Slipping away
Set for October 20th in the evening. Ismeme dies after a couple of posts.

Ismeme was still asleep, even though it had been a month. How could she sleep for so long? She was so thin now, having been unable to eat or drink. Hadley would try to give her something every once in a while but it never seemed to really help. Her bones could be clearly seen beneath her seemingly thin skin, making it seem she would fall apart if she was even touched. Amatha didn’t know what was wrong with her. She was only told that her mother was sick. No one would ever really tell her how bad it was. Hopefully she would wake soon though.

Amatha moved across the room and laid down beside her mother, snuggling into her mother’s side. She whimpered lightly, looking up at her father. Da? Mama way now? Most wouldn’t understand her, as it was more of a babble than anything else, but Hadley usually understood what his daughter was saying. He should know that she was asking if her mother would wake up. The pup desperately wanted her mother to wake up but since she had been asleep for so long, it seemed she wouldn’t be waking up any time soon.
She was so thin. Much too thin. His beautiful loving mate had wasted away to nothing more than skin and bones. Her fur had lost it's sheen, yet she still slept. Hadley had done everything he could think of to wake her up. There had just been no way around it. He couldn't stay there all the time, though he did spend most of his time there. He had to get food for him and Amatha. The pup actually looked the best out of the family, as Hadley had focused all his energy on fixing his family, forgetting about himself at times.

The sight of Amatha snuggling into Isa's body broke his heart. Look, he wanted to say, Look at your daughter, Isa. She needs you. Wake up. He stayed silent, not wanting to upset Amatha. Instead he reached over, taking the pup into his arms. Cuddling her close he smiled down at her. Not now. Right now she needs her rest. Softly he began to sing, snatches of italian words from the lullaby he'd heard Sebastian singing to Amatha when the poor male was panicking and trying to calm the pup down.
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Immediately after returning from the artesian pack he felt guilty for ever leaving home. He and the small group that had left with him had enjoyed their short stay, helping to clean up the mess left form the hurricane a little, and best of all he had been able to see his son and daughter happily running around. But as soon as he returned to the Fort, his pregnant mate had come to his side with the news. Ismeme had not woken up. When he had left the Sole was positive the young mother would wake up, he had seen the condition before when his niece had tumbled off the roof of the mansion and slept for weeks. He knew very well that if the new mother did not wake up soon, she would not wake up at all.

His feet slowly took him down the stairs and towards the Medico Office where he knew Hadley would be waited ever so patient and loyal at his mate’s side. Ducking under the door frame the giant’s ears immediately folded back as his golden eyes spotted the little mixed pup in her father’s arms. Clearing his throat he announced his presence, interrupting the Italian lullaby. “Best keep working on your Italian Hadley." He teased gently in an attempt to help the brown hued Medico to smile.
You twist the truth
before my eyes.


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Things had been taking a radical turn in Sidra's life. She'd been refusing to believe what the nauseous feeling in her stomach and her storm of emotions meant, but it was getting harder to deny it. She had been finding things to do to keep her mind off it it and had been spending less time with Aro. He'd been acting strange as well and she found it hard to deal with his overly protective nature. Sidra had caught wind of what was happening with Ismeme. The young woman's motherly figure had slipped into a coma out of the blue and had not woken up. Sidra was now finding the time to go and visit her. Ismeme falling ill was hitting Sidra hard. She was a close friend, one of the Casa members who had lead her to this pack and her family. Isa was almost like a second mother to the stubborn young woman.

Sidra showed up slowly entering the room where Isa was being kept. Her eyes were solemn, full of the emotion she held towards this heart breaking situation. Her eyes fell on Hadley first and for the first time, there was no annoyance on her features or dominance in her stance. She was calm and submissive. Jazper was here as well. Sidra delivered him a weak smile and a slight bow of the head as she approached, eyes finally falling on Amatha who appeared to have a slight understanding of what was happening. The spotted woman's ears pasted back as her eyes finally planted on the sleeping mother. She looked to not be in pain. It was exactly as if she was sleeping and nothing more. But, sleep entailed waking up eventually and Isa hadn't. Things were looking grim for her and those close to her. Sidra worried about Adelle more than anyone, knowing how close she was to Isa. Hopefully, Isa would pull through and all would be fine again.

The saddened fae turned to Hadley again and gave him a smile as she came closer. I hope you don't mind me coming. I wanted to visit her. In the presence of a child, Sidra instinctively kept her tone calm to not upset the young one in the room. She smiled sweetly at Amatha. Hello Amatha. But, her eyes said it all and there was nothing she could do to mask that. Probably because of the hormones raging inside of her and screwing with her normally untouchable facade. Once again amethyst eyes gazed at Isa almost hopefully, as if she'd wake up to say hello.

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With each day that passed with Isa still sleeping Alister was losing hope. It was just too painful to think she'd wake only to find her motionless. He'd done whatever he could to help Hadley, but it was never enough, not as long as her condition remained unchanged. She looked weaker by the day, her skin drawing taut over her bones. And Amatha, how did she feel about all this? Would she be alright? His ears flattened and he made his way to the medico's office where Isa was now. He didn't bother thinking that she may have woken up. He knew better. He'd seen her himself.

