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Character Name: Pendzez Zazkex
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Pendzez walked into the Pheonix Valley pack terriory, not realizing he has. He found it to be an uninhabited area. He thought that where he was would be a good place to rest for awhile. He looked with his flaming red eyes from one end of the meadow to the other end. Nothing that would harm him was in sight, just a few birds. In his Optime form, he arched his back, at the same lifted up his arms, taking a stretch. He then gently placed his left hand on his neck with a few head movements to make sure it wasn't stiff. soon after, he ran his fingers through his head hair to straighten it out a bit while breathing in some clean refreshing air.

Now Pendzez was ready to relax himself. He looked down to make sure where he was sitting down, and dropped his body on to the soft patch of grass. He sat there for sometime, watching the horizon of many moutains that were in the distance. He then looked up at the bright blue sky as a bird flew by overhead and thought of going out there, up in the clouds, flying over many things. He closed his eyes at the thought of it, feeling the breeze on his face. The thought left and his starburst marked eyes opened. He looked back forward to the mountains, then laid his head down flat on the soft patchy grass. He closed his eyes for the moment.

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The snowy woman had patched up her ribs the best she could. She knew she should be laying down, not pushing herself, but she also knew neither leader was in any condition to walk the borders. Iskata was depressed, and Hel was pregnant. Deuce's broken ribs didn't stop her from walking the borders. The day was unusually bright, as compared to what it had been. That was nice, although it didn't stop her mood from being on the darker side of the spectrum.
She almost didn't see the male laying in the gass, until his scent came to her. Another new-comer. That was good. They needed more. Hopefully he was here to join, and not just to visit. She approached slowly. Then again, slow was the only way she moved right now with her broken ribs. At least the cuts were healing. Some would be scars, but that was okay. She already hd scars. One crossed her blue eye, and the tip of one ear was torn away. She looked more like the warrior than the shaman. But it didn't matter much.
"Hello there." Her voice was calm, almost cool. She was rather reserved when it came to strangers.

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This tranquil was around for long because Pendzez could smell another presence in the area he was in. He opened his eyes at the scent, but because of his young age, he couldn't tell where it was originating from. It came closer and closer and then a voice. Someone saying hello by the sound of it. It startled him, however, and he immediately jumped on his feet and drew out his claws to attack. He was ready to attack the mysterious "creature" that was near him, but upon laying his eyes on it, he found that it, or she really, was just a harmless wolf.

Afterwards, Pendzez retracted his claws and bowed with an appology. "Forgive me, you suprised me there for a second. I am technically still young." He didn't seem afraid of the female because they were both alike, sort of. Pendzez thought for a moment, and continued, "I'm Pendzez. Pendzez Zazkex. What's your's?"

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His readyness to attack both pleased and dismayed Deuce. She arched an eyebrow until his claws were away. When he spoke, his words were simple. An apology and an introduction. Technically young? Interesting. She'd never heard a yearling describe himself as such. She nodded, then spoke. Her voice was less cool, but still remained somewhat distant from them.
"I am Deuce Rhiannon, the shaman of Phoenix Valley, the packlands you have just wandered into. Is there a reason you are lounging around on our lands?" Her ribs ached damnably, but she remained standing, staring down at the boy. He had a scar on his muzzle. That wasn't unusual, seeing that the tall white femme had quite a few of her own scars. Some were still fresh injuries, gained from Ahren just days ago.

The Pheonix Valley packland? For once, Pendzez was in the right place he was looking for. There were times that he didn't find what he was looking for. When he was younger, he was trying to find his hiding place, but he forgot where it was. Took him nearly two days to find it. That was emmbarressing to him to even think about it. He tried not to think about it, not while he was in the presence of a female. It would make him feel weak inside. The Pheonix Valley was the place where wanted to be at the moment. All he did was rested on the ground. He didn't mean to cause any problems, thought if he went there for no reason, then that would trespassing on the packlands. That would be the last thing he wanted to do. To cause that kind of trouble. He would feel so bad about that, or mabye he would be killed for it. He didn't think about it, though because he can explain why he came to Pheonix Valley to someone who seemed to be of authority.

