[ART] pixelwolves

POSTED: Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:13 pm

Licensing Information

This resource is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 Unported License. In layman's terms, you are free to modify and use it to your heart's content so long as you provide a link back to me somehow.

Your use and modification may not incur financial or monetary profit; you cannot make money off of these resources, as per this license. For some resources, this link is included; for others, it has not been included (with respect to your site/character/layout/whatever's aesthetic value) with the resource, but I would still appreciate a link back somehow.

You need only provide a link back to me (my main website and Tears, Bones & Desire are both acceptable) in order to do so. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot do with my work, please \[EMAIL=sie@soulsrpg.com\]e-mail me\[/EMAIL\] and ask before you use. If you want to do something outside of the present licensing (e.g., use my lineart for commercial purposes) you must contact me before doing so.

Link-backs are NOT REQUIRED for 'Souls users of the Pixelwolves; most people know I make them and they're available in the templates forum. HOWEVER, off-board use of the pixelwolves (e.g., using them for another forum, uploading them to deviantART, putting them on a personal website) must include a link-back.

Use Information

You can absolutely feel free to recolor any of these to suit your desires. Remember, as per the license, you must include a link back to me if you upload these anywhere but 'Souls.

Full Body

Secui Lupus Optime Female Optime Male Lupus Sit Optime Big

Other Species

Coyote Lupus Dingo Lupus Dog Lupus Jackal Lupus

Wolf Faces

These can be used something like an emoticon set for your character. :) You can download the .RAR archive of all of these, if you'd like. Sidenote: wolves don't actually cry. :P

Generic Pixels

Too lazy to make a custom set for each character? Use these instead!

Image Image Image Image

Dead Templates