Out on a Stroll
[Secui Form, 23rd October Arachnea's Revenge] Word Count: 503

The tree's here are beautiful. Nothing like New Orleans. A cool autumn breeze brushed through the golden-red silky long hair of an unfamiliar female Russian wolf, the crunching of soft coniferous needles and frosty soft dirt granting a fresh breath of life into her spirit. But, of course, that moment of peace was ever-so brief. The instant she heard the playful barking of her male pups, her head rose, and her gait went from a slow walk to a quick pace. Nikolai! Konstantin! Her accent was rather peculiar; a mix of Russian and American-Southern. What did I tell you about playing in the dirt! A small grunt-like sound came from her throat as she slowly came to a stop, adrenaline rising as the scent of her boys rose in the air. The boys are turning out like their Papa.... She watched the two month old pups roll around on the ground, nipping at each other and consistently running into tree trunks. This made her smile. Her boys.... Her strong strapping hellion hoodlums were true Russian warriors. Sabyne could see them years from now, ending up like their father and the rest of her Russian relatives - may they rest in peace - who gave the Somanov name a history and a representation worth being proud of. Papa would be pleased with this litter, she whispered, icy blue eyes twinkling with happy memories, the little that she had to hold onto.

Momma? Sharlotta spoke softly to her mother in that sweet innocent pure voice, one of the many characteristics that classified the small thing under "insanely adorable." The 10 week old pup looked up at her mother with a piercing yellow gaze from her spot upon the ground, where her mother looked down at her. She had laid down next to where her mother appeared to have settled and was chewing on a few coniferous needles as she talked. There was no trace of Russian in her tone. Why is Niko and Konny so rough?

The mother seemed to smile down to her daughter, leaning her long neck down to lick at the top of her head, cleaning her fur momentarily while spreading some affectionate love. Lottie’s tail wagged, her small pink tongue with a tiny black dot on the tip licking her mother’s muzzle in turn. The moment was cut short, however, when the boys slammed into a tall tree and rolled to their sides, seemingly dizzy. A short snort came from Sabyne. True Russian во́ин are aggressive and rough in battle; it is in their nature, милая. Your brothers are only preparing themselves to live up to the family name! The three year old made a low cackle sound, resonating from her throat and chest.

OOC: never had Raoth interact with other pups, so here we go!

Raoth nosed through the deer kill, messily choking it down. It had already been injured, but even then he had earned a new gash on his body from the kill. Hunting down something so large on his own was difficult. The taste was worth it. He'd have to bring it back to Casa once he was through. They would appreciate the kill. Aro might even give him some praise for it. His tail lashed behind him at the thought, not minding the fact that he was dripping the food all over the place without a tongue to hold it in as he chewed.

A sharp call brought Raoth's attention up. He stood, brushing what there was on his body off. The coyote was a complete mess with blood over his body and no way to clean it off but water. He didn't take the time to do such a thing, choosing to go right over and investigate the noise. Looking over he stared at the sight of a family of wolves playing around. The mother looked right ferocious, and at any other time he would have felt like challenging her. The male pups crashed into a nearby tree, sending the mute coyote back a step. With the pups there he didn't have a clue of what was expected of him. He couldn't harm pups, so most of his normal reactions were cut off right there.

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