Bad Joining Time
I signed up a day or so ago, and now the big announcement that the servers are being transitioned and such...should I wait to post anything major or do anything with my profile?
First of all welcome to souls Smile You're going to love it here I promise you. Second, Go ahead and make up your profile all you want Smile You actually have to get your character approved before you can start posting anyways, so what I would do is just copy and paste everything you need to make your charrie, as in the list of required stuff for your charrie, and type it all out in a word document or whatever you use to type out stuff, then when the new board is up just copyo pasteo presto changeo Big Grin

If you need help creating a charrie I can help, or you could always wait until the new board comes up and adopt an open charrie from someone if you wanted to ^^ Again welcome to souls, don't let the board moving scare you away Tongue
It might be good to wait to actually apply when we get to the new board (since this one is going down in a matter of a few hours), just because the administrators have a lot to do to get it ready to go. But you can feel free to edit your profile on this board (it shouldn't be lost during the move, but it won't be accessible for a while during the moving process) or, like Kemo said, just type it in a word document or even the 'Souls Wiki.

Feel free to pester us more with questions if you have any! During the move, guests can log into the 'Soulschat and so you'd be able to talk to 'Souls members there while you wait. Smile

Hope that helps! Welcome to 'Souls!

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