never enter the same river twice.

OOC Name: Shae.
Preferred method of contact: Board PMs.
Character Name: Asha Amara.
Character Age: Two years old.
Character Gender: Female.
Desired Profession Path, if any: Warrior, Ayastigi, if possible!
Regular Wolf or Luperci: Luperci
Spirit Animal (if age allows): Jaya, Galapegos Hawk.
How did you hear about 'Souls?: Played here numerous times before.
A short history of your character's time in the Tribe: She had originally been with AniWaya since birth, had disappeared on a personal adventure for quite sometime, only to come back to her homelands with news of her sister's well-being. With her second departure, she had dreams of mysterious and possibly terrible visions of her sister and the rest of the tribe that stayed behind with the original migration. Since then she has been on her own, only to return once again now that her wanderlust has been satisfied.
If joining OOCly, a link to three examples of RP: One, two, three.

Welcome to 'Souls!

Hey, welcome to 'Souls. You've just joined the craziest bunch of wolf roleplayers on the vast internet. If you haven't done so already, you should check out the rp guide for detailed information about our werewolves and other general role playing information.

Now that you're accepted, you need to do two things:
___1. Make your first IC post within five days.
___2. Update your profile with a bit of background information on your character.

You can also start saving up points toward titles and icons and cool stuff. Check out the Open Threads and Thread Requests forum for people looking to roleplay. You can post random out of character chat in the OOC Garbage with us, too.

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