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1. Character Name: Lysander

2. Character Birthdate (including year): October 1 2006

3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Husky- malamute mix, Luperci

4. Gender:Male

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7. How did you learn/hear about 'Souls?: It’s me, Kris!

Widespread paws kept him from sinking too deeply into the snow as he trudged along, back to the borders of the pack he had selected. His initial aim had been vague, the only real decision in making his way was remembering which direction his brother had set off on months before. While it was not exactly his goal to meet back up with Leland, the sleek and silver male did not like having no direction at all and Leland’s destination was as good as any. It had taken him months to catch up and track down the right area but once he had, he discovered it was not just one pack in the lands his brother had settled on. It was many. Which was fortunate, because that meant they wouldn’t have to stay in the same pack. Leland meant little to the compactly built canine, just an ending point in the inevitable journey he had taken and a source of amusement when he told the burly, red hued husky his sweet heart Lela had finally spit out some puppies. Yet he would let Leland find him, it was more fun that way, and he was excited to see how long it would take the jolly idiot to look here.

The other packs had been too full, Leland’s home, or consisted entirely of another species. His selection had merely been an elimination process over the past week he had taken to get aquatinted with the lands, but that did not mean it was not desirable. Any pack was as good as another, he would be loyal to whichever took him. Acceptance first, loyalty later, Lysander was a pro at that game. It worked with women, it worked with packs, he was not one to question the system if it worked. Plus the location was attractive, right next to the big city, which Ly imagined he would spend a lot of his time in. There was probably enough trouble and fun to find in the human remnants of the city to keep him occupied on his downtime.

White paws stopped a few yards off from the borders, he knew how to play this game too. All life was, was a serious of games, most of which he won. He’d win this one too, he already knew the outcome, but he would let whatever wolf or dog found him first play their fair share of good hands, it was only common courtesy, like the other guy feel like a winner first. Settling down on his haunches, the curly husky tail wrapped easily around his feet, keeping them warm from the exposure. He’d sit statue still until they found him, calling out was rude, as was relaxing so close to the border. He hadn’t anything better to do and had all the time in world, Lysander didn’t mind waiting.

DaVinci had once more stuck to the outskirts of the lands, today though he wasn't set to marking the borders, infact he was trying to stay away from the mass of new members as his elder mother was extremely interested in knowing everything he could fill her in on the new crowd. He didn't know why she wasn't spending her own time trying to find all the new packmates out and getting the answers for herself but he figured it had a bit to do with her new appearance and not wanting to deal with first impressions she knew she'd make. He wanted to tell her that after meeting Jefferson that the appearance of the whilom was probably nothing to the poor souls that had come to join them all. He just shook his head at the idea and sighed.

Suddenly he realized that the scent of another had taken over the scents of the border as the Savant of the pack frowned and grumbled to himself. He hoped that it was just another new packmember that he had yet to meet but this close to the border he didn't believe that he was going to have any luck on that. Atleast Jefferson couldn't say he wasn't attempting to pull his weight now.. though he doubted those would be the words he'd throw to DaVinci, his would probably be more colorful and spoken in a irritated tone. He grinned to himself as he turned toward the border to see just what he'd found this cold winter's day.

The hybrid male watched the relaxed form of the stranger on the border as he studied the figure, wondering just what he was going to have to deal with now. He smirked as he cleared the distance and stood before the mutt as he asked. "What's the story my little friend?" Probably not the best choice of words considering the size of the stronger, but it wasn't like DaVinci cared, this was his pack, not the lazy loner's. Probably just another pathedic sap wanting a free meal or two before heading on their way.

Triangular ears perked and silver eyes slowly scanned the area in response to the words of the wolf. Exaggeratedly Lysander searched for the “little friend” and finding no one but himself offered the male a convincing but fake grin. “Oh well, me then? Alright...” Lysander took a moment to pause, or pretend to pause. Of course he had his words all planned out, he had long before he ever reached the borders of this pack. Having months to travel and nothing to see and no one to talk with left one well prepared. Numerous situations of when he had arrived at his new home had been played out, and every one of them ended in his favor. Sometimes the hand of cards that got dealt was harder to play than others, but Lysander was a pro. He’d trumped in the end, eventually.

