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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: September 12</p><p>

<p>The pups were a month old now. Terra didn't see any reason to remain in the den any longer, apart from the rest of the pack. Ayita's death had reawakened her need to be with her pack. They needed her now. The pups were old enough that she was letting them out of the den to play, so surely the move wouldn't be too detrimental. She gathered the toys and carefully tucked the pups up before walking over to the house.<p>

Terra moved through until she found the room with her collection of stolen items and magic supplies. Settling them down Terra moved through, placing things around this way and that. It was a bit odd, setting the room up while standing on two legs. Ananse and Loki were rather curious about her other items that smelled like her, Terra pushing them away swiftly. She didn't want them to chew on any of her daggers. Creating another partial den out of the closet she dumped the dangerous items on the bed, using the fabric to create a nest for her to curl up in. Now she was home. Hopefully the smell of lingering death wouldn't last long.</p></div>

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where is terra staying, exactly? :) or is it back at the hotel? i was not sure ^^

[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>It had been some time since Trent had run into Terra by the riverside. In his lupus form, he was there now, but there were no traces left of her now. Trent felt like shit ever since his encounter with Alder, and he just couldn't get his priorities right. His visit to Strelein seemed to have had little impact too, not really helping the male that was already on his deathbed anyway. He was so useless, not a help to anyone in the world. He wanted it to change, but how could it? He had no mate, still had the image of the dark stranger in the woods, when he'd first changed, burned into the back of his mind, even though it had been so many months.</p>
<p>The thin coywolf slunk through the trees, following Terra's scent trail. It'd been some time since he had gone back to nature for so long, in his lupus form. He had even hunted for a bit. He'd even replaced one of the many rabbits and other prey he'd stolen from his pack over time. Finally contributing, well... something. And now, he needed his form to find Terra.</p>
<p>Eventually he found a house, where her scent ended. The trail was rather clear, and he was pretty sure that she was there. She had to be. That, or she was watching him from up in a tree, ready to pounce down any moment... Unlikely, but Trent couldn't help but glance upwards just to be sure. No Terra there, phew.</p>
<p>It took Trent a little while to force himself back into his optime form, and once he stood on two legs, the coywolf cleared his throat, stretched his arms and legs and carefully walked up to the door, as if Terra could swing out with a shotgun any moment now. <strong>"Hello?"</strong> he called out as he stood in front of the house, waiting to see if it would be Terra that would come out to greet him, or some angry other person. You never really knew, in luperci world. He hoped it'd be Terra though, and her pups; he had yet to meet them, and it was one of few things that he looked forward to.

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[html]<div class="freeleaf"><div class="name">Terra</div>
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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: she lives with the Haskels and Catoris (Vigilante, Skoll, Hati, ect). and you would have to tempt me, wouldn't you?</p><p>

<p>The calling voice caught Terra's attention. Slipping out of the room she peered out, tail wagging happily. She knew that voice. Hopefully he wouldn't be too disappointed to discover that she hadn't named either of her pups Trent. Seeing him staring so forlornly into the house brought a giggle from her. A thought popped into her mind, pushing her window open. It was hard, but there were trees nearby, so it wouldn't be too bad.<p>

Climbing along Terra finally had herself positioned on the roof of the house's porch. Taking a deep breath Terra perched on the edge, and swung herself to be hanging upside down behind Trent. <b>Trent! It's good to see you.</b> Her tail beat the air behind her, muscles in her petite frame tense as she clung onto the edge. One wrong movement and she'd fall over, probably hurting herself quite badly. Deciding not to think about it Terra kept her smile up, waiting for his shock.</p></div>[/html]

