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2012 Hurricane!

AniWaya will be hit quite hard by the hurricane, so hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen!


Main plot threads are bolded! Member-started and thread prompts are not bolded.

  1. 19 September:
    1. Reinforcing the town hall (Sep 19) with Saqui, Unatsi, Gemma, Ulilohi
    2. Hunting for food (Sep 19) with Jacinto and Io
  2. 19-20 September: Evacuating the cave-dwellers
    1. Claudius gets trapped in his den (Sep 20) with Claudius and Anatole
    2. Saving the animals in the stables (Sep 20) with Saqui
  3. 20 September:
    1. Saving the ceremonial fire (Sep 20) with Gemma
    2. Everly gets stuck in the mud! (Sep 20)
  4. 21 September-26 September: The hurricane hits!
    1. Gemma's home is destroyed and Nate is swept into the Adagio River (Sep 21) with Gemma and Ulilohi
    2. Jacinto goes looking for missing AniWayans, injured! with Unatsi (Sep 21)
    3. Everly helps treat Claudius' wounds and injuries with Claudius and Everly (Sep 21)
    4. Aranck receive a head injury and his memory relapses. He thinks he is in the Great Tribe again as the Ookah and struggles to remember his English (Sep 22) with Unatsi
    5. Unatsi realizes that the tobacco fields are being devastated by the hurricane (Sep 24)
    6. An injured Jacinto heads to the Town Hall (Sep 25) with Everly
  5. 27 September: Aftermath, repairing the buildings, relighting the fire.

Affected Areas
Major Damage

Areas that will suffer major damage include:

  • The Tobacco Fields: As the fields are largely unprotected, the hurricane will devastate the crops and we will lose most of the crops. The plants that survive will be in too poor condition to be of use. The Greenhouse still stands, and minor tobacco leftovers that grew there (and various herbs for medicinal use) may be salvageable.
  • D'alli Ranger Station: Since the ranger station peeks over the treeline, it is susceptible to the fierce winds and rain. It will collapse and anyone nearby will be in danger!
  • The Abandoned Quay: The quay will be flooded and also suffer from severe water damage leading to it needed rebuilt either partly or fully. One part of the walkway collapses into the ocean.

Medium-level Damage

Areas that will suffer medium-level, but somewhat reparable, damage include:

  • The working fields: Since the crops were planted in companion-style formation, the taller plants will protect the smaller ones. The sunflowers were more or less destroyed, but some of the other [which?] will survive.
  • The stables: Being a large and older structure (and plus already having survive one storm) the stables will obviously take more damage. The majority of it will be to do with the outside, damage to the roofing, doorways and walls. Indoors, water is likely to be the main cause of damage, with a few inches of rain covering the flood. Stalls will likely have damage cause by restless animals (prior to being moved or escaping). Any stock or tack that has been stored near or at ground level will also be damaged.
  • The Great Fire: With the strong winds and rain, there will be no way to protect the sacred flame where it is. It will have to be relocated and kept safe for the duration of the storm.

Minor Damage

Areas that will suffer minor, reparable damage include:

  • The village: All of the lesser-used, older and poorly-built houses will be knocked over or demolished completely. The river runs through the village and will flood somewhat.
  • The stable grounds: Thankfully, due to the recent construction of the dovecote, coops and some fencing, the damage will not be too severe here. The coops, which are heavy and almost solid, will receive virtually no damage. While the dovecote, a taller structure, will fall and therefore need partial rebuilding. Most of the older fencing will fall down, but some better kept sections will be fixable.
  • Mersey Lagoon and all other waterways (Including coastline): will be flooded. All rivers will swell and venturing near them will be highly dangerous. Claudius' den will be consumed completely.

