Another day goes by
Set for October 9th

Amatha had wandered away from her parents once more. It really wasn’t difficult, with her mother sleeping for weeks now, and her father never seemed willing to leave her side. It was almost too easy for the young pup to slip away unnoticed. She was still confused about what was going on with her mother, why wouldn’t she wake up? Amatha wanted her to wake up. She missed playing with her mother and Kade never seemed to want to play anymore either. Was this all happening because she ran off during that storm? Was it all her fault that her mother wasn’t waking up? Amatha had no idea, she just knew she wanted someone to play with her and give her attention.

The small brown pup wandered down to the stables, wanting to see the horses her parents always used to have around. Amatha moved into the stables but became frightened by the stomping of hooves and the snorts and other sounds coming from the other horses. She sprinted out of the stables, tail between her legs, and whimpering until she was a good distance away. She sat down under a nearby tree, shaking slightly.
Felony leaned forward on Imagine Royalty and gripped his mane in both hands. Their pace sped up and soon Royal was flying over all obstacles in the way, even if it was just a shadow; he loved to jump, and he loved to move fast. Fell never argued with this.

Without warning, Royal spooked and, in her alarm, Fell leaned back sharply which sent her horse sliding to a halt with his head in the air and his rear nearly on the ground. Looking over, Felony saw that Royal had not actually spooked, but shied away to avoid hitting the pup curled next to the tree which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Fell slid down and stood in front of the pup. "Are you okay? Sorry about that..."
Amatha was immobilized with fear as yet another giant horse came barreling towards her. Her eyes widened as she shook while the horse stopped in front of her. A woman climbed down from the horses back and stood before the young pup. She looked up at the woman, still shaking.

She couldn’t even speak so she simply nodded to answer the woman’s question. She wasn’t hurt, just scared. It seemed she was scared a lot lately. First there was the storm, then her mother fell asleep and still hadn’t woken up, and now horses were loud and tried to trample her. Amatha moved forward slowly, hiding behind the woman’s legs to keep away from the horse.

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Felony looked down at the scared pup hiding behind her leg, unspeaking. She had really no experience with pups, and stood rather awkwardly. Royal won't hurt you, she tried to explain. He's big but he's kind of a baby. Watch, she said, and held out her hand to the big horse. He nudged her fingers with his lips, the agile muscles of his upper lip searching every inch of her hand for the food she must be holding. Finding nothing, Imagine Royalty put his face in the crook between Fell's shoulder and her head, his favorite cuddle spot when he was either bored or upset. She patted his mane, running her fingers through the mass of hair that fell on both sides of his crest.

See, when he thundered by like that, she explained, it was 'cause he was trying to get out of the way. He didn't want to run you over, and he saw you before I did, which is why I almost fell off. He's smart. She reached down a paw to ruffle the pup's ears. I don't think I know your name, she said appologetically.

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