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Musquodoboit Valley, any number of people. Big Grin I was hoping to do something like, a flood or a rescue—something of that nature. Charon's pretty useless, but I need some excitement in his life. XD Maybe whoever replies to this, Char can get sorta-swept away, and you can get the rescue skull for the Catacombs? :o

    There was more rain than Charon had ever seen, coming down torrentially. There had been a lot of rain since he'd happened on these territories and started running into the canines who lived here, but this was just an obscene amount, torrentially coming down from the sky with no end in sight. It had been raining all damn day again, but it seemed the worst part of the storm had swooped in while Charon was in the lowlands, lucky wolf. He had no idea about flash-flooding or anything of that nature, or how if the world got wet enough this valley would be one of the first things to fill up—but he was smart enough to avoid the winding creek in the center of this valley. Already it roared, swollen with the day's rain, but now it was growing angrier. He could hear it clearly, even through the wall of water the rest of the world seemed to be made of.

    The river had a distinctive sound, it was something akin to an endless growl, the throaty noise a predator who has injested too much. Unfortunately for Charon and whoever else might be nearby, there was no long siesta to quiet its indigestion. Even though Char was several hundred feet away from the closest bank, he was still in a fair amount of danger. The torrential storm and the day's downpour were too much for the usually quiet river which wound through these peaceful territories; it overflowed its banks and began to flood out the valley, the water rising inches every moment, creeping closer to the big wolf who was walking parallel to it.

    He did not immediately realize the trouble he was in when he was suddenly walking through water. It was a puddle lapping at his toes, and the wolf stopped, peering dumbly around him, wondering if perhaps he had accidentally walked to the river instead of away from it. He blinked his deep indigo eyes in confusion, peering at the water that was rising up to his feet instead of running for high ground like he should have been. Where he was from, the water was almost always frozen, and the ocean surely never flooded like this. The already sodden gray wolf was in very real danger of getting swiftly and rudely taken by the current that was lapping at his ankles. He could already feel a curious tugging on his toes, but his mind did not register this as danger. It was just like walking in the shallows, right?

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The rain had been coming down hard. It was impedeing the little walk that Flayra was taking. She had been a little bored just sitting around the pack of CD, she mentioned that she was going for a scroll outside the pack. Might be a day or two. She wasn't really expecting it to rain, since there was only little cloud. Now, few hours later, it's pelting down like there was gonna be no tomorrow. Flayra's fur was soaking wet as she swiftly walked along the winding river's edges, trying to find cover from the flooding rain. She held her Rose Thorn Staff in hand as she continued along, coming to an opening in a rock wall near by which looked like a mouth of a cave. She decided to use this as a cover, since it would be a while before she would reach Crimson Dreams. Running for it, once she was inside, she shook off some of the water from her pelt, which she felt a little bit dry.

She looked out of the cave mouth, finding that there was more rain and that the river was swelling up, becoming more dangerous. It would cause a fllod the way it's going if it remains on course, not that the girl had problems, as long that those who saw the river as a danger would take care when trying to avoid it. She hoped that the life around it that would try to escape the ravaging flood would get to a safe spot or a high ground where there will be little to no damage from the swelling river. She wondered if there was any where else that would experience this kind of rain. If there was gonna ber flood there, she hoped that the wolves or any other life would find high ground and to safety.

Seeing something move from her eye, she saw that there was a wolf that was walking in the river, that was rising by the minute. This wolf looked like a male, who seemed to be a dimwitted or that he was brave enough to walk on the water to the other side. She didn't like the water levels. Maybe she should lend a hand, if he needed one. She moved out of the cave mouth and to the river side. "The water is getting too uneven. You should get to the edges." Even though that the male was new to her, she was getting worried that a life, which still needed to live out, would be no more but a body drifting on water.
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         The arctic wolf was completely unaware of the danger he was in; he had very little experience with unfrozen water and he wasn't quite sure why the river was flooded so. The pale canine stood for a few more moments in the rain, peering around curiously while the water was rising millimeters by the second, inching upwards along his legs slowly. He arced his tail to keep it from dipping in the water, though it was a rather useless effort since the rain had already taken care of soaking him to the bone long before the river had begun to rise. After a few more moments standing around and pondering the world around him, Char continued onward as if nothing at all was wrong.

