[CdA] Hurricane!
A Hurricane Strikes!

What's This?

That's right - autumn brings with it not only a drop in temperature, but a surprise for the residences of Nova Scotia. A hurricane has made its way north, and Cercatori d'Arte is one of the first ones to be hit by its wind and rain!

What is going to happen?

  1. A band of travelers will crash their boat on Cercatori d'Arte's shore during the storm, and take refuge in Shop #3 along with the rest of the pack.
  2. Damage will be done to the top parts of Thornbury, as well as the Treetop Terrace. If you would like to offer up damage on your house, feel free!
  3. The chickens have all escaped! Click here for more info about that.
  4. After the storm, the band of travelers will help repair - and expand! - Thornbury as thanks for the refuge during the storm. Expect lots of fun new buildings and areas to explore in our little town!

Important Dates
  1. 21 Sept: no thread yet // Hurricane moves over CdA; Skye calls pack members take refuge in Shop #3
  2. 21 Sept: no thread yet // Search parties are sent out to rescue stragglers
  3. 23 Sept: no thread yet // Refuges crash on CdA shore and take refuge in Shop #3 with the rest of the pack
  4. 27 Sept: no thread yet // Hurricane dissipates; pack members check up on homes, livestock, etc.
  5. 27 Sept: no thread yet // Repair groups are made to help fix the town; refuges help, and Thornbury is expanded.

Stranded Travelers?

That's right! Along with the members of the pack, there will be five stranded travelers seeking refuge. As thanks, they will help repair the town when the storm passes.

  1. NOTE: Please do not include the stranded travelers in any personal storm threads (aka threads not started by the Cercatori d'Arte account!) Due to the rules, they can only be included in 5 threads maximum.


There will be damages to several areas of Thornbury and CdA overall. If you would like to offer your character's house to be damaged, feel free!

  • Thornbury:
    • Various unclaimed houses get severely damaged
    • The stables endure damage including ripped walls and damaged roof, but retains most livestock excluding chickens
    • Garden is uprooted entirely
    • Fallen trees cause blockage to several houses
    • Rain causes flooding in Town Square
    • New horse corral is damaged
    • Taliesin's house is destroyed
    • Keldava's house is damaged
    • Hotaru's house is damaged by flooding
  • Treetop Terrace is almost completely demolished
  • The Hunting Lodge suffers severe damages to its roof and its walls.
  • The ship and the caravan endure damages (broken walls, ripped sails, broken wheel, etc)

Character Roles

Various roles can be taken up by pack members! Sign up your characters for roles here; some have limited numbers, so don't delay! Please only sign your character up for two 'repair group' roles maximum, and three roles overall maximum.

  • Stragglers

    These will be the ones that the search parties will go looking for to bring to Shop #3, where the rest of the pack is safe and sound! Must participate in thread #2 on the timeline.

    3 available spots!
    1. Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
    2. Hotaru
    3. Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii
    4. Taliesin dir Rhiannon
    5. Leviothan

  • Rescue Party

    These members will be searching for Stragglers, and will eventually discover the band of travelers on the beach.
    Must participate in thread #2 and #3 on the timeline.

    4 available spots!
    1. Skye Collins
    2. Adrian Kido
    3. Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii

  • Repair Group #1 -- House/Building Repair

    This group will be solely responsible for repairing the buildings that have been broken or otherwise damaged.
    1. Stranded Traveler #1
    2. Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii
    3. Temo Wolfe
    4. Jace Wolfe

  • Repair Group #2 -- Stable/Transport Repair & Livestock Roundup

    This group will focus their concentration on repairing the stables, the ship, or the caravan, and the roundup of runaway or lost livestock.
    1. Stranded Traveler #2
    2. Skye Collins
    3. Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
    4. Kenna
    5. Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii
    6. Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii
    7. Ookami

  • Repair Group #3 -- Thornbury Expansion/New Buildings

    This group will be responsible for the building of new houses around the edges of the current Thornbury, effectively expanding the town.
    1. Stranded Traveler #3
    2. Stranded Traveler #4
    3. Temo Wolfe
    4. Taliesin dir Rhiannon
    5. Jace Wolfe
    6. Leviothan

  • Repair Group #4 -- Rubble Clearing

    This group will clear away fallen logs, trees, branches, and any other harmful debris around Cercatori d'Arte.
    1. Stranded Traveler #5
    2. Adrian Kido
    3. Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii
    4. Kenna

I would like to sign Adrian up for the rescue party and Repair group 4.
Honrin for;

Repair group #2
Scraggler and Rescuer - Remember the bee plot Sunny! Skye being stung and all that x3
Dalgina will be a straggler hiding out in Taru's house to avoid heading to the shop.

Repair Groups 2 and 4 please
/throws Robert for Stragglers, Rescue Party, and Group #4 Rubble Clearing

Oh derp, ignore this. xD;
Keldava will be trapped in Halifax for most of the hurricane but should be back home safe for the 27th so put her down for repair groups 1 and 2

Also Keldava's house can take some damage. She has a little workshop thing outside, basically a wooden roof and a table attached to the side of her house , that will be blown away, and the attic (which is unfortunately where she sleeps and stuff :c) can be hit by a tree trunk, tearing the roof away and fucking up her stuff.
I'll sign Hotaru up for both repair threads.
Also, Taru will be a straggler with Dalgina.
You can put Temo for repair groups 1 &/or 3 if needed.

Also search party and/or straggler if you need more bodies.


v lol v
Ariel - there are four repair threads! :O Which two ones do you want to be a part of? Smile
Sign Tal up as a straggler, I think. He'll be inside his house when it collapses.

When he's dug out, he'll be malnourished and slightly dehydrated, bruised and shaken, but largely unharmed.

Skye, feel free to reference Myrddin being with the rest of the pack. No need to put the boy through more trauma. LOL
Will do, Vannah! Smile

Everyone, here is the pack meeting - it is mandatory, unless you signed up as a Straggler, or your character is going to be out of the pack. If you want your character to stay out in the storm, and not be rescued, just PM me!

And here is the rescue thread. It's not too late to sign up your character as a rescuer!
Can I get Kenna added to Repair group #4 as well please? :3
I forgot to volunteer Taru's house for flood damage. Intermediate level damage.
Done. Smile We need more people for Repair Groups 1 and 3 if anyone is interested!
Well eclipse can help when she gets back, but it'll be after october begins I think XDD
Too late to play a straggler? Or are there too many? If so, I probably need to get to posting in the Shop.
Not too late at all! Smile Make sure to post in the straggler thread!
We need at least one more person for group three! Smile Anyone?
Tal Smile
Great! Smile

here are the threads, everyone!

Repair Group 1 Thread
Repair Group 2 Thread
Repair Group 3 Thread
Repair Group 4 Thread

Please remember not to RP these stranded travelers outside of these four threads, thanks! References to them, however, are fine. Smile

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