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--------------- Hurricane---------------

September 2012 Hurricane


It looks like a hurricane is making its way through souls. Because Anathema sits on the coast line of souls, it will be hit on the 22nd of the month. What does this mean for Anathema? Well this means that a lot of members will be uprooted from their homes for a few days and many may have to rebuild their homes.

September 20th -21st

  • Anatheman's will notice darker skies and an eerie change in the air.
  • Aeron will call pack members into the higher caves of the mountain in the early hours of the 21st for a briefing.
  • Members living in the caves should temporarily move from their dens for for higher ground.
  • This will be the time to tie up loose ends(horses into stalls, pups, crows, pets and must-have possessions accounted for etc.)

September 22nd - 27th

  • Anathema's coast line gets thrashed as the storm moves through.
  • Any members that do not make it to the caves should seek shelter in buildings above ground, or in caves not leading under ground.

27th through 30th

  • Damage is assessed by leaders and other members. The clean up begins!


  • The Howling Caverns will flood a bit because they're below ground. It should only take a few days to recede.
  • Musquodoboit Valley Will flood as the river that runs through it will over flow. This will also affect Thackary Village


  • The coast line of Anathema will see the brunt of the storm. Many of the buildings will be severely damage or collapse altogether depending on their structural integrity.
  • Several buildings in the valley will be badly damaged by the storm.
  • Food stores in the cave system will be ruined for the most part
  • The villa takes some critical damage to the east wing, making several rooms uninhabitable.

The After Math

Anathema will have lots of cleaning to do and repairs to make Sad
  • Since the Howling Caverns were flooded, many possessions in it are broken, water logged or even missing. Members will have to see what can be salvaged.
  • Lillith's home has not been fully destroyed by the storm but she could use some help rebuilding her roof.
  • The valley remains a bit marshy days after the storm from the flooding. Several buildings have given out
  • Rivers have been dammed up by fallen trees, branches, buildings and debris. we'll need to clean them out.

Game & Points

Everyone loves collecting game points. So here's your chance to get some!

For threads to count they must have a minimum of 5 posts per person. This how ever does not count for the group cave thread. To collect points for the hurricane all threads must be completed by October 20th. If not you will not be able to collect the bonus points.

  • +5 Get an additional 5 points for joining the group thread.
  • +10 Get an additional 10 points for completing a thread that involves the storm itself
  • +15 Get 15 game points for threads relevant to clean up around Anathema

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#2 <--- Here's an [aw] Hurricane thread if anyone wants to join in :3

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