         The big wolf padded onward through the water, all the while the persistent tugging at his toes grew stronger. He was getting annoyed with it now, and though he had not altered his course in the beginning he began to drift to shallower waters and higher ground, though it certainly was not out of any driving instinct to survive. The pale wolf carried on this way for a few moments until he heard a voice, his gray ears pricking to better catch the sound through the rain. The canine who had called to him did so from the edge of the water, and he peered over, narrowing his blue eyes as he made his way over.

         Even then, her warning was not enough to drive him out of the water; it was the desire for company and companionship that drove him over toward her, though he gave her a wide berth at first. His time here had been short, but already he had been taught to fear some creatures. His tail wagged, sopping wet as it was, and he smiled, still-ankle deep in the fast swelling river. "Howyadoin?" he spoke quickly, almost breathlessly, smiling. "It's just water, what's the worst it could do?" the Secui joked, taking a playful swipe at the water with one big paw as he beamed up at his newfound friend.

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okie dokie. She'll be his savior. Also, she sees signs of a big force of water approaching? Big Grin.

Flayra watched as the male, who appeared to be an idiot, was just standing in the rising river. She looked down to the river, which seemed to be never stop rising up. The girl was starting to get worried that from the direction of where the river is flowing from would increase in velocity and pressure, turning a normal river into a mini tidal wave. The girl had to think of something if the male was gonna get swept away by the current that was getting stronger. He was being even more of an idiot when he was saying hello. The girl shook her head. "Yeah, hi. Get out of the water now!" she yelled demandingly, the rain beating down like it was before, not increasing or decreasing.

It was then that the girl noticed that there was a slight push of water. She looked where the water was flowing from, seeing that there was more water coming than before. Oh crap. Something was coming. She had to get him out now. "Look, get out now. You'll get washed away." She looked again, seeing that it was getting close. The water was rising higher even quicker. She had to think of something before it was too late to even get him out. What was she to do if this male was too studip to notice the rising water.
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    Charon was pretty dumb. Or maybe he wasn't—he was just sheltered and inexperienced. There was much in the world the big wolf was uncertain about, water being one of them. Hell, he wasn't even sure if he could swim; he'd never tried. The water was always too cold where he was from to have tried. As the silver wolf wandered closer to the pale woman, he felt that tug steadily increasing on his feet, annoying him now. He grumbled a little bit as he drew closer, and was taken aback with her rudeness. He stopped short and glared at her for a minute. "Now, wait just a minute. I was just trying to be nice," he explained, recalling the incident with the black wolf clearly. There was no reason for a repeat, and if she was going to be mean and yell at him there was no point in sticking around.

    The pallid wolf looked behind him, and Charon wished he had arms to cross. She spoke again, again asking that he got out. Sighing very heavily, the big wolf grumbled again. "Oh, all right already, yeesh," he said. "If you think—" he wasn't able to finish his thought, since a wall of water a foot high had suddenly knocked him off of his feet. That tug on his toes had become a definite current, yanking him a few feet before he was able to latch ahold of a tree. He was highly confused and losing his grip, and even as the water tugged and yanked at him, he was still trying to figure out what the hell had happened. He looked over at the white wolf, a dazed look in his mournful eyes.


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W.C.: 487

Claire was running at a fast pace almost since she left her new home in AniWaya, to return to her former pack and finally save her mother and the others. But what she didn’t count with was that damn rain.

She was in the middle of a totally unknown place when it began, following a beautiful river that slowly started to overflow, turning itself in a dangerous thing in less than an hour.

First, it seemed to be only a matter of time for the pouring to slow down and let the sun shine in again, but it didn’t seem it would be possible anymore, as the raindrops seemed to fall harder and faster, soaking wet the white femme, compelling her to slow down her pace.

Claire began to worry: she couldn’t see much things besides her own paws and a few inches of ground. She knew it was dangerous, especially in a totally unknown place, so her green eye started to search some shelter. It could be anything, a hole in some elevation or on the stem of some dead tree, or a cavern. Anything would be good.

Suddenly, a noise, different from all that deafing one that surrounded all the area.

It seemed to be voices.

Claire struggled to walk faster, seeking the source of those mixed up sounds that must have been words. It seemed to last forever, the claustrophobic feeling was growing inside her, alongside the fear and the despair of not being able to move as she intended to.