Pack NPC's

Read here for info about pack NPC's. For the purpose of this plot, permission to injure Tiva has been given to anyone interested, but please try to make sure you don't all injure her! If you need to coordinate something, just post a discussion in this thread Big Grin

You are welcome to play that Tiva Ajila receives non-life-threatening injuries. Keep realism in mind! What we consider a "minor" injury today may be more complicated in our 'Soulsverse. Anything that bleeds, for instance, risks infection, so do your research and consider scope Smile

Please do not injure or kill Simcha Fletcher, as he will be useful in the reconstruction part of this plot. However, you may RP his participation in anything you want, though please keep a watchful eye on our timeline and potentially other people's threads to avoid conflicts. You don't have to be super-strict, just use common sense Smile

Please do not injure or kill Cow Big Grin You're welcome to include him in threads where his presence is relevant, for instance when moving the animals and such!

Game Points and Prizes

All participants can claim game points for their threads! This is in addition to any points that would be earned normally, such as through word counts.

Note that game points from prompts, the list below and word counts all stack, so there is serious opportunity for point hoarding here! Big Grin

Game Points
  • +5: participate in a main plot thread OR start your own thread related to the hurricane
  • +2: help another character during the hurricane OR have your character helped by another character (can be claimed once per thread)
  • +3: use a thread prompt (listed beneath the timeline) once in a thread.
  • +10: participate in a thread (private or pack) dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane, including rebuilding, taking stock/ inventory, or finding a lost item.

Collectible Icon Prize

Participate in and complete three (3) threads and win this collectible icon (same as season thread icons)! Hurricane Plot 2012

Thread Prompts

In addition to participating in threads, you can also add these prompts to your threads to gain even more points! So if you participate in a thread where you rescue a character, you have +7 points (+5 for thread, +2 for rescuing someone). If you use a thread prompt in the same thread, you can turn this into +10 points (f.ex. if the rescued character had gotten stuck in the mud)! You may use as many thread prompts in one thread as you want, but you can only claim points for each prompt once!

    Again, thread prompts are worth +3 points, claimable once each:
  • A language barrier/other hindrance prevents someone from communicating properly.
  • The wind blows away an important item, tool, or instrument.
  • A character or NPC gets stuck in the mud.
  • A character or NPC gets pulled underwater during the flood.
  • A character gets hit with a piece of flying debris.
  • A character has their home flooded, damaged, or partially knocked over.
  • A character has their home destroyed (worth +10 points!)
  • A spirit guide involves itself in someone's struggle for safety
  • Secure medical supplies and food as needed
  • Secure the animals and try to find a safe place to keep them when the storm threatens the stables!

Member-contributed damages

This topic to track damages to individuals, dens, etc. as submitted by YOU GUISE.


Is your character going to be injured? List it!

  • Saqui will break her arm
  • Kuba will go missing and get injured vaguely (bad cold, fatigue, ect)
  • Claudius will lose part of his left pinky finger/toe and break two other fingers. He will also sustain a number of bruises, scrapes, and cuts.
  • Jacinto will cut his upper arm and get a small cold.
  • Light sustains a bite wound to his arm
  • Gemma is bruised and battered as well as developing mild hypothermia from jumping into the river to save her son.
  • Fire will get her right front foot/hand crushed
  • Everly will receive bruising and very minor injuries
  • Sighet will break her left wrist.
  • Boaz (NPC of Sighet) will suffer from a chest wound that, while non life-threatening, will require at least a month of rehabilitation.


Is your character's den going to be damaged? List it!

  • Gemma's house will be completely flooded and then knocked over by the fierce winds, the small garden out front will be washed away.
  • Claudius' den will be completely flooded.
  • Saqui's hut will be destroyed.
  • Anatole's den will be flooded.
  • Grace's home will be flooded, and will have some minor damages to be repaired upon her return.


Is your character going to die? List it!

Member Threads

This is a list of proposed threads... here for safekeeping!

  • Aranck receive a head injury and his memory relapses. He thinks he is in the Great Tribe again as the Ookah. He also struggles to remember his English. Unatsi tries to help him out.
  • Kuba will go missing and Jacinto and Jaroslaw will go looking for him.

