Broken Leash

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Anatole did not catch the full display, but the Spirit did and made a note of it. She resolved herself to assist both the scared looking male and her stoic ward. With a great rush of air she lifted herself from his shoulders, flying off ahead of the pair. Once he was certain she was out of earshot, Anatole looked back to the taller wolf. “Everyone in our Tribe gains a Spirit Guide sometime in their life,” he explained. “She is mine.” This was where his explanation ended, unwilling to confide the reason or the story behind his own journey. It had not been made with a heart or eyes open, and this was a weakness within him that would not do well to surface.

They made their way to the central area, with Anatole circling wide around the flat rock area that served as Ceremonial Ground. Ahead the large fire burnt merrily, heating the area against the cold air. Several huts lined this area, and while Anatole himself did not live in this section of the territory, he knew it well.

“Why don’t you sit near the fire? I’ll go find some food.” Without waiting for a response, the dark wolf padded off towards one of the huts used for storage.

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The frightening bird didn't stick around for very long, much to Hadley's relief. It flew ahead, and Hadley watched it's trail. It certainly was beautiful to watch, even if it could claw his eyes out if it wanted to. Feeling the gaze of the male on him Hadley immediately dropped his head into a respectful position. Hearing that it was a spirit had his eyes growing wider and wider. He couldn't believe he'd just met something that he'd never even imagined existing. The closest he'd come to acknowledging the supernatural was realizing that Amy was a demon.

At the center several houses were all around. Hadley's head twisted round as he tried to look at everything. He was glad Grace lived on the outskirts, as such a set up would make him homesick. Startled by the realization that he missed Casa di Cavalieri Hadley glanced back as the wolf retreated, supposedly to get some food. Nervously Hadley made his way over to the fire and sat down on the ground, ignoring those places designed to sit on. It would take some getting used to for him to realize that he no longer lacked those rights.

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Anatole made his way towards a hut used for storage, and began looking through what remained. They were surprisingly short on meat, but the Tribe had been small during winter and had few skilled hunters. He hoped that this would change before summer brought on healthier, harder to catch prey. One thing they were not short on was fish, and he picked a small bundle of these up. As he turned to leave, a gust of air met his face. The golden eagle, a length of blue ribbon in her talons, had landed in the doorway.

He quirked a brow at her, and was given a savage glare. “I think it is time you learn the rituals of your tribe,” she said, and released the ribbon. Anatole bent for it and met her gaze. “It’s not time for a ceremony, is it?”

“No, but you can see that boy is not well. You will bless him.”

“Me!?” Anatole barked, his ears rising. “I’m a scout, not a priest!”

The eagle snapped at his hand, and while the wound did not draw blood, he felt a sharp pain cut through his arm. “Yes, you,” she said sharply. “I will teach you the words.”

Irritated, he considered making her hop over in the way birds walk, but finally offered the eagle his arm. She climbed onto this and made her way to his shoulder, and with a frown on his face, Anatole returned to Hadley. He held out the fish, and then settled next to the man cross-legged. Like his companion, Anatole sat on the dirt—he didn’t mind such a thing and found it easier to talk to someone on equal ground, rather than above them.

“Eat your fill,” he said, taking a single larger fish for himself. The three left were of medium size, but they certainly would provide more meat than what Anatole had taken. He rested the ribbon on his thigh and ate quickly, in a way that a lone wolf behaved for fear of someone taking his meal.

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Sitting by himself Hadley idly watched the flames dancing before him. He knew a lot about building fires, having that as one of his duties while traveling with Amy. This though, was on a whole other level. The fire was bigger than anything he'd ever seen, designed to command respect. That was something Hadley was more than willing to grant, keeping a safe distance from it's hungry mouth. It might have brought peace to some, but the show of power it held was too much for his shattered mind, associating strength with pain.

The male was frowning when he returned. Immediately Hadley wondered if he'd done something wrong, looking himself over. Nothing seemed out of place. Subdued he watched the fish be placed down. Hesitantly he reached over, selecting a single one. He ate more slowly, eyes watching for any suggestion that he had chosen wrong, that it would be taken away. At last he finished off the fish that he'd chosen, and eyed the remaining two nervously. He selected the smaller of the pair, and finished this one off much more quickly, body braced for a possible blow.