Then, finally, she saw two shapes. A moving one and a static one. Both were like her, arctic wolves, but the non moving one had light grey shades on his fur. And seemed to be unaware of the coming danger. The lighter one screamed something, and waited the answer, nervously. Claire guessed it must have been an order to get out of that big wave’s path. But she couldn’t help herself: “Hey! Hey! You, there! Get the hell out of that river! Quick, the wave is coming faster than you can imagine!!”, she cried out loud, as she got near them, not bothering to present herself or to trouble on thinking about whether she was invading one’s territories. There was a few things more important at that moment.

To save a life was one of them. Especially when the grayish one was carried away by the big wave.
Claire screamed, and ran towards the carried one, who were at that moment holding tightly to a tree, with the water tug coming and pushing him to the other direction. The big and seemingly confused wolf was in danger, she knew that.

“Hey, can you help me?”, Claire screamed to the lighter wolf, her voice sounding even more high-piched, due her despair, as she threw herself in that dangerous water flow, to try to reach the other’s body and pull him to a safest place.

Alright, so basically, Char is going to drift down the river a little bit, and Claire can follow, effectively giving Flayra a written exit from the thread. :] ♥ to you for replying, please take your time with your replies 'cause I know you've said you've got school and such. ^^

      Sheer terror had overtaken the big silvery wolf. One moment, he was standing there talking to that unknown white wolf, the pale woman in the cave—the next here he was, hanging onto a tree desperately. There was another figure, another woman with a pale coat, but she hardly registered on his mind as the water tugged relentlessly on his limbs and arms. His grip on the slippery trunk was beginning to fail, and it was all Charon could to simply let out a high-pitched, frightened whine. The silvery wolf peered over at the pair of women, nothing but complete fright in his face. His ears were pinned against his head, and he cried out again as he nearly lost his grip on the tree, saving it only at the last possible second.

      "P-p-please help," he said, stuttering with the chill of the water and the fear, his voice barely projecting over a whisper. He wanted to shout and scream, but the shock of the frigid river and the terror in his heart would barely allow him to move, petrified and clinging to that tree desperately, as it was the only thing currently keeping him from being swept away. Still, the water yanked and tugged, pulling at his toes and the tip of his tail. His hips were underwater, only his arms and chest and head above the water level, and that was hurting him more than helping him—it only gave the river more surface area to grasp ahold of and put pressure on, and in a split second his hands were wrenched free, his body tumbling again into the flow of the water.

      Charon's grip had released the tree, and there was nothing he could do now except tumble into the water, his head occasionally plunging beneath, his leg and bottom scraping all along the ground. It was not deep water yet, but it was flowing fast, and the wolf turned himself around just in time to see another tree. His body slammed into it and bounced off, a sickening thud followed by a pained scream. He wildly hoped one of the two wolves was chasing after him; he didn't know if he would survive this, especially not if the water got any deeper than it already was.

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W.C: 464

In the middle of the pounding rain, near to an angry river, a small white wolf ran, her eyes following desperately the water flow.

As the big soaking wet wolf got pulled by the tug apart from the tree he was holding on, Claire didn’t wait any answer from the third wolf that was – or at least was meant to be - near them.

As the aniwayan had come from a north pack – and as such, never had seen an overflow before – she was uncertain about what to do, and decided, after swearing lowly, to follow her instincts.

So her legs drove her near to the silvery whining wolf, which had bumped to another tree, and was getting pulled away by the tug. Her chest moved quickly, as all the air around them wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her, and her green good eye barely blinked, for not to loose the other’s sight.

In despair, Claire had this immense urge of jumping in the water to save the big wolf as quick as possible, of which she could barely see some parts of the head or the body, only those which the angry water let it show. But she got a hold of herself, as she knew that any wrong movement, no matter how little, would spoil everything, that it would cost a life.

So she would follow. And wait.

Until the right moment.

She rose her head and ears as she saw that the bigger wolf was heading towards a rock, and if she couldn’t save him before his body reached the stone, it would be the end.

The sickening song of water flowing, the freezing sensation of the pounding rain, all disappeared, as the white femme darted towards a point just some inches ahead from the silvery despaired one, entering the water, feeling the hard tug pushing her legs and forcing her to loose her grip.

One second was enough to the two wolves’ bodies collide, both whining, Claire feeling the unstable ground leave her paws, as she felt the other’s front legs above her head.

