New Dawn's Hurricane Blitz!
Hurricane Blitz!

What's This?

A hurricane is heading for 'Souls and it's gonna get pretty stormy in New Dawn. The pack lands will be affected by the strong winds and rain; the mass of rain will threaten to flood the entrance to the communal den and Little River will flood, severe winds will down older, weaker trees and damage the Tree-house Clinic, the sandy parts of the shoreline will be shifted by the brunt of the storm.

Goals & Thread Prompts

To prepare New Dawn for the storm, remain safe during the harsh weather, and clean up afterwards. Signs of the weather changing can be seen on September 21. The hurricane hits New Dawn in the early morning of September 22 and remains until the 27th.

Thread Prompts
  • Before the storm - Preparing the den: The wolves of New Dawn will sense the storm coming, and the weather will start taking a turn for the worse. Digging out a ditch that will take the majority of storm water away from the entrance of the den will help to stave off any major flooding of the den. (Thread leader: Jiva) --> Secure our Home - Status: FINISHED!
  • During the storm - Relocating the pack: Help to bring the weak and the young to the Dagger Caverns up in the mountains. It's not the most comfortable of caves but it will protect everyone during the storm. (Thread leader: Tharin) --> Twisting Hurricane - Status: FINISHED!
  • After the storm - Fixing the Tree-house Clinic: The clinic that Sky worked so hard on to build will be severely damaged during the storm; help to clean up the area of fallen debris and fix up the structure itself. (Thread leader: Sky) --> My Life's Work, Ruined - Status: Unfinished :*(
  • After the storm - Helping out Sangi'lak: Head on over to Sangi'lak and see if they need any help; they will have been hit by the storm too. (Thread leader: Palaydrian) - Status: Failure D:

Completion of the thread is also a vital part of the game! Earn bigger rewards!


  • 20 points for earning the awesome Storm Moon catacomb (Participating in at least 2 of the 4 threads)

  • 100 points for each completion of a thread!

Rules & Deadlines

  • No more than 3 claims of the 100 points are allotted (up to 300 point max.)

  • All threads must be completed before October 20th.

  • Have any questions? Feel free to post them here!
ohhh jiva could lead in ditch making thread!
Excellent Big Grin
Shade can help prepare the den and relocate the pack.
Drin would be all about helping SK out!
Cool Tian! I'll put you as the thread leader for that.

And Bridgette, you can most definitely help out in that thread helping to move the chilluns and keep people calm, I'm actually going to have Zalen Tharin be the thread leader for that one though.
I'm assuming that all of these are going to be AW threads?

Just wanna make sure cause I know Fayne will be helping. :3
yes they will be!
Lena shall help with preparing the den by digging, and I guess she has no choice for the relocating thread--being young and blind and all x3--and shall help mommy Sky with fixing the clinic to the best of her ability!
Psh AW? I was actually planning on making my thread completely private for me, myself, and I.

JK of course. Tongue
Kiara can be in the first and second thread.
Sky will be helping in preparations and reconstruction (obviously). x3

Relocation too. xD

Prompt thread Started, ther'es also a secondary thread that goes with it that shaw started that's not a prompt but still helpful Big Grin
I'd sign Deuce up, but she's still a captive of Charm in AT. <3
All you ND kids can now help poor Sky repair the clinic!


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