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The big wolf watched his odd companion quietly, clearing his muzzle of the traces of fish as he did so. When the male nervously took a second fish, he snorted bullishly. “Eat,” he grunted, and looked over to where the eagle sat. Seeing the confusion on his face, she shifted her weight and walked a few steps closer to the unfamiliar wolf, her amber eyes astringent but warm despite the endless glare of her species.

“When I spoke of wounds,” the eagle began, looking at the brown male as he ate. “I did not mean physical. You are a boy who has suffered much in life. Anatole will be performing Atawetiyu.” This time, she looked to her ward. The dark wolf perked his ears up, and sought through his memory to find the correct translation. While fluent in two languages, his lessons with the Councilwoman were coming along. Without much to focus on that required his mind to wander elsewhere, language was able to grow and be focused on solely. “Donoma is speaking of a ritual. Atawetiyu is when words are spoken to ask for good luck; we use paint and ribbons to show these things. Blue is the color of the north; hardships come from the north, but water is also blue and water is healing.” He glanced to the eagle, who nodded shortly. Anatole still feared water, but he understood it was much like the fire—all things that were death were also life, as was the way of the great circle of the world.

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The male's blunt command to eat relaxed Hadley immensely, allowing him to savor the fish he'd taken. The last one was ignored, most of his hunger filled. The large eagle strode towards Hadley, immediately making him nervous. At least she had warm eyes, even if they did have a sharp look to them. Hearing her words Hadley cocked his head curiously. Wounds that weren't physical. Nightmares, fear, shattered to the point of being unable to eat. That was him. Maybe she truly was correct that he had wounds, if not physical in nature.

The unfamiliar word confused the hybrid, and taking his cue from the bird he glanced over to the dominant wolf. Asking for luck? That was very peculiar. Then again, he'd been sure spirits weren't real, and here he was talking with one. Hardship coming from the north made perfect sense to Hadley, as he had traveled north to where he was captured. It was in the south he'd been set free again. Water as a healer also made sense. Unconsciously he found himself nodding along, agreeing with the words.

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Anatole was pleased to see that the other man seemed accepting of this proposition. He picked the ribbon up in his hands, and looked to the eagle. Being that he lacked the knowledge of proper words, the eagle would need to be the one to translate. He was slowly learning the language of his Tribe, but after living in a foreign, savage land for so long, this learning was slow. It was the eagle that spoke, but Anatole echoed her words in his own voice, lifting the ribbon as he did so.

Adanedi hia asgaya dohiyi, the Spirit spoke, Anatole’s deeper voice echoing her in time. He shifted his weight and reached for the other man’s arm. The wolf was careful not to touch the man yet; his motions indicated his intention to, but he wouldn’t want to spook the wolf. Ulisgolvtanv nasgi asgaya he'ga alihelisdi sanalei gvdodi nulinigvgv, the pair went on, and Anatole looped the ribbon around Hadley’s wrist as he spoke. He did this four times until it was taunt, and then tied it in a knot. Ulisgolvtanv nasgi asgaya kanvwodi.

Concluded, the eagle returned to Anatole’s side. She brushed against him, and he felt a surprising amount of warmth from the movement, but in the next moment she had taken off to the sky. The massive beating of her wings kicked the fire up, sending sparks flooding to the sky. The scout watched her go, green eyes following her dark shape until it rose high and faded out of sight.

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The blue ribbon was picked up, and Hadley watched with some curiosity, wondering what they were planning. A strange language he didn't understand filled the air, capturing the former slave and holding him completely still. His brown eyes focused intensely as the wolf moved towards the hybrid's arms. The movements were slow, assuring Hadley that they wouldn't hurt him, and Hadley allowed his arm to be taken, the ribbon being looped around.

It went a few times before being tied. The ceremony concluded the eagle brushed against her friend before flying into the air. Sparks flew, and he pulled away slightly from the fire. He was lucky that Amy hadn't decided that setting him on fire would be fun, though he had a feeling it had more to do with the fact that she wouldn't like the smell than anything else. Turning he looked at the male uncertainly. Will things b-be better now?

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