Stuck in her daydream

Felony was in her happy place.

The maple trees took on the appearance of fire, their leaves vibrant and flaming with color. In her Secui form, her fastest, Fell loped beside Imagine Royalty, her paws making significantly less noise than Royal's hooves through the leaves. It was a dream-like state that she was in, being only able to see the red-gold and pale green of the forest and being only able to hear thudthudthudthud, thudthudthudthud, thudthudthudthud of the big stallion's hooves to match his breathing. Felony wasn't riding him because she believed that horses were companions as well as means of transport, however fun that transportation was. She'd ride him later, but for now she was content to let a small piece of her mind convince itself that she and Royal were two horses leading a herd.

Without warning, the trees broke to reveal a wide meadow and a very surprised group of deer, who promptly bolted at the entrance of the wolf and the horse. Felony's mind blanked for a moment, then snapped back to reality, and she almost gave chase to the deer before realizing that it was probably a stupid idea. How far did we run? she muttered to herself.

Imagine Royalty looked after the deer with an amused expression. Scared of you, he informed Felony. They should be, she replied. Royal swiveled his ears around, then turned his head to look behind him. They were not alone, he confirmed, and put his nose in the crook of Fell's neck to alert her.

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