If you have suggestions or want to get dibs on participation in some events, have plot ideas for others or whatever it may be, feel free to post it here Big Grin
Gemma will be first in line to protect the Great Fire.

Gemma's house will be completely flooded and then knocked over by the fierce winds, the small garden out front will be washed away.
Saqui can help reinforce the town hall, what's going to happen to the animals will they be relatively safe in the stables?
I kind of want Aranck to have a head injury and think he's back in the Great Tribe and Ookah Big Grin Anyone want to rescue my old fart? This memory loss would (likely) last a few weeks. *plus, he might just forget English for added hilarity Big Grin
@Jace: Sounds good! I'll make a list to track who's doing what. Big Grin

@Shaw: We did have an idea for the animals, but since we already had so many thread ideas, we didn't want to overload you guys! But this was one idea we had:

Quote:Someone has to secure the animals as best they can/have time for

So I think we could add that as a thread prompt--trying to care for the animals. :3!

Since that one isn't set, it can be more open--so Saqui can do what she can, but since the stables will retain medium-level damage, it won't survive completely! :o

@Becca: I like that idea! Big Grin
Kuba's gonna go missing and get injured vaguely (bad cold, fatigue, ect) for a while Tongue
Okay, I added folks to the timeline and the residence damage list. For the other prompts, we will add them once the threads are posted!

-- Tammi
ok so i volunteer Saqui for a broken arm then :3 trying to secure the animals in the best spot even if it's not rped out /shrugt but securing the town hall she could get into an accident ^^ and can secure food/help

and her home can be destroyed as well, it was on the outer edges of the storm so won't be protected I'd suspect it wouldn't withstand the storm.
If you can find another person to reply to your thread, you can roleplay it out! Big Grin The timeline has the list of threads we'd like to get through, but you can always use ideas we don't have if you really want! ^_^ And I'll add Saqui to the injuries & residences lists!
well if anyone else is interested than I'm game Smile if not it's all good. ^^
Tweeted it! Big Grin Hopefully someone joins in yeeee.
I suppose I start the thread in reinforcing the Town hall?
Go for it! Big Grin
Gemma could be roped into doing this AND bring Light along with her to help.

Edit: Also I could start the thread to save the Great Fire with Gemma and Tiva discussing how best to move the Great Fire.
Okay! You start the great fire thread. Big Grin You can do that today or tomorrow and just date it to the right day depending on when you have inspiration ^_^
Unatsi can help Saqui, either with the town hall or the animals or whenever her arm will get broken. I wanna see him flip out. xD Oh, and if Becca is still going for Aranck having memory loss I'd love for Una to help him there, too, since he knew him from the Great Tribe. x3

And I'll probably be putting up all welcome threads during this time for the hurricane -- want me to link them here whenever I do?
Awesome! I'll add everyone in to the list of who's participating once I get back from my bike ride. B)

And yes please, post any hurricane threads here so I can link to them so that other folks can reply to them Big Grin
Okay, I've listed everything that's been mentioned so far. I also made a section to track all of the upcoming threads. I'll add them to the timeline once they've been posted (since I'm not sure where they'll fit in chronologically :o ) Please let us know if we missed anything!

-- Tammi
Anatole will help save Claudius! He'll also get injured by something or another and need stitches or bandaging, but he's dumb and will bleed all over the place before he lets someone help him. :3

Also, his den is going to be flooded out. Oh noooo! D:
Ooh awesome. Big Grin Maybe Claudius will be trying to take everything in his cave out and keeps going back to get things and it collapses on him? I am not sure what happened to Toefur, but maybe Clauidus finds Toefur [or something else] in the back of his cave and tries to go back for it, cave collapses, and he breaks three of his fingers on his left hand and one has to be amputated? And then Anatole can come to his rescue?

*PM's Libri*

Also, added Anatole's cave!

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