“NO!”, she screamed, as she put all her strength on trying to get a grip of the ground again, but not being successful: her body was too small to carry both weights.

“Please, help!” she swallowed some water, coughing angrily "Please, try to get a hold of the ground! I can’t carry us both!”

The white femme tried as hard as she could to move her body in order to help the silver one to get back to a more suitable position, praying silently, asking the high forces to make him able to help her, to help them both.

And so, the two wolves struggled, still being pulled towards the giant rock, a few yards ahead.

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         Terror bubbled in the wolf's heart. The only other time in his life he'd ever felt like this was when the bear attacked, and even now he knew it was simple, stupid luck that had gotten him out of that particular jam. Now, bumping down the river, he was more certain than ever that he was going to freaking die, and he was absolutely terrified, weakly struggling in the water as he could just barely make out a dashing white form making her way toward him. The first white wolf? No, it was the second one, and he thanked his lucky stars that at least one of them was kind-hearted enough to care about a random stranger.

         Still, she did not leap after him at first, and Char was certain once more he would die, in sight of a would-be rescuer. After a moment she disappeared from sight, and he cried out again, whining and gurgling with the water in his mouth and all around him. The silver wolf was just about to give up when he hit something soft and furry, catapulted into the air for a moment. His feet flipped over him and he could just barely make out her words. With them he spun around,his claws finally able to grip the group beneath the water, halting their progress.

         Disoriented, Charon swung his head toward his rescuer as if waiting for instruction as to what to do next, blinking his watery eyes at his pale savior. He wanted to thank her then and there, but the words simply would not come; they were lost inside of him somewhere, distant and strange in his mind. The pale wolf whimpered and shivered, the cold of the water getting to him even through his thick coat. This was just miserable.

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W.C: 304

A wave of angry water splashed on Claire’s face, but she just closed her eyes and held her breath, as nothing at that moment was able to stop that wave of energy inside her body. Seeing the stranger doing his best to save them both gave her new strength, and just as him, she was putting all her efforts on trying to hold her body on the unstable ground, pushing it towards a safe area.

It wasn’t easy: for each pace they managed to do, the water seemed to pull them back two paces.
Another angry wave made them both whine in despair, Claire coughed again.

“C’mon! We’re almost there!” she almost screamed, more to herself than to the other, as her body started to show some signs of exhaustion.

Without thinking much, the small femme realized the utility of using that urge in accelerating her movements, and filled her lungs with wet air as she felt the big grey’s body at her side, pressed to hers as his life depended on that connection, struggling as much as herself.

After all, ‘to give up’ wasn’t part of her vocabulary at that moment.

So they fought against the tide, sometimes making good advance, sometimes being pulled back. How much time they spent on this – almost - silent battle? Only God knows. For them it seemed three times longer.

When Claire wasn’t almost feeling her legs anymore and her mind was spinning so hard it was almost impossible to think, she saw a glimpse of damp earth, as her body – and her companion’s – started to rise from the waters: they were reaching the river’s border.

The small femme smiled, exhausted, and found enough strength to reach a safe area. And then she stumbled and fell.

Claire closed her eyes, sighing.

“I’m alive.”

And everything went dark.

Dude, real life > roleplaying. This is a mantra everyone should have to memorize. X3 And you get to get that rescuer Catacombs skull since you totally saved Char's butt. Big GrinDD

      The gray wolf was disoriented and half-drowned, but seeing the stranger's new resolve filled his own once more. Some dim part of his consciousness kept him struggling for the shore, fighting hard against the current as they went, his claws struggling for grip in the ground. It was muddy and they slid back every now and then, but Charon and the pale stranger fought through the icy water, and they finally reached the shore. Char fell to his belly almost immediately, the pallid wolf's words registering in his head. His breath came in gasps, but he did not lose his consciousness, and as he lay there he became aware that something was terribly wrong with the woman who had saved his life.

      She wasn't moving! The wolf shot up with a bolt of adrenaline fueling his exhausted limbs, and he whined loudly, leaning in to nudge her cheek with his nose. "Please wake up," he demanded softly. Oh, what would he do if she was seriously hurt because of him? Whining again, the wolf sat back a moment, panic again rising in his chest. If only that other wolf had stuck around, he thought darkly, wishing ill on her for abandoning them as she had. "You saved my life," he marveled at the pale wolf, shaking his grizzled head. Who would have thought he was worth it?

