NEWS/URGENT -- Impending Board Move
For the duration of the move, guest logins have been reenabled in the chat. They will be again disabled once the move has completed.
We're planning on bringing this board offline within 12 hours. It may be up to 24 hours after that before the new board is up. We'll try to be faster and we'll try not to take longer than that, but no promises. <_<

Make your final replies and then keep an eye on our Twitter, FB, LJ, etc. <3

Thanks again for everyone's understanding and cooperation during this messss.
This board will be gone before I get home from work, so goodbye old board.

And for all the staff, good luck and godspeed in getting the new board up.
Bye bye board <3 XD
Many many good times had here...will be missed...but hey there will be plenty of good times on the new board as well ^^ Goodbye old board...Ooooooo shiny new board....*drool*

Mmmmm....forbidden doughnut....
I LOVE YOU OLD BOARD. <333 I promise I will visit you lots once you are an archive!
*sings Soft Kitty to the board* >_>
Everly Skyfall @ Oct 25 2012, 10:29 AM Wrote:*sings Soft Kitty to the board* >_>
Creying forever now.

/sings the Out of the Box Goodbye song
[Image: 1339545193406205.png]
Farewell old board you have given us many memories we will always remember
Byebye, board. D:

Guess this is going to make me think up a new character...

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