after all."

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[/html]Wraith was surprised when the other coyote decided to take a seat. Realizing that it was best to mirror the actions of the other conversationalist, Wraith also sat down in front of the other woman. Wraith grinned, almost shyly, when the lady said she was happy to help. Good--that would make things much easier!

When the lady said that Casa had all of the necessities, she wondered what the 'then some's' were. Did Inferni have such things? She wondered what the lady considered to be a necessity: surely, they had strong warriors, like Inferni, observant scouts, and strong leaders. These were all necessities. But she couldn't make those assumptions. She was here to determine their strengths and weaknesses, so she needed to let the lady tell her.

Wraith nodded and took it all in. Jazper and Ourluna: she wondered who had named the other leader. It sounded like a silly name; almost as silly as Pride Adwen Tormenta.

"Well, I was just hoping to learn more about the pack," she replied. "I guess I don't really have specific questions, since I don't know what to ask," she explained, hoping that the lady would fill her in with the details. It sounds like there are a lot of fighters there. "Casa's a warrior pack, right? I mean, I can fight and stuff, but I don't know if it'd be... right, you know? What are the members like? How much archery does Ourluna know? Does she teach anyone?" In her flurry of questions, she realized she had 'forgotten' to introduce herself. Oops! That would be better anyhow if she didn't have to invent a name. [html]
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She did sense that the young coyote girl had bubbling questions, but did not have the faintest of clues of their motivation. As far as far as she was concerned at that moment, the nameless person in front of her was a potiental packmate. If the alphess played her cards right, she just may glean a new addition to the Casa collection, in her mind.

It seemed that the spring finally flowed forth, and Alyssum waited patiently as the questions streamed out of the girl, listening to each one and compiling the answers in her mind once the words came to a stop. So, once they stopped, she answered them back in a quick fire way they were asked. "Yes, we're a warrior pack. We train everyone in our borders, so there is not a single soul that doesn't know how to handle themselves. No worry there. Members, they are diverse, but they are mostly polite and level-headed. Our Luna has a lot of expierence, and is most likely the most skilled in the pack, actually. And, it depends. Archery can be a studious thing to teach and learn, from what I heard."

She gave a single wave of her tail. "Now, time for my own questions!" To her, this was sort of a game, and not something malicious. "I still haven't caught your name--what is it? Where did you come from? And what's your favorite thing to eat?" Maybe she could loosen the girl up by being extra friendly, a bit humorous even. It was tugging on the line a bit too hard, but an attempt to get a fish to bite.

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[/html]Wraith listened attentively, wondering how much more she could weasel out of the lady. It sounded like this pack was just like she'd heard: a warrior pack. Though, she was still curious to know if it was mostly wolves, coyotes, or other things like that weirdo Mido from Anathema. But it sounded as though Ourluna was just as skilled as Ezekiel or Ithiel; they were both renowned archers in Inferni and knowing that another pack had such skilled members put Wraith a bit on edge. She had always been used to thinking of Infenri as the strongest pack. She didn't like that another pack might be able to legitimately challenge them. It wasn't so much out of pride (well, it was a little) but out of a concern for her home. Her father had told her about the many wars Inferni had fought and Wraith had participated in the raid against the wolves, too. Knowing that this Casa di Cavalieri pack might one day attack them made her feel very uncomfortable.

That and the lady's questions too set her on edge. Wraith had no doubt in her mind that she was supposed to ask the questions, not this lady. She didn't want to give out her name since she was a spy after all. But the lady seemed friendly and might be useful as a future source of information. It might even help if she did know Wraith's name. Besides, she didn't have her family's surname so there wasn't really any way for her to guess her pack or much about her. Maybe her father had been smart in naming her and Lucilla the way he had.

"I'm Wraith. I'm from the north," she replied with a small shrug. She wasn’t sure if the lady would be able to figure out that she was from Inferni. Was it obvious? She wasn’t sure. But then, Inferni should be cultivating its ties with other strong packs. They had found friends in Salsola; could they do the same with Casa?

"Wraith Creed from Inferni," she amended.

She was a little confused by the lady’s last question, though. Her grin quickly faded as she considered the question quite seriously. She frowned, considering her answer before replying.

"I dunno, I just eat stuff. It all tastes like food, so that's good enough. Why? Do you like some better? That's weird," she added, giving the lady a strange expression. Sure, she enjoyed some deer or some moose as much as the next, but they all tasted different in good and bad ways. She supposed she was particularly Spartan in this respect, but she’d never really thought about it much. Then, a pause: "what's your name? In case I come back around again," she explained.[html]
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Wraith. Nope, it did not ring any bells at all. Then the girl admitted the rest of her name as being Wraith Creed. She did not know any Creeds, either, but then again, they were so many people out in the world, and then it could be an unique name only found within this coyote—in fact, was she not the only de Fonte that she knew about? The thought made her sad a bit, that she was the only one, but then Wraith's next words immediately brought her out of her thoughts.

"Inferni?" she prompted, tilting her head to the side. Her mind buzzed with a million different reasons why the girl was here. A smile cracked on her muzzle, and she asked with good-nature and a joking air, "Thinking about joining us, eh? We could always use another nifty scout like you about." Couldn't be a spy, she supposed as she thought behind her smile. She would not have admitted her name otherwise, for she was under the impression that the youth was truly a curious soul. But then, why ask about them?

She decided to put a little faith into her once-clan. She had not revealed anything of importance to them, and came to the conclusion no harm was done.

She twitched her her as the Creed seemed confused that she asked about her favorite food. "Some people like some things better, and I'd like to know, for future reference. It is always better company when you have good food that someone especially enjoys," she said honestly, again tilting her head to the side with a bit of coyness as she admitted something that could be considered a bit foolish to someone so practical.

There was a pause, and assuming it was her cue to leave the Infernian, she rose from her spot on the ground, taking a step towards where her pack laid when Wraith asked for her name. Her smile deepened into a grin, but when she turned to fully face the other again, it was small and kind again. She deserved the truth, at least, since she was so honest with her in return. "Oh, my name is Alyssum, the Luna of Casa di Cavalieri."


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