Night had fallen. The scarlet cloak she'd selected covered most of her frame as she walked outside. It was a good night to come out and relax. The air was growing colder. It was slight for now, not quite there, but she could still pick it up. Pride remembered the coldness of winter, how it had covered everything in monotone colors. She had camouflaged perfectly against a world of white. She was older now, her path not quite chosen. She would serve her pack in the way that was needed, that much she knew.

Finding a quiet spot down by the beach Pride settled down, pale legs glistening in the moonlight. Her fur looked ethereal against the glow of the moon. Idly she watched the ocean's waves beat against the shore. She would choose a path soon. She was an adult. Part of her felt that she should have chosen sooner, but she pushed those thoughts away. Pride refused to dwell on such things. It was the past. She would succeed. That she did not doubt.

It had been a few days since she had last spoken with the Pride child about life and seeing how she was doing. Aeron had always been so distance with white child (well she was anytime that Charm was around) Child loved the child, like she was the little sister that she never had. Aeron had been pretty clear that Pride treated her like a mother. That was too much for Charm Sawtooth. However any time the Pride child came to Charm with any question, she would answer her best the Sawtooth could. Charm smiled stepping out of the house that she had been living in since Aeron brought her to the lands. Seeing the child (okay she wasn’t a child any more, but she would always be the cute pup to Charm) Charm smiled softly, her heart melted for her.

”Pride, you are so lovely!” Charm whispered softly in a motherly tone as she moved to sit down beside the lady. Moving her hair off her own shoulder, the calico lady pulled her legs up into her chest as she wrapped her arms around her knees. ”Pride, you know if anything happens and you leave to go where ever, I will make sure she keeps a spot open at the house for you.” Charm did not want the white child to believe that Aeron would not have a place within the pack for her own flesh and blood.

The whisper brought the young coyote's attention up. Bright eyes glistening she looked at Charm, the latest of her mother's mates. No, that wasn't quite true. Lilith, a girl around her age actually, had been chosen to sleep with her mother as well. The age difference didn't bother her as much as Pride had thought it would. Surprisingly she had accepted it with little difficulty, something Pride had spent some time thinking over before deciding that it was because she wished her mother to be happy, and felt that Lilith was a rather mature choice.

Nodding her head Pride smiled. She knew she had a beautiful coat, glistening pale. The golden splashes were her favorite, similar to her mother's coat. The words were unexpected, listening quietly as Charm spoke. Pride was not expecting that she would ever leave the pack. Or that her mother would not want her to return if she did leave for any reason. Still, it was a kind remark. Pride would accept it. Your wish to keep me with you is noted. She smiled gently, fangs glistening in the light as she settled down, her attention turning back to the sea. It's a calm night here. The waves were not as restless as they normally were.

The way the child talked mimicked her mothers. It was all in rhythms and rhymes. What was it with the two of them and not just being able to come out and say what she wanted to say, like Panda? Panda has been able to just say a simple thank you, or no thank you; none of these games with words. Charm knew that it was her mother in her and as much as the calico women wished she could, this could not be changed. Charm just shook her head with a sigh that was laced with a chuckle. Within such a dark land, it was nice that Charm knew she could look into her family for a laugh or two. Charm just hoped that like her mother the Pride child would not lose her cool over Charm’s light heartiness.

Her heart melted into a puddle of oozing softness hearing something other than Lillith’s name come up made Charm so happy. Charm hated that female so much to the point it made her sick thinking about her hate for the youngster the Pride grew up with. The lady would not press her dislike of this lady onto anyone else, after all something about it had Aeron’s interest. Each lady had someone of the side that saw, however neither of them brought it into their personal life. ”Yup…it sure it!” Charm smiled softly, she felt relaxed here. ”Maybe it’s sensing that things are going to be calm while your mother is our leader?”Charm questioned her theory as she looked back to the waters she stretched out, as she placed her hands behind her to support her weight as she leaned back.

Charm's sighing laughter didn't ruffle Pride in the slightest. She knew that the female was prone to taking her amusement however she could. At times Pride wondered what her mother saw in the gentle female, but there was always that simple acceptance that remained. Charm made her happy, so Pride loved her for that alone. The relationship wasn't as close as it could be, with Pride's cold nature, but she did enjoy Charm's company when it was given.

Charm's words amused Pride. She didn't see omens or the like as clearly as some other pack members did. For Pride, it was just how things set up, no secret deep meaning to anything. She would ask others who did have that spiritual nature if she needed guidance. Pride rarely involved herself with it anyways, choosing to form her own path. Perhaps. She did believe that her mother had the strength to be the leader that Anathema needed.

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