POSTED: Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:41 pm

Rofl xD

[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Hmm, maybe no one was home. Trent vaguely recognised the house, but he didn't really know where from. Maybe he'd passed it once. He hesitated, and considered turning back and leaving for a moment. Just as he actually started to turn away from the house -- mumbling a quiet 'oh well' to himself -- to leave, he was scared witless by not only Terra's voice, but her upside-down face as well just as he turned around. Trent jumped back towards the house, bumping into the cold walls, and let out a yelp of surprise.</p>
<p><strong>"Terra!"</strong> he squeaked. Trent didn't even know what to say, lost for words. Something like 'will you not do that kind of stuff' wasn't enough, really, and would probably not really keep Terra from doing it again, anyway. But he couldn't think of anything else to say either. So, completely out of words and figuring that anything he said would only fuel her passion for a repeat performance, Trent just leaned back against the wall and watched her in silent shock, waiting for her to come down.

POSTED: Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:05 pm

[html]<div class="freeleaf"><div class="name">Terra</div>
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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: Out of Character text.</p><p>

<p>He turned around at the perfect moment, finding himself suddenly face to face with someone who hadn't been there before. A broad grin covered her face as Trent gave her the performance she'd desired, squealing and leaping back. Laughing Terra's tail swayed rapidly behind her, taking in his wide eyes and startled expression. Carefully she swung herself down, hitting the ground on all fours. It jarred a little, but it could have been worse.<p>

Straightening up she brushed off some leaves that had settled into her fur, grinning up at him. <b>How are you? The pups have been born. They're not getting into as much trouble anymore, so figured it was time I brought them back around the rest of the pack.</b> Stepping up she walked through the open door, pausing and glancing back at him. <b>Do you want to see them?</b> They were still settling into their new home, but Terra's pride in them was immense enough that she wanted to show them to her friend.</p></div>

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[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Oh, Terra; why on earth did he even spend time with her? She certainly was bad for his blood pressure, that woman. Oh, wait, right... She was his only friend, he reminded himself wryly, that was why. Alder probably wouldn't want him to call him a friend anymore, anyway. Trent smiled meekly at her as she began to talk about the pups and that they were getting bigger and less fragile now. Trent's experience with pups was that they only got into more trouble the older they became, not really less, but he didn't have the heart to tell Terra that. She would find out perfectly well by herself, surely.</p>
<P>Of course he'd come to see the pups. He nodded, his smile growing a bit more genuine now at the prospect of seeing the wee little ones as he answered, <strong>"Yes, of course I'd like to see the pups. You thought I was here to see you..?"</strong> Trent grinned lightly at his own joke, and waited for Terra to lead the way into the house and show him her children. Trent didn't really love kids that much, well, not enough to have some of his own, really, but he enjoyed spending time with them, and then going home and enjoying the peace and quiet. They were fun to be around... If only for a while.

POSTED: Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:53 pm

[html]<div class="freeleaf"><div class="name">Terra</div>
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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: Out of Character text.</p><p>

<p>He took his time coming down from the surprise, Terra's bubbly nature already moving past it. It never lasted long for her, a whirlwind of emotions that kept pressing onwards. He did brighten up, joking about the pups as she slid in. <b>Why, Trent, I should be offended!</b> Shaking her head Terra threw a wink back towards him. It was always fun being with him, even if he was an awful coward and far too timid to play her more complex tricks on. He'd probably die of fright before she finished.<p>

Dancing up the stairs Terra moved over to the spare room. Well, not really a spare room anymore, not since she'd moved in. The weapons and the shiny jewels along with the magician props that she believed would hurt the pups were sitting on a naked bed, with the blankets on the floor and formed into a nest. The closet was where the pups were, both beginning to howl their displeasure at not being able to keep their balance in the soft cloth. They quieted down at Terra's return, tails wagging as they resumed their escape attempts.</p></div>