      The pale silver wolf stood up again, taking in a breath and trying his best to assess the situation. Okay, so she was just passed out, right? He looked at her ribs, and saw them moving up and down. He breathed a sigh of relief. Nudging her shoulder with a paw, he leaned in and cocked his head, listening to her heavy breathing. "Are you okay?" he asked, turning his silvery head back to her, his wide indigo eyes fearfully regarding her angelic, pale-white face.

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W.C: 288


Everything was dark.

Everything she knew was dark.

And relief.


Suddenly, a voice, a far away sound seemed to echo on her mind. She tried not to pay attention. Now she was comfortable something was spoiling it? Damn.

She wouldn’t reply.

But the voice grew louder. And more worried.


Something was wrong.

Damn, she couldn’t let this go on without helping, could she?

No, she couldn’t.

But she didn’t know either how to approach the voice.

She even didn’t know what she was. Her name… what was her name?

A strange feeling started growing inside her. A hollow thing. Something was missing.

‘Claire…’ a soft voice called, as she felt a nudge. Somewhere. Was it in some part of her body? Did she actually have a body?

‘yes, dear sister, you have a body. Now turn back to it, will you? There’s others who still need you.’
Another nudge. Was it the owner of the velvet voice or was the whinning one who was doing this?

So much questions.

Her head started aching. Head…! And, slowly, she started feeling all her aching body again: her paws, her tail, her chest…

She coughed angrily, feeling something going out from her throat to her mouth and out of it, and opened her wet eyes, frowning with the intense light, blinking until the images were clear.

And there was this grey guy staring at her with worried blue eyes.

Claire tried to get up, but she just managed to rise her head and rest on her belly, feeling a bit sick.

“hum… hi… are…” she frowned, still staring the stranger as a lot of images passed through her aching head as sparkles of light “are you my brother?”

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         Oh, what would he do if she'd really hurt herself trying to save him? Charon didn't know what to do with himself; panic rose in his chest and he wished sorely that other wolf had come along to help; maybe she could have helped here with his pale white savior! Her eyes slowly opened and she blinked in the light, still seeming rather out of it as she rolled over to her belly, remaining there and mumbling in a rather disoriented manner. The question surprised him, and he grinned, shaking his head. "Oh no, miss, you just saved my butt from the river!" he answered, pride shining in his voice for her.

         The worst of it was over, it seemed, and Charon grinned broadly now, breathing the biggest sigh of relief he possibly could. "Boy, oh boy—you were really great! You dove right in after me. You're so brave and kind for rescuing me," he praised openly. Words like that from anyone but Charon Amrithai probably would have been sarcastic or not meant wholeheartedly, but not Charon—he was absolutely genuine and speaking the truth. "Thank you so much," he added, his brilliant indigo eyes shining at her reverently. He would never have expected it from this delicate looking, white-furred femme; she was smaller than he was and she was quite pretty, he was sure of it, when not soaking wet.

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W.C: 270

As the other’s voice sounded on her head, all the memories of the flood and rescuing started to appear on her mind, heavily, painfully, like strong lightnings, making her feel dizzier and more confused, covering the image of her brother, and their late conversation.

Claire closed her eyes and rested her head on her paws, waiting till her mind stopped spinning.

The white femme started getting better slowly, as she heard all the gratefulness on the gray wolf’s voice, and smiled, her eyes still closed.

“That’s ok. I remember now.” She took a deep breath and rose her head, staring at the other with sympathy “I’m sorry about my nonsense questions…” a bird started chirping far away.

The rain was gone, and the sun started shining, and although it was already descending on the horizon, it could still warm her yet wet fur, helping the gentle breeze on drying it. Such a peaceful and smooth sensation… she just wished she could feel like that forever.

At the same breath, the small femme knew she should be heading home at that moment, but she still hadn’t strength enough: she’d better wait until her paws were not shaking anymore, to make sure they would carry her all the way home in safety.

“Hm… are you in a hurry? Because I don’t feel I can walk right now. I think… I’d better wait here until morning… if you want to go, feel free… but before you go I just wanted to know your name, sir.”

Claire stared again to those deep blue eyes. And for the first time noticed how beautiful they were.


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