after the gates opened
[/html]It had taken him a while to crawl back into the world of the living, but he'd done it. While on one hand, Inferni still stood; he could see it in the distance, but that was all he could see. His sense of smell didn't seem to function like it used to and his sight seemed to be hidden behind a sheet of pale white. The world felt different from when he'd last been here.

He would go to Inferni after, but first, he needed to be sure that none of the children from the wolf rapist had survived. He had been unable to see Aeron again because he had died in the most foul and cruel way possible. But now that he was back, he could ensure that the wolf filth that had raped her would die and she would be rid of her children, if they had survived. If Aeron was strong enough, she would have killed them. Hybrid didn't think this would happen, though.

Since he no longer required a physical form, the journey the borders of Anathema was a short one. And, since he was no longer physically corporeal, he didn't concern himself with the borders. If he could piss on them, he would.

So, he started his journey into the pack. He would find Aeron.[html]
The pale coyote walked calmly through Anathema. For once her cloak wasn't around her body, the pale sheen visible in the light. She could pass for a ghost herself with her quiet steps, not making a sound as she tread forwards. The night was cool, nothing too unusual standing out in her mind. At least, not until she spotted something that was most definitely unusual. Pride's steps slowed, watching with curiosity as the spirit drifted over the lands. Pride had never doubted in their existence, the strange canines that lived here being rather open about the afterlife. It didn't occur to her that there might be a specific reason that she could see him.

Briefly she basked in the knowledge of what she saw before she moved forwards, delicate steps crossing the distance. Once she was closer details began to be visible in the spirit. It was a coyote of some sort, gliding towards the caves. Pride hesitated before she continued after him, wondering why a spirit would come here. She could see that the coyote spirit was male, with rough scars over his body. He must have been a warrior when alive. Pride wondered if she should interrupt him, ask him about what he was doing. Was it right to speak to a spirit? Pride hadn't focused much on such things.
[/html]Although dead and now inhabiting a useless body, Hybrid was still able to hear the approach of another canine in the distance. When he turned to find them, he realized that they were not quite as far away as he had initially thought. In fact, the canine--a coyote, he now realized, who looked suspiciously like Midnight and Naloxone--was watching him silently.

He turned so that he was completely facing the coyote and breathed deeply. His sense of smell was off, but he knew there was something familiar in what he could smell.

He narrowed his eyes and stepped closer, trying to will his 'body' to behave like it once had. He curled his lip up slightly, but not so much to indicate aggression.

"Who are you?" he demanded. "Where is Aeron?" he asked as an afterthought.[html]
The spirit turned, staring at Pride. Lifting her head she stared back, white eyes meeting his gaze unblinkingly. She wasn't going to turn away from him. His eyes were a sharp red, looking as if blood had been drawn from them. The coyote spirit turned around completely, Pride's nose twitching at the lack of scent. There was no way for her to truly define this spirit, only her sight taking it in. The coyote spirit stepped closer, strength in his stance. It was interesting to watch, wondering if the spirit was a threat or not. Could spirits be threats?

The voice that came out seemed to ring inside her head, as well as in her ears. The words were sharp, a bit painful to listen to. Pride didn't flinch, just absorbing what was asked with some curiosity. The spirit had a connection to her mother? Perhaps she should ask Mama about that. I am Pride Tormenta. Aeron is in the caves. She is the leader of this pack. Keeping the fact that they were related hidden Pride waited to see what the spirit would do. It was a bit odd, saying Mama's name like that, but she could possibly get more information about this spirit if he didn't think there was a reason to hide it from her. Why do you look for her?
[/html]She did not blink. At first, it bothered him, but quickly he grew to accept it. He wasn't sure if it was just because she was foolhardy or battle-worn. It was difficult to determine, as everything in the living world felt disconnected and hidden behind a thin veil.

The girl named herself something Pride Tormenta and Hybrid sneered. A stupid name for a stupid child, he assumed. He was glad that none of his children bore such ridiculous titles. When the girl revealed that Aeron was the leader of the pack, his sneer turned into a terrible laugh. At first he thought it was a joke, but then he realized she was serious.