Easily and rehearsed he let his ear fall back and his steel eyes advert from the wolf. He knew proper protocol, wolves were far more concerned with signs of submission than dogs were, it was a common myth that the two subspecies did not have their difference in social behavior. “I, errrm, I was hoping that there might be some extra space here, for me to ya know, uhh... stay.” His words sounded unsure and shaky, and Lysander enjoyed throwing in the hesitant “errrms” for good measure. Sounding like a clueless idiot was thrilling, he had good practice mocking Leland and Lyle.

Physically Lysander shuffled uneasily on his feet, mentally Lysander wore a shit eating grin. Most likely even if DaVinci managed to discover Lysander’s true self, which was nearly impossible and Lysander wasn’t sure he even knew it, the wolf wouldn’t find the humor in all of the dog’s make believe games and personas, and Lysander couldn’t explain it. One of his many aliases begged to be released, but Ly knew that if he were indeed to live here, he would get tired of no one knowing his true name. Better to be up-front now and devious later. “My name... is Lysander.”

DaVinci could not help but be a bit disappointed in the large brute before him. He was hoping to offend the creature and see some sort of emotion from the stranger but he didn't seem to do anything but grin like a dope and offer an idiots reply as well. The words he was greeted with here were not what he wanted to hear either. He was hoping the doggish male was lost but it would only be his luck that along with disappointment he would be having another run of bad luck. His ears twitched slightly as he eyed the other as he seemed to be doing the general everyday run of the mill slight plead slight request for a home for all seasons.

The steele hued hybrid just yawned, his jaw cracking as he displayed his boredom at the male's request as he cut off any other words the male might have coming his way. "Yeah, yeah.. We've heard that story a million times buddy, get on with it.." His whiskered twitched as he tried to keep from smirking at the stranger. Everyone within the pack knew that DaVinci was born and bred a brat. Now it seemed all those even wanting to beg a bone from the pack would as well. He might not think much of himself but he did his job and was likeable enough within his pack, he didn't need the love of the world to want to live."I guess we have to do this the proper way then.. Lysanderrr.." he said as he dragged out the poor fellows name mockingly. "I'm DaVinci, the pack's Savant, second in command." He eyed the male to see what he thought of such a character actually assiting in leading a pack, anyone could tell DaVinci didn't look like he belonged in the mists of a bunch of wolves.. but neither did this freak of nature either.

He ran his tongue over his teeth repeatedly as though something was irritating him as he leaned back in boredom and asked. "Anything about you that would just dazzle me, anything about you that would really blow me away?" Now he was just picking on the poor guy. It wasn't like the hybrid leader wasn't going to let him into the pack, they would find out later how deep his loyalties would root themselves within the pack.

Lysander was giddy with DaVinci’s impatience, but he did not let it show. Instead his eyes only seemed scared, concerned, as if DaVinci’s foul mood would keep him from the pack. He knew better, they wouldn’t turn away an able bodied male such as himself, unless he gave them a reason to, and of course he wouldn’t. “Oh, yes yes, of course sir, sorry to waste yer time!” He sounded sincere, most apologetic, almost sniveling, and yet he couldn’t be more pleased with the wolf would had come to greet him. They were all different, they all have different styles, he had watched the scouts of his own clan numerous times and he had always imagined what it would be like to be on the outside, seeking to be within. Now he knew, and he found it most amusing.

“Very pleased to meet ya DaVinci.” Lysander offered him a warm smile, and Lysander was pleased, similar to the way he was pleased when he found fawns separated from their mothers. Most anything could be a game, and there was humor in everything the world has to offer, one just has to be receptive. Lysander was quite receptive. “Savant eh? Quite impressive.” Nothing about him indicated mockery, his posture, his voice, his eyes, all very sincere, but DaVinci would have strangled him if only he could read the husky’s thoughts.

Now his favorite part of the game came, he had been quite excited to sell himself and see just how much it would take for them to accept his offer. Like a prostitute dressing herself down until someone came and picked her up, Lysander would just add tiny layer upon layer until DaVinci decided he was good enough. Who care if the talents and skills he offered were real or not? “Hmm well, me? I’m in good health, a great hunter, fair scout…” They were all generic, besides Leland he didn’t know anyone who couldn’t hunt for themselves. Yet he wasn’t whipping out the glitter until it was asked for, he never went above or beyond except for his own amusement.