POSTED: Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:21 pm

[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Trent realised when stepping into the house what he remembered it from. He'd intruded here and that pup, Skoll, had caught him. With horrid shame he realised how terrified he had been by the child, and he was disgusted with his own cowardice. He glanced around at the shiny stuff -- he still didn't have much of any of it -- and how he'd wanted some and that was what had drawn him inside, stupidly unaware wolves lived here. And the King, of all wolves. Hadn't his mate passed away, or something along those lines? Poor Skoll. Trent followed Terra, thoughtfully thinking about all of that.</p>
<p>He followed Terra up the stairs and looked around the room. The weapons and jewels caught his attention first, because he loved this human stuff even though he had nothing of it himself, before he noticed the blankets on the floor. Trent wanted to check out the blanket-nest on the ground first, before the howling in the closet caught his attention.</P>
<p>They were so soft-looking and tiny! Trent watched them with marvel about nature's miracles. <strong>"They're adorable,"</strong> Trent said with a smile on his face as he watched the pups quieting down at Terra's approach. Well, they were adorable now... When they were better able to escape their dens, they'd probably be an unstoppable duo of mischief, Trent reckoned.</p></div></center>[/html]

POSTED: Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:14 pm

Possessively Terra moved over to the bed, standing guard in front of it. Those were hers, stolen fair and square. No one was going to get a part of it. Her gaze softened as Trent moved over to where the pups were, declaring them adorable. Crouching down she nodded, a smile across her face. They are. Both pups were intrigued by the new stranger in the room with them. Terra trusted Trent to manage to not kill them, and didn't see him as much of a threat, so she let him approach.

Ananse decided at this point that Loki would make a good stepping stool to help him out of the closet, and promptly squashed his brother climbing over him. The soft whimpers brought Terra over, growling a little as she pushed Ananse back over so Loki could actually breath. Loki responded to this kindness by turning and tackling his brother, tiny yips escaping from them as they became entangled. Laughing Terra settled down on the ground, thoroughly entertained by their actions. The red one is Loki, and the one that was trying to flatten his brother is Ananse.

POSTED: Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:58 pm

[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Trent didn't think poorly of Terra's defensiveness, since he understood that when you were a trickster, no doubt there were others who were out to trick her back. Trent wasn't really one of them -- he knew better than to steal from someone in his own pack, let alone from someone who could best him in speed and likely strength, too, and definitely in brains -- but understood that Terra's instincts worked like that because of how she was.</p>
<p>The coywolf watched the children squirm around and wrestle with one another with a smile on his face. He wasn't one for children much, but could never help but smile when he saw pups. <strong>"Decided against naming one Trent Junior, did you?"</strong> Trent said while looking back at Terra with a mock hurtful expression. <strong>"Those are lovely names, though. Do they mean anything?"</strong> He wondered if Terra had picked them for any specific reason, because he thought to recall that Terra had said something about meaningful names. That was probably why she hadn't named one Trent, then.</p></div></center>[/html]

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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: Out of Character text.</p><p>

<p>She tilted her head, a grin sparking around her lips. <b>And what would you do with Trent Junior, hm? Take him with you and show off your namesake?</b> The chances of her using that name were slim to none, as the name Trent had taken on the meaning of someone who was weak. She didn't want that fate for her pups. It was better to give them strong names that would give them something to look back on, rather than a name they would have to struggle to overcome.<p>

Nodding her head she looked down at them fondly. <b>They are the names of powerful tricksters. Loki is the name of a coyote who learned how to harness fire and used it in his tricks. He was unstoppable. His coat was a bright red, singed by the flames. Ananse is that of a coyote who was always consumed with hunger. He never stopped eating. Once he pretended to be dead and was buried in order to steal an entire pack's meal and escape with it.</b> She believed they'd live up to it.</p></div>