Pendzez had to come up with some words to say to the female, but he had no luck. He thought for a while more, then he came up with something. "Um, it's nice to meet, Miss Rhiannon. I didn't mean to lounge on your land for no reason, actually I was resting here. The area was clear when I looked around, but I though I was in the Pheonix Valley by now. With you here, and you said that we're in the Pheonix Valley, then I guess I'm at the place I was looking for anyway. The reason why I'm here is because I was hoping to join the pack, if that's ok with you?" Pendzez had a glint of being worried in his eyes because he might have been rejected for his age. The reason he was at Pheonix Valley was to find the pack to join. However, there was also a glint of hope. He might even be accepted, but it depended on Deuce's decision.


She studied him, then knelt down, one hand going to her ribs to try and keep them from hurting. No such luck. After she was down to his level, she sat there for a moment, trying to mentally banish the hurt. Once it was tolerable, she smiled gently at the boy. "Pendzez, how old are you?"
If her guess was right, he was around the age her sons would be, and that made her mommy instincts flare up. She missed her boys, and her grandsons. Her bi-colored eyes were soft, with just a touch of wistfulness. She missed her sons badly. She hadn't seen them since having to leave Twilight Vale. So long ago. So distant. It made her heart ache worse than her ribs.

Pendzez then started to feel nervous, shuttering a little, but he tried to hide it. He didn't know whether
he would be either rejected, or accepted. He just tried his best not to think about it because that
might be showing weakness. He didn't want to be reject.

It wasn't long after that Deuce was sitting down somewhere around Pendzez's level. The way she was, it was almost like she was hurt. Pendzez was about to offer her help with her wounds, if she had any, but he was halted by a question. "Pendzez, how old are you?" Pendzez always knew hold he was. That was an easy question to answer. "I'm one year old miss. Is that a problem?" Pendzez then started to think if he was too young to join the pack. This was starting to trouble him badly, but he put his mind on it for long.
One year. Six months older than her boys. So much, and yet, compared to her five years, so little. She gave him a reassuring smile; the poor boy seemed nervous. "It's not a problem at all, dear. I was just wondering, is all. Do you have any family, or are you travelling alone?"

She'd been on her own at a year, though not of her choice. Rurik and his brother Thorn had taken her into their pak without many questions. She'd been a poor hunter and a non-shifter. Useless. And still they'd welcomed her and never complained, even during the famine. If this boy was sans-Family, as she had been, what better kindness could she show than letting him in?
Pendzez felt more relaxed now because of his age being no problem for joining. Deep down he was happy and excited because he might actually have a chance of joining, but then everything went dark and Pendzez became silent. The word "family" made him froze and speechless for a few seconds. It made him remember a tragic incident that happened two months ago. He didn't what to say, but he took a breath and said cleary, "Well, I had a family, but..." This made him draw a tear to his left eye; it was painful to remember such a life-scarring tragidy.

He tried his best to hide his inner pain. He was hoping that no one would ask him about his family. The terrible memory of them, lying there, not moving, it scarred him for life. All he could do was try and forget about it and to not let it affect his life any further. He shook it out of his head and he continued, "I'd rather not talk about it."
Her bi-colored eyes softened at the obvious pain, becoming more compassionate and kind. The shaman laid a hand on the boy's back in understanding. "I understand, sweetie. You may stay with Phoenix valley as long as you wish to. We are like a big family. We have our quarrels, but we still love eachother at the end of the day."

She stood, beckoning to him. "I'll show you my house. Our members live in either a house or a more natural den. You are more than welome to stay with me if you'd like, I have enough room for the two of us." She gave him a friendly smile and a wag of her tail.
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Pendzez always had hard times, but very bad ones such as this. He loved his family, but he guessed that was life. Everything lives, then it dies. There was nothing he could do about it. With that and with Deuce's being supportive, he couldn't feel any more better. Though Deuce put her hand on his back, Pendzez remained calm because she was being supportive. " I thank you for your kindness. It's true about what you said. Though we have quarrels, we still love each other"

Soon after, Deuce then beckoned Pendzez if he would would come with her to her house, then told him about the pack lives. He thought about her offer for a couple of seconds, then gave her an answer. "Well, Ok. I thank you for the offer."

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