"I came to see if she had completed our deal, but it seems as though she's struck one of her own! I wonder who she had to fuck to get that title. Leader, of a bunch of wolves!" [html]
The sneer on the dark spirit's face didn't change Pride's stance. It was a perfectly good name, and much better than the one she'd been given at birth. He probably had some name that was difficult to pronounce and sounded like someone had sneezed when trying to give him a different name. The laughter at her news that Aeron was the leader of the pack angered her, hackles raising high over her body. This was a truly bitter spirit, and one she wanted nothing to do with. If she knew how to harm a spirit she would have done so then.

Aeron has not had the need to sleep with anyone to earn her rank. She proved herself worthy of it, and came to that title on her own. The previous leaders proved to not be as stable as they seemed. Since you are among the dead, perhaps your deal went wrong as well? Since you didn't have the strength to stick around and follow through with it. A sneer that matched his own perfectly finished her words, Hybrid's genes clear for that moment in her before she settled herself, letting calm come again.
[/html]Hybrid didn't normally giggle, but for this ghostly girl, he would certainly make an exception. If Aeron had not slept her way to the top, how the hell had acquired the position of leader? The entire concept baffled him because he remembered Aeron as the woman with the traps, the woman who fought with sticks and tricks. She must have found some means of acquiring the position. Merit seemed too foreign to Hybrid. Though, the girl said that the leaders had not been 'stable,' so he wondered if it meant that she had overthrown them or if they had left of their own accord.

"My deal? I made no deal. I killed and died of my own volition." He frowned and then flicked his ear. "Well? Which way to the caves, then? I've yet to see if Aeron had held up her deal and killed the abominations." [html]
She didn't believe him. He'd smeared her mother's name, clearly marking him as a liar. She couldn't trust this spirit. His words were bold, and despite his horrid appearance she didn't believe that it hadn't been a deal gone wrong that had lead to his death. What other fate would have claimed him? The ghost's ear actually flicked, interestingly enough, almost as if he was alive. There was still no scent though, so even though she appeared less real than him she knew that he wasn't all there.

Smiling she shook her head. The caves are an important part of this pack. I can't allow an outsider to enter them, even a dead one. I'm sure that whatever bargain you made with her has been upheld, so there is no need to check up on her. Pride didn't trust that he wouldn't turn around and run back to whatever pack he'd belonged to when alive and betray Anathema's secrets. What deal did you make with her? She stared at him intently, curious what business her mother might have with this rude spirit.
Hybrid giggled in reply. She couldn't allow him in? Didn't she understand that, as a ghost, he could really go wherever he so pleased? Unless she could exorcise him, he didn't think that this would really be an issue. And really, exorcisms weren't even real; they were just religious mumbo-jumbo--likely some stupid thing that Gabriel would have believed.

"I don't need to tell you or ask for your permission," he sneered. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a ghost. Borders don't matter to me," he replied with a laugh.

As an afterthought, he did add: "besides, if she didn't hold up her end of the deal, then I must just have to kill you. Who knows!" It would be fun either way, he reasoned.
Her hackles attempted to raise at the giggles breaking from the ghost. It was an odd eery sound, almost as if it wasn't all the way there. She had to stay and guard the way though. From the way this ghost acted, he sounded like he would hurt Mama if he got the chance. She wasn't going to allow that. I can make it difficult for you. She knew that the caves were confusing for those that weren't members, and if she made sure that her mother wasn't in the caves he could remain down there wandering for some time before returning to the surface. At least she surmised that he would.

His comment made her eyes widen, pale pupils staring at him. What bargain did you make that would involve my life? She wasn't going to just back down over this. She needed to know. What dark deed was in Mama's past that would bring this ghost here? She wasn't too eager to learn all the secrets. Pride understood that Mama did horrible things to protect the pack and those she loved, and had done terrible things in the past. She held the capacity to do the same. She just didn't ask for the details. Now though, she needed to find out.

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