POSTED: Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:21 pm

[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Maybe he would've liked to have gone and showed off Trent Junior, but then he would've safely returned the child to Terra's care, of course. Well, it's not like that was ever going to happen, as Terra's opinion of him was probably not that high, and anyway, it'd get confusing with several Trents running about if the child would reach adulthood. He shrugged to her jesting question, grinning somewhat.</p>
<p>Then he listened to the stories of their names. It didn't surprise him one bit that they were named after tricksters, because it was a value Terra held very high (although Trent couldn't really fathom why, because he imagined that being good tricksters would only lead to very complicated lives, if they'd get in trouble all the time). They were both names of coyotes who were both very tricky, each in their own ways. Trent pulled a face as he said, <strong>"You do realise it's dangerous to name your child after someone who was always hungry, right? The pack'll run out of food before long."</strong> It was clear he wasn't all serious, though, and Trent had good reason to, considering where his name was based off of. He didn't really believe in all that stuff about pups turning out the way you named them.</p>
<p><strong>"You know, I was named after my grandfather, who was a hero of sorts. I guess my parents hoped I'd become just like him."</strong> He smiled flimsily, not looking that happy even though he spoke partially in jest, <strong>"So Trent isn't an all bad name. Guess I just ruined it, I doubt they'll make the mistake of naming any of the pack's children Trent again..."</strong></p></div></center>[/html]

POSTED: Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:34 am

Terra paused at his words. She hadn't thought of that. She'd just wanted someone with great talents to be the one to name her pup after. Perhaps she should have named him Trent. Even if Trent was a weak name, at least Terra would still have something to eat. Well, he'll just have to become a good thief then. I'm not giving up my food for him! Terra nuzzled down, licking at Ananse. It was clear she wasn't the least bit serious. Terra would die for her pups, and she wasn't a caring enough being to normally do that.

Tilting her head she stared at Trent, surprised at what he said. Well...that just means you became lost. You must have forgotten who you were, or hidden it. There was no way that her beliefs were wrong. He fit the name Trent, and if Trent had been a hero, it meant that the Trent she knew could be one as well. You just have to figure out what you had in common. Then you can live up to your name. She nodded her head sagely, fiddling idly with some scraps of fabrics she'd stolen.

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[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Trent grinned at Terra as she said that he'd just have to steal his food. Hopefully the stealing would occur from another pack, and not Cour des Miracles' stashes. It was all fine as long as he stole from outside the pack -- and was good at hiding and running, so that no one ever figured out that he was stealing it back here. Terra seemed so serious about this naming business, Trent realised as she began to spoke again; Trent was mostly joking about the eating-thing, as he didn't really believe in names holding any particular meaning, anyway.</p>
<p>Trent wasn't so sure if he wanted to live up to his grandfather's name. He thought it was stupid to assume that just because someone else was named the same, you shared some kind of qualities. It was probably the reason he ended up as he had, feeling like he'd never be good enough for the world -- and, truthfully, having stopped trying a long time ago to be so -- because he'd never be good enough for parents who expected him to be like someone else.</p>
<p>He didn't say all of those things to Terra, though, trying to pick his words so that he wouldn't sound too disrespecting of her firm faith that names were important. <strong>"I doubt that I'd have forgotten being some great hero. After all, it'd be a hell of a lot better than being me."</strong> He smiled wryly, his answer coming out somewhat more bitter and emo than he'd wanted for it -- hiding behind jokes suited him much better -- and looked at the children, away from Terra.</p></div></center>[/html]

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[html]<div class="freeleaf"><div class="name">Terra</div>
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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: Out of Character text.</p><p>

<p>Terra watched Trent, catching the sour features that flitted across his face. He felt his name was a burden, not a gift. It even came across in his words. Standing up she nuzzled against his legs, staring at the pups. They had stopped trying to climb out, with Ananse staring dolefully out at them and Loki sucking on his own tail. Gently she looked up at him, the sharp features that normally marked her carefree nature missing.<p>

<b>I like you as you are. You're funny. You have good curiosity, and you're gentle.</b> They were just traits that she'd picked up, even if the only one that really held pull for her was how much entertainment he provided for her. He was curious though. He'd stayed and watched her dig her den, and come to visit the pups. The gentle part came from the simple knowledge that he was submissive, and fearful of hurting others. That had to count.</p></div>

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