His sword belt was left in his room, and the same with his shield. He wore only his pants and the steel sun pendant. It's not like he could fight this illness away, but Isa...Why wasn't she fighting this? She had a mate, a daughter. It just wasn't right, and he knew, oh he knew better than most that the world wasn't fair, but with Isa it was different. She was a mother, Amatha needed her. How could this happen?

He felt like he'd lost something, not like his pendant, this was something that could never be recovered; a friendship, cut too short. She'd been so kind to him, and it was because of her he had a home. His hazel eyes were dark and sad, and his muzzle was set in a frown. He paused at the door, seeing all the others who had gathered. They must have known, they must have sensed it. Her time was almost up.

He was surprised when he saw Sidra standing there. Her usual mask had been displaced, and her eyes were full with heart-wrenching emotion. He tried to keep his under control for Amatha's sake and dared a small bittersweet smile of greeting towards the dusky woman, though his eyes swiftly fell to the floor. Jazper there was also, and Hadley, of course. He bowed his head to his Sole before his gaze turned to Hadley. The man was a mess. When was the last time he'd eaten? Amatha was in his arms and he gave the pup a fond smile, reaching over to ruffle her ears. "Hey there, little lady." His touch was brief and his hand fell to Hadley's shoulder for a moment falling off just as quickly. His British accented tones were soft when he spoke finally,"I wanted to be here... She deserves to be surrounded by friends." His smile was weak, but it didn't falter, and he finally allowed himself to look over the woman's frail figure. She'd been sleeping far too long.

Isa was just a ghost of what she had been, even weaker now than when he last saw her, just withering away into nothingness. Did she even know they were there, or was it all just, darkness? Whatever it was she looked so peaceful, he hoped the end would be just as much so. The texts he'd read said that coma patients felt nothing, he hoped it would be the same when...No, she wasn't gone...not yet. But there was little hope, little time left. He regarded the floor, eyes darkening further. The man had no family of his own, and his mother had passed away before he'd had the chance to know her. It wasn't so hard that way, but Amatha had known what it was to have a mother. He prayed that she wouldn't live with the burden of this grief. 'Uncle Alister' Isa called him once playfully. Well, Amatha might just need him to be one now, and as he watched her, he promised himself that he'd always be there for her.

She wasn't waking up, and it was Hadley's fault. He wasn't doing enough. He was the medic. He as supposed to fix things that went wrong! Adelle had stayed away from Isa, too furious to face the hybrid. Her visits had grown more and more infrequent as Isa turned for the worse. Losing another family was painful. Hadley was nice, but he hadn't exactly been fatherly. She suspected that it was because he didn't know how to be. He was even clumsy in handling Amatha at times, if still protective of her.

Today she slipped into the room, surprised at how many visitors there were. Adelle stayed at the back, dark eyes glaring at Hadley as he cuddled Amatha, looking helpless. He wasn't though. He wasn't as weak as everyone thought. She'd seen him practice defensive moves with Isa. She'd seen him make others well. Why wasn't he doing it for Isa? He must hate her. Her eyes skimmed over the others in the room, dipping her head at Sidra. Isa had a lot of friends. She had to wake up.
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Alyssum would have never admitted her true feelings about the situation. She was a realist, and was practical and frank at times, honest to a fault. Ever since Ismeme sustained the injury and never awoken to come back to conscience, the Luna had little hope for her survival after the first couple of days and there was no signs of her getting any better. In fact, she deteriorated before their eyes, and it only sealed the conclusion in the woman's mind that it must have been the time for her to go into His kingdom.

But, even the comfort of knowing that she would be going someplace better did not quell the rising depression that gripped her whenever the thought of the sleeping mother she knew would never awake. She just wished Ismeme did not have to leave the world in the fashion she was doing at this moment—but no one in Casa had the power to stop the course that things were going on. They were only observers for the inevitable. But, yet, there were times that Alyssum would watch with bated breath. As real as she was, she had her ideals and hopes, but as much as she would imagine Ismeme rising, she never did.

Her mate already went downstairs to the office, but instead of immediately following him, she sat on the bed, curling her arms around her stomach. It was getting rather plump, and the thought of the children both excited her and made her eyes damp. She would think of Amatha when she thought of her own pups, and how she could be motherless any time soon. A low, rumbling whine escaped the Luna, and she pressed her hands against her face. How did she wish she could fight against the forces she cannot see, how did she long to challenge His decision. Why take away an innocent, she would think.

No answer came to her. With a rough sigh, the coywolf stood from the bed, adjusting the fur coat so that it swallowed up her being, and made her way downstairs. She could hear the muted voices, and did not say anything as she entered the room, glancing at her packmates as she went to stay by the Sole's side. She avoided looked at the silver woman until she stood near the man, and suppressed another whine from surfacing. She was like a flower, it's once blossoming beauty evident along her sunken face that was her crackling petals. Autumn has come, and she was falling along with the leaves.

Alyssum wondered if she was looking at the last flower of the year, and decided she must have been.


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