[CdC] Hurricane Plans
**** Attn Loners and travelers: If you would like to take refuge within Casa during the hurricane please PM the Casa account or Melissa (Jazper), all are welcome. Any loners/travelers joining us are welcome to sign up for any threads listed.

Current Loners/Travelers joining us for hurricane events:
Baird Byrne
Sonje Helsi


Hurricane Makes Landfall!

What's this?

Fall is the prime time for storms to brew--and it looks like a major one is coming straight for Nova Scotia! Strong winds and heavy rain is going to hit Casa di Cavalieri hard, and we got to prepare for the worst with what time we're given.

What's going to happen?
  1. Signs of the approaching hurricane appear, and Alyssum, having dealt with one when she was younger, warns Jazper about the potential danger they are in. Members are told to start making preparations for the storm, from building a ramp to the courthouse so that horses may take up shelter, moving and stocking up on food storage, and barring up windows.
  2. Alyssum will lead pack mates to the lower levels of the courthouse and horses into the Great Hall once the storm is upon them--but there are some people missing! Jazper and three other members set out in the middle of the storm to search for a lost Hadley and Amatha.
  3. Horses begin to act restless, some flooding gets into the courthouse, and food rations are low and are quickly depleting--what else could go wrong? Members are kept in the courthouse for a couple of days until the storm fully passes, and tensions are running high.


Duration of Hurricane
  1. Sept 20: Thread Link's Below - Preparations and discussions are made for the storm; ramp must be built, food storage made, and windows boarded.
  2. Sept 21: Thread Link - Hurricane hits Casa di Cavalieri; Alyssum gathers pack members into the courthouse's lower levels, and Jazper will lead a search party for Hadley and Amatha.
  3. Sept 22-27: Members are housed within the courthouse, and things are far from peaceful--horses start fighting with one another, minor flooding occurs in the courthouse, and the food everyone gathered is getting desperately low. (Members are free to make their own thread revolving these events!)
  4. Sept 29-31st: Jazper leads a small group of Casa members to check on their allies (CdA) and to help clean up.


From the search party to group preparations, sign-up your character to lend a helping paw for the troubling days to come.

Group Preparations

We need some people to help brace the territory for the worse to come! A ramp must be made for the horses to enter the courthouse, windows boarded, and as much food as they can gather.
    Group #1 - Ramp Building (Link) - Hadley
    1. Sidra
    2. Hadley
    3. Baird
    4. Sonje
    Group #2 - Preparing buildings (Link) - Alister
    1. Alister
    2. Juliet
    3. Hadley
    Group #3 - Hunting and Food Storage (Link) - Lorenzo
    1. Lorenzo
    2. Sonje
    3. Raoth
    4. Aro

    Search Party - Hadley

    Hadley and Amatha are missing--go with Jazper to search for the missing father and child! You will have to brave the storm at one of its worst points, and the only means of safety is tying rope around each other, and pray that no flailing objects will impale you. Volunteering members should be of heavier stature.
    1. Jazper
    2. Lorenzo
    3. Ismeme
    4. Alister
    5. Aro

    Horse Sitting- Baird

    The horses are getting pretty tense from being inside for so long, and fights often break out. Watch the herd with a fellow pack mate and break up any disputes and disturbances that may occur.
    1. Lorenzo
    2. Sidra
    3. Juliet
    4. Adelle
    5. Baird

    Taking on Water- Neela

    The lower levels of the courthouse, where members have taken refuge, are beginning to flood! Make haste and try to make repairs or quick fortifications of the windows that were broken and close the leaks before we take too much damage!
    1. Neela
    2. Tony
    3. Lorenzo
    4. Juliet
    5. Raoth
    6. Aro

    Help Our Allies - Jazper

    After taking so much damage it is important we check on our allies, more hands make the work lighter for all. With so much loss a team effort may be the only way to recover before the winter strikes. Join Jazper on a short trip to CdA to lend a hand and maybe the favor will be returned.
    1. Jazper
    2. Lorenzo
    3. Juliet
    4. Adelle
    5. Sophia


    Please direct any questions, suggestions, or concerns to the Casa di Cavalieri pack account!


Neela is gonna go mental

Put her down for the Taking on Water thread please :3
Have a Tony for that one too then? Even if the water will freak him out.
Put Lorenzo down for hunting and food storage.

Also the search party for Hadley, horse sitting and Taking on water

Edit: And the Help our Allies
Put Sidra down for horse sitting. No way she's gonna let Soloman brave the storm alone. :3

Edit- Sidra can help with the ramp too. Smile
Isa is gonna help find Hadley and Amatha.
Ooh! Alister will help look for Hadley and Amatha, and he'll help with bracing the buildings, too
Jules will help with group #2, horse sitting (if you need another person for that), if you need another for taking on water, and the last for helping the allies.

Edit: she can help group #1 if needed too. She be helping everybody!
Raoth and Adelle for hunting

Hadley for helping to prepare the buildings, and the ramp if there's room

Adelle for horse sitting

Raoth for water help

And anyone can be thrown into CdA if there's room
All threads are welcome to an unlimited number of people but I'd like it if we spread the love around Wink
You guys can feel free to refer to Wayne, especially in the horse-sitting threads! He'd obviously be in the background doing things to try to keep stuff running smoothly. If anyone wants to use him more in a thread (like actual interaction rather than just background activities), just shoot me a PM and we can work out posts over Google Docs? :3
Adelle needs removal from the hunting since I don't really want a hunting 'accident' between her and Lorenzo
Hi. Seeing as Baird will be taking shelter with you lovely lot he'll help out as much as he can. Can I sign him up for Ramp building and horse sitting? He's brilliant with animals.
Spoke with Djiacamo, and Sonje will be accompanying Baird to CdC Smile They met briefly just before the weather turned bad and decided to seek out shelter together, winding them both up at CdC.

Sonje is a superb hunter, she would be helpful there -- but I'll also participate in ramp-building if need be ^_^
Added everything Smile Still need one more person to volunteer to go to CdA.
who's going to be starting these threads?
I can start the first prep thread, and do the starter for the search party thread with an intro for how Hadley and Amatha got lost.
Thank you Bria for volunteering Smile

For the sake of time I will list someone responsible to start each thread and PM them.

We will have the pack thread for evacuation into the courthouse basement up in the next 24 hours.
I can start the Taking on Water thread if you want Smile

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