The newcomer seemed to be grating on DaVinci's nerves without even trying, perhaps he wasn't cut out for all these simple chores of a leader. He hated seeing another turned into a sniveling begging pathedic excuse for a life. His stormy orbs were lowered as the clumby fumbling words of the male greeted his ears. He almost bared his fangs at the large male as the overly apologetic words came into play. Instead he just sighed as the creeping feeling ran down his spine as he groaned. "Shut up with the apologies.." He didn't care to hear the words of the male as he rolled his eyes in disgust.

If the male had been literatly begging at his feet he probably would have walked over the fellow then and moved on but he was lucky enough that Lysander was not, yet. The warm smile that was granted to the Savant and the cheery words were too much to DaVinci's stomach as he gritted his teeth and held his breath for a moment before letting the air rush between his fangs as he turned his eyes back to the male before him. "Yes, really, really impressive." he said dryly as he narrowed his eyes slightly, trying to figure out if the male was really as dim as he was putting off to be or if he was just mocking DaVinci. Either way the male didn't really care, as long as he stayed out of his personal business and if he lasted more than a half moon, tended to his duties and responsibilies that was enough for DaVinci.

When the male finally tured back to the traits and skills he had the hybrid just stared at him dully before stating. "That Soooo.. did not dazzle." He scratched at a flea along his ribs as he asked. "Anything else, anything special or anything about your past I should be concerned about?" He was starting to wonder if the male had always been a loner or if he'd been tossed from his last pack for just being a dumbass. DaVinci himself probably would have been thrown to the winds if he'd kept up the path he'd travelled down in his younger moons. Now.. he was just a bastard, but he did his chores like a good little boy. He was waiting for the magic or the mystery behind the male to shine through.

Lysander had to consciously keep his tail from wagging as the higher ranked wolf told him to shut up and shrugged off his compliments. It took so little to get others to snap, Lysander almost grew bored of the game sometimes, almost. “Of course, of course sir, I apologize…” Apologizing for apologizing, he saw nervous creatures and stupid creatures do it often and he mocked them flawlessly. Brainless and worried, he knew how well he played the part, he had after all spent enough time around others that fit the description.

The husky paused, his face fell, as if he were blown away his list of attributes had not gotten him in door. Stammering and stumbling, Ly’s words faltered as they came from his mouth. “Errm, what’s else? Ah…” He tilted his head as if to think, but in reality was only recalling rehearsed words, his silver eyes taking a rather lengthy look at the sky. “Oh right! I can craft! Yes, I can craft!” His tail thumped loudly on the ground and he fed DaVinci another too happy grin. It was as if the idea had just occurred to him, but in truth, he could craft, and craft well. “Bows, arrows, jewelry, I can sew clothes… I can fix most anything.”

He had practiced since he was a child, though he knew his mother and father would not have approved. There were those in the clan who had interest in human trinkets and tools, they had not minded teaching the overly curious child and with so many canines in the clan, his parents had never noticed or got wind of his dealings. It mattered not, he was sure by now Leland and the other two dealt with human accessories as much as he. It was just the way the world was changing. “That’s a useful skill… if ya ask me.”

The silvery blue Savant sighed as the other male once again apologized. He wasn't going to drill anything into this fellow's head anytime soon it seemed. DaVinci just shook his head and tried to keep from snapping at the male, he was one of the highest ranked creatures in the pack and he needed to set an example, but it was so hard when the whole of the pack seemed destin' to keep acting like a bunch of lemmings. He counted slowly and exhaled again before turning those stormy orbs back to the mutt abeggin for a bed.

The disappointment across Ly's face almost made little sparks of warmth flood DaVinci's chest as the loner stumbled and simmered over something more than what he had already offered. DaVinci really didn't care just how skilled or special the stranger was, if he could hunt and track he was adapt enough for the pack, besides, they had their own form of living that offered them an advantage when the pickings were slim. He nodded to himself as Lysander gave more proof of his use and still kept rambling on. "Ok.. I really don't care what your weight in gold is.." he said flatly before just shaking his head.

"Fine, you can stay.." he said suddenly. He had other things to do than deal with these simple minded fools. "You'll start off at the rank of Loas, once you prove yourself we'll talk more." His eyes glanced off towards the inner packlands as he smirked. "Don't go messing with the bull.." he muttered before chuckling and turning his eyes back to Lysander. "or do.. it could prove to be interesting." he said with a slight shrug of his shoulder. "Welcome to Phoenix Valley..."
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